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  1. I asked. Here's where it is stored: Google Chrome records Web storage data in a SQLite file in the user's profile. The subfolder containing this file is "\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage" on Windows So how is CCleaner's analyze system or the Chrome shut down system pre-emptively clearing this user data? I was under the impression no files should be deleted before choosing for it to "make it better", but this is file data stored on my hard drive that for some reason is getting wiped before the clean. I've since rebuilt the data, so I'm not sure how much of
  2. The data for the game was still saved within the game. It just took a few hours to transfer that information back to the website again. The site also has a function to save the data as a json file, but I hadn't done a manual backup in a few months so my data had changed too much since my last save. From the FAQ on their Discord: I guess I was wrong about it being stored in cookies. Sorry about that. My next question is what is localStorage and why does Health Check clear that when analyzing, which is what I assumed happened? Here's what I found about it if it helps.
  3. It prompted it needed to close Chrome. I can't remember if I manually closed Chrome and then hit OK or just let it close it by hitting OK, but it did not have to do a force close. As I got to the final step where two steps were checked and two were locked behind the paywall, I realized I should backup the data on the site (here: https://frzyc.github.io/genshin-optimizer/#/ ), so I re-opened Chrome which automatically restores all my tabs (I do this daily). When I navigated to this tab, however, my data was already missing/wiped. I refreshed a few times with no luck. I went back to CCleaner and
  4. Thanks for your reply. 1. I did NOT hit "Make It Better". This is the point where I opened Chrome back up to try and save some settings and noticed it had already been removed. I then backed out of the Health Check and never hit "Make It Better". 2. I close out of Chrome daily and restart my computer ever so often with no issues of anything being cleared. This happened after CCleaner prompted to close Chrome in order to analyze. 3. I have the Free version - I do not have Pro. "Enable Smart Cleaning" is checked but "automatic browser cleaning" is locked behind pro. Is this a
  5. I was trying to free up some disk space and decided to use health check. I got to the page where you can click each thing it's going to do and check or uncheck it. I decided to open up Chrome again to manually save some settings before continuing and to my surprise my cookies had ALREADY been deleted! I had not followed through with the Health Check yet! I had only analyzed and not actually cleaned! What is going on?? Where was the cookie file placed? How do I retrieve it? I had important data stored as a cookie on a website and now it's all gone.
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