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  1. I like the idea overall, but first, on the consoles. Most of the system files are hidden, and anything downloaded is via the user. I'm thinking about the 360 in particular, and it shows you everything that is downloaded. I don't believe on this generation of consoles it would be necessary. On cell phones, most apps I believe are self contained, so when you delete them they are gone. The bigger issue I've noticed seems to be more about stopping background processes, which can make other apps run slower. I think there are plenty of apps that do this already. AJ
  2. Does anyone else play? I realize I have been very quiet around the forums do to school and some family matters. AJ
  3. I was introduced to the song yesterday - geez - Dan Tosh has some power hahahaha. AJ
  4. I would have freaked out - I can't believe that happened at all. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later though. AJ
  5. Ich bin nicht sicher - auch, wir sind eine englischsprachige Webseite - Lesen Sie diesen Link - es gibt Anweisungen, wie Sie es tun. AJ
  6. I feel really bad - I've kind of disappeared since going to college. My thoughts and prayers are with you. AJ
  7. I remember watching it - and to be honest, I thought it was going to be one of those videos where you think it's one thing - and then it switches to another image that is supposed to scare you, like one of those screaming faces. But I was just overly impressed with their job, and I realize I couldn't do it. AJ
  8. If you got a Goodwill I bet you can find a cheap keyboard for literally $5. AJ
  9. Are they the exact same ones? You are forgetting something obvious if they aren't. Drivers will be a huge problem if the laptops aren't identical. AJ
  10. Banned Super Bowl commercial for this year: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1125919467?bctid=738215119001 Features James Rolfe, the Angry Video Game Nerd. I personally don't find it offensive, and I'm Catholic. AJ
  11. CTskifreak

    Saved Paswords

    Personally, I also save the cookies to the sites I visit most often. Seems to help me. AJ
  12. The omitted person said this: "a best software?" I can tell their first language wasn't English. Someone else added AJ
  13. Just do it through Microsoft/Windows update. I've just kept it updated because of improved benefits and security. AJ
  14. From the Facebook page: AJ
  15. I'm tempted to try it - send me the PS file please! AJ
  16. Happy Belated - I've been browsing Reddit way too much recently AJ
  17. Is it the keys on the top of the keyboard, or is there a separate numeric pad? AJ
  18. Wasn't that a segment when they did a similar thing on the normal show? Except it was Bugatti and a jet fighter? I didn't watch it - I'm a huge fan of the original show, but I ended up watching The Walking Dead instead. AJ
  19. Apparently if you want to install it to your hard drive, it will take 10 GB's and about an hour. Kotaku article found here. AJ
  20. I updated the Facebook page! Great job as always. AJ
  21. Looks like a clone of Crush The Castle (Armor Games). It has a sequel as well as a version that has player created versions. AJ
  22. Updated the Facebook page! Great job as always AJ
  23. MaximumPC picked it up. Just letting you know. AJ
  24. You're definitely right. I think the first attempt just to see what happened, it gave them a 2.19 TB partition and another partition with the remaining space (made it sound like they didn't have to do anything- it just happened). This is going to become more relative for media center PC's that don't really need more than one partition. I'm glad UEFI is getting rid of the BIOS, just cause of it being so outdated and old. Yes it works, but it doesn't need to be so basic. AJ
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