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  1. Sometimes I can't type or remember how the computer functions. Before this surprise brain tumor renders me incapable of remembering all the wonderful people I've met here at Piriform, I just want to say thank you for all the generous assistance I've received from you folks. In particular, I remember Dennis, Hazelnut, Aethec, and all the others I don't mean to leave out. It's been most enjoyable to learn so much about computers, especially at my age of 74. Gail Synsteby
  2. Thank you for caring. Yes, I do have backup. I use Macrium Reflect and an external HD on a regular basis. Carbonite sounds like a fine alternative to imaging, especially since it's done continually, in the background.
  3. I'm so pleased to have all the encouragement and assistance. Thank you. I'm using Firefox portable now!
  4. I did it! I'm using Firefox portable right now! Thank you!
  5. Thank you for your time. I now have IE8, and did not lose my "Favorites" list in the process. Also succeeded in downloading portable version of Firefox, and am using it right now.
  6. Got brave and installed IE8. Didn't lose my extensive "Favorites" list. Now will check out portable browsers.
  7. I'm just now getting around to addressing this problem again. Sorry to have let my reply go so long. I followed the recommendations in your first response with no luck. Now, if I go to my account name in the mail screen and choose properties, there is only a general tab. No servers tab!?! Oh well, I am able to accomplish what I wanted using my Hotmail account only one minor inconvenience. I can't use the email response feature for some websites. I can live with that. Appreciate your time and responses.
  8. Thanks for the helpful info and links, Dennis. Have made my decision. Good to go with A/V and firewall. Also have Malwarebytes because it seemed to provide another layer of protection.
  9. Thank you for your info, Dennis. I was not aware of any free A/V programs. I'm not sure what a 'firewall' does, but does Avast have it?
  10. Thank you for your response. I have Vista. Do I need a different link?
  11. Will try portable version as suggested. Thank you for link. You mention using portable Firefox fairly often. Is this something you download to your computer and save?
  12. I'm not using IE8 because I don't know how to change. Also, what if I don't like it? Can I change back? Will I lose my "Favorites" list (that would be devastating!)
  13. I have IE7, and have read that it is good to have a second browser. Why? Is Mozilla Firefox a good choice if I decide to add a second?
  14. I have always had Norton 360, and I like the way it works. Does anyone have any advice? Any other good programs?
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