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  1. Do you mean the plug from say the PSU to the motherboard - as in not in correctly? Or the physical wiring messed up coming out of the PSU? AJ
  2. CTskifreak


    redhawk - doens't really help him. What you are looking for is your name in the top right corner - the blue box is a drop down thing. First option is profile to get to it. Hope that helps. AJ
  3. I have personally used http://ninite.com/ - great site AJ
  4. Dogs for sure - and i mean the medium sized dogs and up (Labs, Golden Retrievers, and bigger.) Why? they're outdoor dogs and they like doing things outside and playing. The small dogs like chiwawas and stuff don't count as dogs, cause all they do is bark and stay inside. Kittens are okay, but you can't come into a house with a cat more than like...6 years old and expect it to be friendly. Plus I believe I'm slightly allergic to them. AJ
  5. Save the cookie from whatever site you are playing it on. AJ
  6. Star Wars (Original Trilogy) The Matrix (2 and 3 were okay) Fight Club AJ
  7. Hopefully not another davey disappearance. AJ
  8. Facebook page is updated! Great job Mr.G. AJ
  9. And we're Spec'd for awesomeness...just saying. AJ
  10. It's good to hear from you, but I'm sorry it's on such a somber note. I lost my great grandmother last year, and my great uncle just passed this year. I can't imagine losing my father, but my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this tough time. AJ
  11. ...and CCleaner is not the company, Piriform is. AJ
  12. 20..last Saturday - what the heck - two decades gone O.o --- just wow. AJ
  13. Mr.g (His name on the forum) is owner, moderator, developer, head-honcho etc. etc. LOL --- He's your man, so shoot him off a PM if you need something. (I have a feeling I know what this is about oddly enough, but I'm probably wrong) AJ
  14. What do you mean by sales? It's a free program, but donations are accepted. The moderators that are programers are here fairly often, so you could probably PM them if it was something serious. AJ
  15. This is full of win. I thought I noticed some very surprising similarities between 3.6.5 (Namoroka build) and the 3.7 Alpha I had installed. This is going to be awesome. AJ
  16. CTskifreak


    Then what is the Namoroka build I'm using? In the About it's listed as version 3.6.5 pre. I had the 3.7 Alpha 2 version installed for a while - oh wait - something just occurred to me was that I think you have to manually install those versions each night. AJ
  17. CTskifreak


    Minefield - is that the 3.6.5pre? Cause I have that as a secondary broswer. Did you see the 3.7 Alpha version? Very interesting. AJ
  18. Article and video AJ
  19. It's not faked - it was showing rendering speeds- not the internet speed. A misleading title for that article. AJ
  20. Honestly - it's probably a combination of things. I don't think we can attribute it to one thing. AJ
  21. You're very welcome - and Aethec is right - no reason to not have updated to SP3 for XP. AJ
  22. Welcome to the Forums. Unlocker Try this out. CCleaner doesn't have this ability built in. Unlocker is designed to handle this type of error. AJ
  23. Great update - Facebook page is updated! Thanks Mr.G AJ
  24. Firmware is equivalent to updating the BIOS compared to updating the software driver for your graphics card. AJ
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