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  1. I go to 20 while half paying attention in class. AJ
  2. Hey guys - been a while since I've posted, but I got a problem that I'm stumped on. My friend IM'ed me saying her Skype wasn't working. I remoted in via Join.Me and eventually LogMeIn Free to try and clean up some stuff. It's a Vista Home Basic machine, and Skype is throwing the "data execution prevention" problem. I've tried adding it to the exceptions and setting it back to just Windows components and it's still not working. I have fully removed it via Revo Uninstaller as well and doing a complete clean install of it. The computer has had problems installing Windows updates as well and when it reboots, it has to "revert changes." I did get IE9 to install though. Is there something I'm overlooking? It does have a recovery partition (Dell Vostro), but I'm not in front of it (possibly this weekend when I go home for Columbus Day). Any ideas of what else it could be? Thanks AJ EDIT: - I have removed stuff via AVG, Malwarebytes and Spybot. Nothing major. Had to run an unhider program to show files and what not. Windows updates are going one by one, but working when I do it like that. Uninstalled Skype again - but I think something is messed up.
  3. I remember using the 3.5 inch floppies - we had a Gateway 2000 system. My 5th grade teacher actually had a bunch of old PC's with the 5 inch floppies that were actually floppy. We used them occasionally - usually indoor recess during the winter and really rainy days. AJ
  4. I'm 21 - I don't personally remember rewinding a casset tape with a penicl, but I do remember them. I DO remember rewinding VCR tapes though. I love technological progress. AJ
  5. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/apps/br229516 I have it installed - 32bit version. Testing various apps. AJ
  6. There's a new program called Everything that indexes drives SUPER fast. Take a look at it.Everything site AJ
  7. Can I ask a dumb question? When you did a fresh install of XP, did you get the drivers for your stuff? XP doesn't have the abiity of Win7 to grab the stuff during install. AJ
  8. I know this is over a month since the last post - but this is relevant. http://arstechnica.com/microsoft/news/2011/06/html5-centric-windows-8-leaves-microsoft-developers-horrified.ars
  9. For a desktop - I'd most likely revert to the old style. But for a Tablet or even an HTPC I'd use the Metro UI.
  10. Interesting - thing is - it's still at 3.1.10 - I know Firefox has the 5.0 beta, the 6.0 alpha, and the 7.0 Nightly build - but I haven't seen a 4.0 of Thunderbird at all.
  11. Microsoft Security Essentials is a really good product - so I would like to think that it's Apple not caring - did you see the second link I posted a few days ago?
  12. Metacritic scores Looks good.
  13. Is there any reason why you would still be on 3.5 versus 3.6?
  14. I don't see the attachments for adding files during PM's, but I do during normal posts. I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise, and both Firefox 4.0.1 and Chrome 12.0.742.53 beta.
  15. First version of Cynaogen for Android after these phones comes out - completely disables the chip.
  16. Wow - I've honestly been running it for the past few days with no issues. Hmm - are you guys using some interfering add-on? I'm entirely curious now.
  17. Network will return by the 31st. Not 100% though.
  18. isIan can I ask what you are doing when it happened? I have it set to all processes - and I have not had it crash once on me. AJ
  19. First - I've had more people have issues with ATI drivers than NVIDIA ones. ATI has been better about power usage though on the mid to upper end of the cards. The 5570 will be fine for basic tasks - just make sure you get rid of all NVIDIA drivers before installing the card.
  20. Oh dear - I'm 21 - there's nothing to look forward to now AJ
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