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  1. Good thing at UEFI. BIOS is old and outdated. UEFI is the only way to boot to a drive larger than 2.19 TB's. It's a combination of having a 64bit OS, UEFI, and a GPT partition. So that new Western Digital 3TB Green HDD can be booted from, but it needs to be done like this. I was listening to MaximumPC's podcast and they did it. AJ
  2. Isn't it just called Gear? To be honest, I'm from the US and I'm not impressed by the commercials. I'd rather watch the British version, even if they take one too many shots at Americans being fat. AJ
  3. If you want a good business class laptop, I have to recommend Lenovo. Since they acquired the ThinkPad brand, I've been impressed. Sturdy and durable - and I have a decent GPU in it and it's great for what I do. I admit I miss my i7 Desktop at home, but hey, college is college. AJ
  4. How did I find out from FileHippo before an official blog post? AJ
  5. Interesting results I think. AJ
  6. Does this fit the bill? Google map buddy AJ
  7. Yahoo browser? Is this one of those IE browsers that says "IE powered by(Brand here)" type of deals? This should be in the Recuva section as well. AJ
  8. Second I saw the link, I clicked, and then went back a page instantly. Gahhhhhhhhh I hate that video so much. AJ
  9. Can you hook it directly to your computer instead of through the router? AJ
  10. Facebook page is updated - great work as always. AJ
  11. I doubt that they would do it - what I do want to see is the default paths changed to "C:\Program Files\Piriform\_______ for each of the four, just so it condenses the folders into a more manageable file structure. I know with the impending native x64 bit versions that things would have to differentiate in Windows installs, but if there were native versions for each, then users could install the appropriate 4 programs. AJ
  12. Always careful - :-D Of courseee Durrrr AJ
  13. I've tried it in Chrome 7.0.517.8, Firefox 3.6.10, Minefield 4.0b7pre and IE9 beta without any issue. Flash is fully updated, signed in each time. AJ
  14. I found a method using hair spray - apparently it stiffens them up and kills them. It works really well - thanks for everyone's advice! AJ
  15. Hey everyone - I'm living off campus this year for college, and I was wondering for any of you home owners/renters have a quick solution for me and my 3 roommates. We have a lot of gnats in the apartment, but we can't figure out where they are coming from. They are attracted to our lights and notice a lot on our ceiling during the evenings. We have emptied the trash, have no fruits or vegetables lying around, and can't seem to find them coming from any of the cabinets where our food is stored. So two questions - what's the best way to kill them? and what is the easiest way to figure out where they are coming from? Thanks, AJ
  16. Google Chrome initiates a "User ID" number linked to each browser install. Theoretically, it could track you, but it doesn't do anything right now with the data. SRWare Iron's browser is an alternative - here are the changes. SRWare Iron change list AJ
  17. CTskifreak


    Does anyone use it? Evernote home page - I was wondering if anyone thought it was useful or not. Thanks AJ
  18. FileHippo for me - gets the major stuff for me and anything else usually needs manual updating anyway. Have had no second thoughts about using another program. AJ
  19. I like it - but haven't had much use because I have a lot of filters and labels *cough*FOLDERS*cough* set up, so not too many emails go to the default inbox. Seems like an interesting idea. AJ
  20. I've been using iTunes since... actually whenever the 5th Gen iPod came out (first one with video). I want to say version 5 or 6, but I'm probably way off. Works for me - I hate that when there is a minor update to it it forces you to install QuickTime EVERY-FREAKING-TIME. Could cut download times in half if it just checked that it was installed. AJ
  21. I've been one step ahead - FileHippo - Google Chrome Beta -- version 7.0 AJ
  22. It has been a long time since Davey has been around. I hope everything is all right. On topic - if I were asked I'd definitely say yes. But that's all up to the top people here. I've been busy at work this summer and now starting back up at school, so I should be around if asked. AJ
  23. http://www.intowindows.com/download-vlite-for-windows-7/ You're welcome! AJ
  24. I've relied on http://www.crucial.com/ (Crucial Memory) and their memory advisor - great handy tool if you don't know what is in a system. AJ
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