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  1. zaphier, I really like your background....where did u get it?? AJ
  2. Along with the Spyware programs above, get Windows Defender (formerly Microsoft Anti-Spyware.) It provides real time protection, and having them overlap each other is never a bad idea. AJ
  3. Dannnnnnng.....that is sweet.....I need me one of those. The 2 150 GB Raptors in RAID 0 would be insanely fast ..... that would be scha-weetness. AJ
  4. Thank you for the actual path name of where it had to be moved to....I did that and was successful! Thnx AJ
  5. My desktop ! Win 2000 Pro all the way! LOL Like the default skin and the AOL?? Yes, I am the last known user of dial up internet service. It's official. AJ
  6. I'm confuzzled beyond belief......the computer I'm on is running Win 2000 Pro....with only one account that everyone in my family uses (I'm about 16, but the most knowlageable about computers ) So, obviously when I installed CCleaner, its on the one and only account. On my other PC (A Dell), everyone at this point is an Administrator, which will change in the near future. When I installed CCleaner on that computer, I found it only installed to the one profile I was on. What is the easiest way for all users of that computer to have CCleaner on the other accounts??? AJ
  7. Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums..but not to the program... I found CCleaner from Spy Checker awhile ago...back in version 1.25, I believe. I love this program, for the fact that it cleans out everything in one single sweep. Also, the Issue Checker, the Uninstaller, the Startup section are all awesome, along with the introduction of the Secure File Deletion. (NSA = = awesome--lol) Thnx for developing such an awesome freeware program! AJ PS- Get 1.29 up and running!!!
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