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  1. Definitely not! That is AMD's big selling point: less pipelines and a lower clock speed, which causes it to run much cooler and more efficiently. But by no means is AMD slower! AMD gets more processing done per cycle than Intel, so it effectively goes faster and still generates less heat.
  2. I'm not sure I agree with you. You said that drives are a lot faster than they used to be, so it seems like you're saying that in the past it was faster to have Windows and the pagefile on separate disks. Whether or not that was what you were implying, it is true; if I took two old HDs and split up my OS and pagefile between them, it would be faster than having both on one old HD. If disks have gotten faster, than sure a pagefile and OS on a single new HD would be faster than the pagefile and OS split up on two old disks. Disk speeds and caches have more than doubled and octupled, respe
  3. I think he just needs to quit kicking his system! And I just built a new system with 2 GB of Corsair RAM (dual channel). Speedy little booger! You can never have too much memory.
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