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  1. This is a very old BUG !!! which the devs of CC are not willing to FIX (it seems, since it's there from the beginning) This is TO BAD ! Because of it me and all my friends STOPed using CC a while ago after being a VERY enthusiastic CC user (used to recommend it to everybody) Imagine what's happening with other less common drivers / apps ! @DEVS WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH CC ?
  2. I just want to keep my Flash Player's settings and clean everything else flash player related crap So ... How to keep them ? Basically How can i add an exception to FileKey1=%appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player|*.*|RECURSE for %appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player\macromedia.com\support\flashplayer\sys\settings.sol in winapp.ini ?
  3. Thanks! Let's hope so! Still I don't understand why yahoo's Sh*t it's not uncheck by default so we can all use the same installer! This way the possibility that the users accidentally install yahoo's Sh*t it's more reduced (look here) and we can silent install without it, also no need to build more installers ! WHY?
  4. Where are the "other builds" ? Because it seems "Other builds will be available for download soon... " since Version 2 started and still they aren't ! Or at least uncheck yahoo's Sh*t by default so we can SILENT INSTALL WITHOUT YAHOO'S SH*T! (or put a switch in the installer ) Because of these i'm holding on deployment of CCleaner on all our computers since version 2, and will be sad to have to give up on your app just because of this!
  5. This is why it will be very nice to have an WIPE FREE SPACE option !
  6. This is one of the reasons why i start this post
  7. CCleaner it's installed for All Users already! (Administrators or Limited Account) All users can access ccleaner from Recycle Bin's right click menu! If you want all users to have access to CCleaner from "Start Menu" all you have to do it's to login as the user who installed CCleaner go to "C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR User NAME\Start Menu\Programs\" and move CCleaner group to "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\" And you're done!!!!!
  8. 1. All users already have access to ccleaner from Recycle Bin's right click menu! 2. CCleaner can "remove entries from the registry in HKLM" only for "IIS Log Files" - HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\w3svc and "Old Prefetch data" - HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OptimalLayout) (Look into winapp.ini&winsys.ini I found only HKCU except those two)
  9. YES! Inno Setup it will allow to use switches ( ccsetup128.exe /VERYSILENT /Components= .......) to choose components we want to install ( no yahoo TB) so no more need for three different builds (Standard Build , Basic and Slim) YES you miss the point of this post! What i was asking for was to change ccleaner's group program shortcut location from "C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR User NAME\Start Menu\Programs\CCleaner" to "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\CCleaner" This way everybody can access the program from start menu not only from Recycle Bin's right click
  10. Why not just tell the installer (NSIS if i'm not mistaken) to use %ALLUSERPROFILES% INSTEAD OF %USERPROFILE% for the group program shortcut?
  11. It will be VERY USEFUL if ccleaner it will install in %ALLUSERPROFILES%\Start Menu\Programs INSTEAD OF %USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs !
  12. If you setup ccleaner using another user go to C:\Documents and Settings\that user\Start Menu\Programs and move the ccleaner folder to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs! By the way it will be VERY USEFUL if ccleaner it will install in %ALLUSERPROFILES%\Start Menu\Programs INSTEAD OF %USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs
  13. I agree! It will be very nice to have an WIPE FREE SPACE option What about deletion of "_restore..." from "System Volume Information" folder (you can see those when using an ativirus to scan "System Volume Information" folder)
  14. Hi! How can i secure delete only some file/folder (something like an option in right click menu)? Because using the "Secure file deletion" option from settings it makes CCleaner runing SLOWER! And let's face it we don't need to "secure delete" ALL FILES we delete! Also it will be very nice to have an WIPE FREE SPACE option too! I think now that we have "secure deletion" this options should be piece of cake!
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