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  1. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Right now my HJT log is being analysed by AndyManchesta. Lets see what happens. Thanks again
  2. I can safely say that I didn't visit crack/serial sites recently. I do download movie torrents ( I love movies ), and I only click on links from the sender I know off, if not it is a big NO NO for me. Now I'm gonna stop that too. Guess I was away too long from here, I didn't know MSAS ( Microsoft Anti-Spyware) is now known as Windows Defender. I have MSAS running at all times, wouldn't that cause any problems if both running together ? Anyway, just to inform everyone, I have scanned my system & came out with nothing, just wondering whether my comp security is compromised? Anyt
  3. I thought my computer security is pretty good. I mean I have Kaspersky,Ewido,cwshredder,spywareblaster,MSAS,ad-aware,spybot,analog script defender,ccleaner,outpost pro, D-link hardware firewall. I always use firefox , use ccleaner after use and regularly scan & clean my comp. But guess what ! I got hacked into my e-gold account, luckily only lost small change but I'm damn mad because someone got thru all my securities measures I have taken. The only think I can think of is this trojan I read about "Win32.Grams" , those who wanna read more , here is the link. http://www.lurhq.c
  4. You're kidding aren't you. I'm one the guys who got interested in OP, and you guided me. Are you telling me I'm just one of the 3 persons who converted to OP.I'm truly surprised. I find OP a great software fw. In my experience it is much more better then ZA( which I've used ). I initially had some hiccups with OP, then I found out, that it was due to software conflict with my anti virus( I was using Avast, at that time ). Altho Avast was good but I liked OP , so switched my av to Kaspersky,which my nephew passed it to me.......it has been a smooth sail ever since. I'm no expert
  5. Its been a long time since I posted here I just saw this suggestion in another forum - to protect your pc from keyloggers One of the suggestion was to use this software http://www.snoopfree.com/ I didn't download it , since I believe I have enuf softwares to protect my pc, nevertheless I like to know if this is any better. Cheers !
  6. Recently, I got it every time I scanned with spybot. First time I deleted it, but comes back again. So now, I just ignore it. Cheers
  7. You mean you're 33 years "young" lady None of us are old over here. We are all young bunch of ppl ( I hope nobody disputes that ) Welcome to CCleaner Forum, incy wincy.
  8. I was refering to commercial products like Nod32. I'm using Avast Home Edition, its free as you know. Just wanted to share with everyone that with a freeware anti virus and a good layering , you would be well protected ( not 100 % , but very well protected ) So, in summary, altho products like Nod32 has good ratings, you can still make do almost equally well with a decent freeware anti virus with proper layering.....sound familiar isn't it ? Yes it is, it's been told many times I guess, just that I found a link showing me figures in comparison with freeware and commercial product. Th
  9. Yep! What I thought was interesting was the % of security achieved with freeware softwares in comparison with commercial products AND choice of freeware product used in his findings. I'm sure a lot of us are following the above method. In my case, I don't know where I actually stand in terms of security compared to commercial products.....now I know
  10. I found something interesting just now, regarding security measures. Title as follows:- "How Good are Free Security Programs? A multi-part series that examines the effectiveness of free security software." Some may have read it , some may have not, anyway those interested, check it out! http://www.techsupportalert.com/free-vs-paid-av.htm From the same writer of "The 46 Best Ever Freeware Utilities" . Cheers
  11. Welcome aboard Sunshine. Hope you will enjoy learning like I do. Cheers
  12. I guess , that means I can maintain my C: as it is.....compressed. Thanks
  13. Well here is the breakdown C: Total size 19.1 , free space 12.3 GB D: Total size 19.1, free space 4.07 C is compressed.Besides the normal stuff, I have mp3 that is about 700 MB. I think this is OK. My concern is whether to uncompress C: . I compressed C: long time ago, when free space went as low as 2 GB. D: is low becos I have a lot of movies down there. , but this not compressed, so this not my current concern System : Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.40Ghz , 768 Mb of RAM. Windows XP Pro Version 2002, SP2 So based on above system info, can you please explain what you mean in y
  14. When I hd was running short of space, I compressed by C: Now I have more space available., but continue to keep C: as compressed. I was told that it is not very good to keep C: compressed, as it is has to work harder when opening file, i.e. originally compressed , uncompress to open, compress again after use. So, is it true that it is bad for the pc? Cheers
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