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  1. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Right now my HJT log is being analysed by AndyManchesta. Lets see what happens. Thanks again
  2. I can safely say that I didn't visit crack/serial sites recently. I do download movie torrents ( I love movies ), and I only click on links from the sender I know off, if not it is a big NO NO for me. Now I'm gonna stop that too. Guess I was away too long from here, I didn't know MSAS ( Microsoft Anti-Spyware) is now known as Windows Defender. I have MSAS running at all times, wouldn't that cause any problems if both running together ? Anyway, just to inform everyone, I have scanned my system & came out with nothing, just wondering whether my comp security is compromised? Anything else I can do ?
  3. I thought my computer security is pretty good. I mean I have Kaspersky,Ewido,cwshredder,spywareblaster,MSAS,ad-aware,spybot,analog script defender,ccleaner,outpost pro, D-link hardware firewall. I always use firefox , use ccleaner after use and regularly scan & clean my comp. But guess what ! I got hacked into my e-gold account, luckily only lost small change but I'm damn mad because someone got thru all my securities measures I have taken. The only think I can think of is this trojan I read about "Win32.Grams" , those who wanna read more , here is the link. http://www.lurhq.com/grams.html Now , I'm totally lost, you can never be too careful. Did some research, some suggested using VMware virtual desktop http://www.vmware.com/ and another suggested Faronics Deep-Freeze http://www.faronics.com/html/deepfreeze.asp I really hope someone can shed some light in this matter. I don't feel safe anymore, altho I've changed my passwords. Help me out guys before I go bonkers.
  4. You're kidding aren't you. I'm one the guys who got interested in OP, and you guided me. Are you telling me I'm just one of the 3 persons who converted to OP.I'm truly surprised. I find OP a great software fw. In my experience it is much more better then ZA( which I've used ). I initially had some hiccups with OP, then I found out, that it was due to software conflict with my anti virus( I was using Avast, at that time ). Altho Avast was good but I liked OP , so switched my av to Kaspersky,which my nephew passed it to me.......it has been a smooth sail ever since. I'm no expert in firewalls, but with my Kaspersky,Ewido,CWshredder,MSAS,Spyware Blaster,AdAware SE, Spybot,CCleaner and D-Link router and several more progs, I think I'm pretty much protected. All this I learned from here. Thanks to Tarun, DJLizard, Lee16 , Twisted, Andavari and many more "senior" guys over here. I don't come here so often nowadays, but I try to pop in once in a while. Hope many more will test out OP Cheers
  5. Its been a long time since I posted here I just saw this suggestion in another forum - to protect your pc from keyloggers One of the suggestion was to use this software http://www.snoopfree.com/ I didn't download it , since I believe I have enuf softwares to protect my pc, nevertheless I like to know if this is any better. Cheers !
  6. Recently, I got it every time I scanned with spybot. First time I deleted it, but comes back again. So now, I just ignore it. Cheers
  7. You mean you're 33 years "young" lady None of us are old over here. We are all young bunch of ppl ( I hope nobody disputes that ) Welcome to CCleaner Forum, incy wincy.
  8. I was refering to commercial products like Nod32. I'm using Avast Home Edition, its free as you know. Just wanted to share with everyone that with a freeware anti virus and a good layering , you would be well protected ( not 100 % , but very well protected ) So, in summary, altho products like Nod32 has good ratings, you can still make do almost equally well with a decent freeware anti virus with proper layering.....sound familiar isn't it ? Yes it is, it's been told many times I guess, just that I found a link showing me figures in comparison with freeware and commercial product. That's all. Having said that, one persons test doesn't mean a lot , but it gives me a good idea the margin of difference between both. Cheers
  9. Yep! What I thought was interesting was the % of security achieved with freeware softwares in comparison with commercial products AND choice of freeware product used in his findings. I'm sure a lot of us are following the above method. In my case, I don't know where I actually stand in terms of security compared to commercial products.....now I know
  10. I found something interesting just now, regarding security measures. Title as follows:- "How Good are Free Security Programs? A multi-part series that examines the effectiveness of free security software." Some may have read it , some may have not, anyway those interested, check it out! http://www.techsupportalert.com/free-vs-paid-av.htm From the same writer of "The 46 Best Ever Freeware Utilities" . Cheers
  11. Welcome aboard Sunshine. Hope you will enjoy learning like I do. Cheers
  12. I guess , that means I can maintain my C: as it is.....compressed. Thanks
  13. Well here is the breakdown C: Total size 19.1 , free space 12.3 GB D: Total size 19.1, free space 4.07 C is compressed.Besides the normal stuff, I have mp3 that is about 700 MB. I think this is OK. My concern is whether to uncompress C: . I compressed C: long time ago, when free space went as low as 2 GB. D: is low becos I have a lot of movies down there. , but this not compressed, so this not my current concern System : Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.40Ghz , 768 Mb of RAM. Windows XP Pro Version 2002, SP2 So based on above system info, can you please explain what you mean in your second para. Thanks Cheers
  14. When I hd was running short of space, I compressed by C: Now I have more space available., but continue to keep C: as compressed. I was told that it is not very good to keep C: compressed, as it is has to work harder when opening file, i.e. originally compressed , uncompress to open, compress again after use. So, is it true that it is bad for the pc? Cheers
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