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  1. Re your comment: Yes it does feel slow but I have nothing to compare it with. It is not so slow as to be unacceptable but this was partly why I started looking for ways to clean up the PC
  2. Having recently downloaded Ccleaner I have started checking out things previously taken for granted. I have an Acer laptop which, according to the specification, has 256 MB of RAM. (SYSTEM INFORMATION also shows 256MB as TOTAL PHYSICAL MEMORY.) However I have today ran a PC Health Check provided by my broadband provider which says I need more RAM as I have only 192MB total. Is this normal or can anyone suggest what is happening here. Thanks
  3. I have been reading the forums and am confused regarding registry backups. I have always assumed that SYSTEM RESTORE POINTS (using XP SP3) would include the registry. Is this wrong or if correct why is it neccessary to do a separate backup before touching the registry. If anyone can shed light on this I would be grateful.
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