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  1. Nukecad, Wow!, Nuke, I don't consider myself a digital geek, but can say that I know my way around a computer. Nevertheless, I did not notice the CC Cleaner in the app I was trying to install, even after I have been working on it for days. Go figure! And you are right, the CCleaner in my other tablet is indeed from 2015, and I missed that too. I appreciate your response very much. Thank you
  2. Why doesn't Ccleaner work in my new tablet. How can I fix that? I just got a new tablet. I downloaded CCleaner Version v1.11.42, from Amazon Appstore to it, but I cant get it to work. When I click "Analyze", I get a message that says "Ccleaner keeps Stopping", and 2 options to click: App Info, and Close app. (Photo of this attached). The same thing happens when I click App Manager, and Custom Analyses, and Customs Files and Folders in Settings. Only thing that comes OK is System Info. I have the same version Cleaner in an older Samsung tablet, and it works fine. I tried to download
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