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  1. Nukecad, Wow!, Nuke, I don't consider myself a digital geek, but can say that I know my way around a computer. Nevertheless, I did not notice the CC Cleaner in the app I was trying to install, even after I have been working on it for days. Go figure! And you are right, the CCleaner in my other tablet is indeed from 2015, and I missed that too. I appreciate your response very much. Thank you
  2. Why doesn't Ccleaner work in my new tablet. How can I fix that? I just got a new tablet. I downloaded CCleaner Version v1.11.42, from Amazon Appstore to it, but I cant get it to work. When I click "Analyze", I get a message that says "Ccleaner keeps Stopping", and 2 options to click: App Info, and Close app. (Photo of this attached). The same thing happens when I click App Manager, and Custom Analyses, and Customs Files and Folders in Settings. Only thing that comes OK is System Info. I have the same version Cleaner in an older Samsung tablet, and it works fine. I tried to download
  3. HI, This is what I ended up doing: First I went to Tools/Options in Explorer and activated the Autocomplete option. I said yes when Prompted to save PW at sign in. I unchecked the items as Kroozer suggested from the Windows and Applications panes in Cleaner I didn't really want to uncheck all the cookies, so I went to Options/Cookes and Opted to keep all the cookes for the sites for which I use a PW. This seems to have taken care of the problem, I run cleanner and did not close the browser. I close the browser and did not run the cleaner. I closed the browser and run the cleaner. N
  4. Thanks for your response. I usually close everything and then run the cleaner. When I unckecked the applications suggested, and did run the cleaner as usual, the PW still got erased. I tried different things and this is what I found out: If I run the cleaner, but don't close the browser, the PW's don't get erased. If I close the browser, but don't run the cleaner, the PW's don't get erased But, if I close the browser and run the cleaner, the passwords get erased. Does that mean that I have to leave the browser open in order for the Cleaner not to erase my PW's? I am still tr
  5. I usually save passwords like for FB, forums, etc. When I run Ccleaner all my saved passwords dissapear. How do I change the settings in Cleaner so it would lieave my PW intact? Thanks,
  6. emm

    Saved Paswords

    Hi croozer, I have IE7, but the info for IE8 worked. Thanks for your help!
  7. emm

    Saved Paswords

    Thanks for your answer, I unchecked the "Saved Form Imformation" application and this allowed me to stay signed in in Face Book after running Ccleaner, but it did not save any of the other passwords I use regularly in different forums. It's there something else I can try so the Cleaner won't remove these passwords? Thanks,
  8. emm

    Saved Paswords

    Hi, Can somebody tell me if there is some way to save passwords I use for certain sites so Ccleaner doesn't remove them when I run the cleaner? Thanks for your response!
  9. >>> It seems to be. In Start > Search it shows the old Ccleaner Application as being in Desktop, and the newer version shows that it is in C/Program Files. Weird. Edith
  10. Hi. When I right click, the info I get is about the icon in my "Desktop". There is no "Find target", to go to where the program is downloaded. I went to Start > Search and found there a whole bunch of Ccleaner 18.8 and 2.22 files. So, evidently, I still have both programs, (in C/Program Files) although they do not appear in Add/Remove, or in Start > Programs. Why did I end up with 2 versions? I thought that when you update to a new version, the new one would replace the old one so that you end up only with the new version in your system. I now, probably, will have to unin
  11. Hi everybody. Can anybody answer this question? When you download a new version of Ccleaner, are you supposed to end up with 2 cleaners? Doesn?t the new version usually incorporate into the old one? I have Ccleaner 2.18.878. When I downloaded Ccleaner 2.22.968, I ended up with 2 Ccleaner icons in my Desktop, one for 2.18 and another for 2.22. I clicked each one, and each one brought up it?s respective version. I went to Add/Remove in Control Panel to remove 2.22, (2.22 was the only Ccleaner there). I removed that. Now I don?t see any Cleaners in Add/Remove, or in Program fil
  12. Thanks Dennis, I have contacted Registry Mechanic about this problem, but they tell me that the problem is not caused by them. I will ask them about this System Value Information. In the meantime, in case I get no help there, here is what I got. "System Voulume Information" is unmarked in Settings, but C:/ is marked. Could that mean that all the options below that are included in the scan? Thanks, Edith
  13. Hi everybody, could somebody tell me if using Ccleaner (I only use the Windows part, not the Registry part) would interfere with the Windows System Restore Function. My system restore only restores to the last 2 days, June 05-06 that is. Any date before that, even though highlighted, it doesn't go through. The system goes through the whole procedure and at the end I get the message: "Restoration Incomplete". Your computer cannot be restored to...the point I had chosen. I tried with about 10 different points and got the same thing. I use Ccleaner, and Registry Mechanic just about every day
  14. Scooter B, have you tried going to Start/Search and see if maybe your files are hiding somewhere in your PC? edith
  15. Thanks Nergal for answering my question. edith
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