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  1. Well changing the background color like on Windows Media Player 11 does not change the icons which some of us dislike in the newer version. I agree with a CCleaner upgrade that features Aero icons and better GUI. Themes will take more effort to implement but offers a more varied feel.
  2. I dislike the toolbars. Inexperienced users often install (often on freeware apps) without unticking the option to install a toolbar and their browsers get cluttered up. But Google Chrome is now the optional extra package that comes with the standard CCleaner build.
  3. The style of those images are retro. I mean they have that 50's or 60's feel into them but they are just testimonies to the 20th Century form of art.
  4. When you start up the computer, your antivirus might have immediately made log files about its activity and running CCleaner should detect and remove those log files. It happens with my AVG. Whenever you clean junk files with CCleaner, mind checking the report and see what stuff were cleaned.
  5. Well I think I use it more often than 3 times a day whenever I feel like pressing CCleaner. I think its not a popular idea but it does make sense to have a little fun.
  6. Well pwillener was having a comparable issue with this, not the very same issue we have but he is in Tokyo, Japan. He did seem to find a solution to that with the help of MrG on this thread: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=28681 I use my home computer to get into this forum but I did try to visit this forum when I was in a computer shop which is of course in a different IP address than mine last Friday to see if I would be blocked and I did get the same "forbidden" error thing so maybe its a problem with the Philippine IP addresses and this forum's server. But the two of us did not start experiencing this at the same time. Or did it occur to you earlier than you stated??? Here is my screenshot:
  7. This was a response to this thread: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=30356
  8. You are not alone, Tunerz, I experience that very same problem everyday for maybe 2 or 3 months now so getting here is random for me It happens every few hours.
  9. Since some people, including myself think that the old CCleaner icons of version 2 were better, how about building downloadable skins (themes) for CCleaner. This will give us a chance to see a newer feel to the UI of CCleaner. CCleaner is very popular, the most popular computer maintenance tool in the world, really. Its just right that it gets a major makeover. Its seems like a great idea and its FUN. Just look at Firefox for example, you have the option to change its theme and there are thousands of third party themes for Firefox. Remember, this is OPTIONAL so installing CCleaner won't have to come with so many skins embedded in the package. You have to download the skins manually from their site and they would be applied like a patch. And CCleaner will also have a menu for choosing and removing skins under the Options menu. Upgrading to a newer version of CCleaner doesn't wipe out the installed themes. What do you think??? What are your thoughts and what can you add to this idea???
  10. Ishi

    Two Desktop Icons

    Just delete one of the two icons if you like. Just make sure they both link to the same .exe program launcher. You can simply rename one of the two icons so they won't have the same name and moving them to a folder together won't be a problem. Anyway they are just shortcuts so renaming them won't make them invalid. Are you saying you want to keep one of the icons??? And one trick of restoring an item from the Recycle Bin to a location different from where it was originally deleted from is to simply, open the Recycle Bin, choose the item/s you want to restore, right click and Cut and then Paste to another location so they won't be restored to a location where they might have existing duplicates. So if you deleted one of the two CCleaner icons, you can just right click and Cut the one that was sent to the Recycle Bin to another location besides the Desktop where another icon(shortcut) is currently in place. Its as simple as that.
  11. Well I use to clear them all and I get no problems. Just spare browsing history (if you like keep your recently visited sites) desktop and Start Menu shortcuts and deleting everything will be OK. When you are using CCleaner, just don't have the "Wipe Free Space" option ticked.
  12. We do. You might have malware sitting somewhere in your Linux filsystem but when they get to somewhere that both Linux and Windows can access (on a multi-boot machine), your Windows can get infected. I managed to install AVG 8.5 on my Linux but its not detecting all the malware. But its fair enough for the first line of defense. It doesn't even have a GUI so its command driven, actually.
  13. Can anyone link me to a site with great wallpapers for my Linux??? Google image search is just not that precise.
  14. I have seen that video maybe 2 weeks ago because it was discussed on another forum I was on. But I think individual users are now wise enough to weigh which is best for them. I love MS Office than Open Office but Open Office is just free and supports more formats that MS office don't. Open office also supports PDF's but MS Office don't by default.
  15. You are not alone mate, I got the same error maybe two months ago and it still happens to me right now. Getting to this forum is random for me now. There are times I cannot access and there are times that I can. I tried switching browsers and even using Linux to log on here and still the same problem.
  16. Ishi

    registry problem

    If you would have used Erunt to back up the whole registry, who knows if restoring this backup would have fixed the problem, but there is no guarantee.
  17. It could be a bug, have you tried using an earlier version of CCleaner to see if it could detect the restore points??? CCleaner, in my view, does have a number of issues with Windows XP.
  18. Ishi

    Scary Stories

    What I really mean to say is "real" or unexplained paranormal encounters. I do believe my house is a little hunted and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Here is a true story, I swear that I DID NOT MAKE THIS UP. There was one time, about 12 years ago, around the final weeks of October 1998, there was this huge storm outside, it was night, pitch black in the outside, there was heaving raining and very strong winds and the power was out!!!! So we decided to take a picture of the outside. When the film was developed, we were surprised upon seeing droplet shaped figures, well it may be because they camera's lens got a bit wet, but the figures actually have faces in them!!! They have recognizable eyes and mouths. That is not the only paranormal thing in our house. I think it was last year that someone even claimed that I was seen inside my room or in the stairs when I was surely not even at home!!! I have no one in my house that looks like me.
  19. I used the slim build myself when I upgraded to v.3 because the standard .exe build has Chrome into it. Don't forget that another difference is that the slim build installer is smaller than the standard installer in terms of size.
  20. Ishi

    Video problem

    I would only get videos that I am sure my media player supports so unless those were very big videos, you would have just used a video converter to convert them to a format you know your media players support. I have lots of videos on .flv format because FLVs are smaller in size and since I use Shark Codecs, my WMP 12 can play them. I could just browse to my Mozilla's cache, sort the biggest files, copy those biggest files on my desktop, rename them and add a .flv extension and presto, I got my Youtube videos without using a Youtube downloader. I don't like installing too many media players because I think, for my system at least, why need many media players if one can just play all my videos??? I have put my trust on Windows Media Player 12 + Shark Codec pack and Windows Media Center for watching live TV. I also have a licensed version of Aiseesoft MP4 Converter Suite which I got for free on Giveaway.com. That program is very good, supports conversions of tons of formats including those made for iPod, iPhone, XBox, PS3 and even phones. It also supports trimming, color enhancement, cropping and even merging I think.
  21. Well it often feels good if your system is new. I have a 2 and a half year old system, 1 GB RAM, 75 GB HD with 3 OSs installed. Mine is aging but still kicking.
  22. You just said it. I agree so much with this. The old icons of version 2 were so much better, they were easier and neater to the eye. The new ones just remind me of old icons with sharp edges on Windows 98 or some older system. I was actually surprised when I upgraded cause the icons downgraded in style. The main icon of CCleaner that you see on the desktop, I think they should bring it back to what it looked like on version 2 because it has so much contrast and sharpness to it so it ain't that pretty. With newer systems right now, they should have pursued their use of softer and neater icons to match with the newer feel of newer UIs. I actually suggested they should have given it a more aero or MS Office 2010 feel which is very neat.
  23. Well if you turn off restore points wouldn't that remove the already existing restore points and turning it on again will not bring them back???
  24. Ishi

    Scary Stories

    Halloween just ended but we never seem to have felt it on this forum's discussion. Does anyone would like to tell a scary or hair raising experience they might have had??? Does anyone believe in paranormal aspects?? Explain why.
  25. I often like to have a minimalistic approach so I downloaded a nature theme from Microsoft's personalization site and I changed the color to red to give it a classy feel.
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