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  1. Fluffy

    Hey Hazelnut

    Wow Corona, That place look beautiful, Edwardian villa ? Looks like they have kept all the original features of the property.
  2. music cassette`s ! you could rewind the cassette turn it over and rewind again and still not find the track you where looking for ! ahhh ..memories...!
  3. Thank you Lulu, login123 ,Winapp2.ini for your kind words and to Kas for starting the thread, and Lulu you have a similar coloured cat !! Thanks again
  4. I lost my Fluffy this January,I had her from a kitten for 17 years,i miss her every day
  5. Thanks for the tip off Hazelnut Sligthly off topic I once started to register a facebook account,from my ipad, not my main computer,even before I had completed it "Facebook" suggest a few people I might like as friends,the thing was I new all of them,even as far away as Australia and Japan, I can only think it had cross referenced email addresses from my main computer and then matched with facebook accounts. Needless to say I`m not on facebook ! I only like the safety of Piriform !!! Fluffy
  6. Hi Thought some of you might like this,especially if your into Pimping your rides ! (hope i got that right!!) Fluff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKuXyeAGzEU&sns=em
  7. Ohh !! I was hoping for double chocolate chip !!!
  8. Moth`s don`t have balls, but they sell em ! Oh sugar I might get "moderated"
  9. Warlock, Eee by gum! Glad your getting to understand my Yorkshire sense of humour, Thought I `d reach down into that quiver again and quote you some Byron The Devil hath not,in all his quiver`s choice, An arrow for the heart,like a sweet voice .
  10. Hi Warlock ! Now you have that speed of download...you gonna have to get that brain of yours moving faster to catch up with the computer lol
  11. I have 82 ! Does that make me more useless ! 82 things you should know and forget immediately...except item 21...I bet you will go straight to that one
  12. Have a look at this link.... smallest to largest From the smallest known objects to the largest Fluff
  13. I think what Warlock is asking, and I too could do with a simple explanation What is this threat (Plug and play), Is there something that can assess if he is at risk,and what to do if he is and would a regular virus check pick up anything if he already has been at risk If anyone can explain in laymen`s terms it would be most appreciated !!
  14. Don`t know if you have seen this yet,but I thought it was pretty good, It`s a final project by a highschool student, http://marcbrecy.perso.neuf.fr/history.html
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