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  1. "I don't like the webpage" Yeah, it's a little too Spongebob Squarepants for me, too.
  2. Corona

    Festive avatars

    Nah, the kitten minces enough. I'll leave it as it is. But I'm always aware of the season and do enjoy it. It hasn't really snowed big here so far so that's got a lot to do with my positivity.
  3. 50.0.2 sounds like one of those "if you browse pr0n" scares. Really, I'm not all over the internet like I used to be in 2000. The sites I visit nowadays are seasoned. Like Piriform.
  4. No, they all installed successfully. I haven't noticed any problems. (knocks on wood)
  5. Corona

    ublock users

    Now that I have uBlock installed & running, should I turn off AdBlock Plus?
  6. Corona

    ublock users

    ...yeeeaaaahh...I have no idea what you just said. Not your fault, you're one of the smart ones. AMO version? Xpinstall signatures? Fx release (WFM on Nightly)?? (My cats' breath smells like cat food. That's how far advanced I am.)
  7. Corona

    ublock users

    When I tried to download uBlock for FF, FF warns it won't accept unsigned...thingies. It prevents the download.
  8. Mozilla eats babies for breakfast.
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