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  1. Not snarky enough.
  2. This is a little bit off topic so please forgive me. What are you guys doing? This thread reads almost exactly like a Win95, or better yet WinME help-me post. I understand the basic jists of the comments, but it's like we're all still in 1995. I dabbled around with Partition Magic in 2002. I didn't know crap but I managed to make it work for a year or so. And I don't know doo-doo about deep computer stuff. You guys DO and have understood it longer than I ever have. And now it's 2017. And you STILL can't make heads or tails about certain PC things. And that's my big Corona rant. It sits there like the big pile of dog doo that it is. It stinks, it's squishy between your toes, and there's not a water fountain close enough to wash it off fast enough. Before you blame me, Andavari told me to post this or he would beat me up. So there.
  3. "I don't like the webpage" Yeah, it's a little too Spongebob Squarepants for me, too.
  4. If they had to show disclaimers like medical prescription ads on TV I think they'd lose customers pretty fast.
  5. Hazelnut, I tried that with HP printers and I saw 10 other country/state locations that had HP printers but of different types than mine. Are you saying these 10 are connected to my printer somehow?
  6. The first thing I do when trying out a new app is look into its available command buttons and typed text (usually near the top of the app) and find the Options command and see if there's anything I can change within its Options' checkbox parameters.
  7. They may screw up my PC, but no way am I leaving my phone, TV, thermostat, washing machine, refrigerator, heat, A/C, lights, electricity, water supply open to possible attack from someone in else in the world who thinks it must not be so. And don't think there aren't such people.
  8. I wish they would put the serifs back on capital I. It looks like a small L.
  9. Corona

    Browsing History.

    Thanks Trium, it worked!
  10. Corona

    Browsing History.

    Trium, I went into the Privacy settings in FF and the closest thing I could find to disable 'auto-fill' was this (with an on/off checkbox)... "Remember search and form history" "Form history" is the closest term that I assume would match "auto-fill" in FF. So I turned it off. Then I turned it on again. Then off again. Then on again. Then off again. Five minutes later I got a call from some woman in Cambodia. She said, "Stop doing that." On a more serious note, I'll see if turning it 'off' has any effect when I reboot FF later.
  11. Corona

    Browsing History.

    I use FF and I noticed recently that it is not only memorizing my login names for various web sites (by using auto-fill when I hover over a blank fill-in bar), but it is also starting to memorize one of my recent passwords. I don't believe it's a History thing, but I can't find anywhere in FF options how to shut off auto-fill. Is it maybe a Windows thing? (I have Win7.) I don't recall ever turning that on if I ever came across it. And I don't remember where to find that as well. I hate growing old.
  12. I think my underground septic tank is IOBit so I'm safe.
  13. Is it St. Swithins' Day already?
  14. "Oh you'll just love it. It'll be a beautiful thing."
  15. When Trump takes over MBAM and PC Pitstop, things will change.
  16. My Neighbor Totoro, Kikis' Delivery Service, and Spirited Away are excellent family Ghibli movies. Well, Spirited Away not so much for young kids. The animated morphings can get a bit freakish.
  17. I'm just using V3 as a free mode. No bells and whistles turned on. No auto-monitoring. I just use it like I did with free V1 version. I'm fine with that.
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