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  1. I like to get things taken care of early and when I am able. Absent the remarkable skills of folks like kroozer and others to present beautiful graphics I can only come forward with words. I want to wish each and everyone and their significant others in this great family a joyous, happy and most of all safe holiday season. I also would like to add my deepest thanks and appreciation for all the help you have given me over the past years leaving me greatly indebted. Take care and best wishes, Warlock
  2. Hi MTA and everyone else. Due to other issues I'm just now getting around to reading all the posts. You must have read my mind MTA, it's truly "Damn-where do I start?". Just when I finished with one ordeal another surfaces. I've opened Pandora's Box again. Derek said he was glad I didn't use the hammer. When I whined and cried until I got one of these systems I wish someone had hit me with that hammer. This is a mess and nothing is attributed to you wonderful folks. It's the result of too many fingers in this computer ranging from Avast support to the three clowns who have tickled the k
  3. Hi Andavari, Glad you got a hoot. While I've never considered being a commodian I try to insert some humor ever now and then. Have defused some serious situations with that approach. If I can elicit a grin, smile or laugh and make someone's day a little better then that makes me feel good. On what follows, wasn't sure where to post this so I'll put this in the trusty hands of Moderators. O.K., this is the Captain, all hands on deck for ship's status. I owe all you folks a report of the defragging effort a few days ago. Windows Defrag ran its course and got the hard drive clean as
  4. Hi Everyone, Dear Hazel, after pondering all the great feedback from you good folks I think your latest suggestion is the most plausible. I have gone bonkers trying to comprehend the Exclude instructions on Defraggler. Believe I'll go this route and hopefully put this to rest. Thanks so much. Dear MTA, You're right on track with what you said about the preservation of precious data but a dilemma still exists. You really got to my funnybone with your suggestions for obtaining funding for a back up. I looked into visiting the local bloodbank and also selling my body for scienti
  5. Hi Hazel, to answer your question first of all I did no setups of any kind to include Defraggler. All that's in this machine was done by a former friend. I think when I reported inability to access Windows Defraggler the other day was either a result of a hiccup from a really messed up machine or perhaps these little fingers. Before coming on I tried to bring up Windows Defrag and it came right up. Yes, the block you referred to was checked so I did discover that and apparently I created a problem that didn't exist as both are working. Are you leaning in the direction that I use Windows
  6. Hi Login, yes I have the Windows XP disk, can see it from I'm at. Were you thinking in terms of an uninstall and reinstall with your question? If so, before I can even think about doing that I still have to solve the problem of not having the money, external flash and most of all knowledge to accomplish this. Thanks for your ongoing concern and let me know your thoughts. Warlock
  7. Hi Everyone, Need some help asap. Finally got the courage screwed up to work on this nagging issue yesterday 12-11-2013. Could not bring up Windows Defrag for some reason so had to use Defraggler. Brought up Safe Mode tapping on F8 like a woodpecker but could not display all readings on Speccy to monitor temps but displayed hard drive during the process. Ran Analyze and found a mess 27% fragmented and would take all day. So I poured two bottles of Fleet and started the process. Worked better part of the day until I was wore out so I aborted hopefully without messing something up with
  8. Hi Andavari, Ah, the sweet taste of victory. Just when I was about to use my skills to go through all the steps I checked and found Adobe had already installed the new version 11.9.900.172 as posted by Hazel for me. Thankful for automatic updates and also your valued input. Now if my friends will keep an eye peeled over on Defraggler and my posts beginning 11-09-2013 Have a good one all. Warlock
  9. Hey folks, just happened to be in the neighborhood and saw this. I jumped on board because I'm a blue ribbon, card-carrying government watcher and critic. Just fired a rocket at these clowns through one of my activist websites. I'm certain you're all well versed in the constant surveillance going on and it's getting worse. As we speak some undead organism is probably getting his/her cookies on a monitor screen all in the interest of national security. They're the terrorists. I could rattle on all day but I'll limit it to my two cents worth. Got to go put my flag up and hope I don't get
  10. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!! Everybody break out the party hats and kazoos. I am pleased to announce that after a long, protracted, drawn-out effort I was just now able to get the Adobe Flash v 11.9.900.152 successfully installed and verified. Your suggestions worked perfectly. Thanks and deepest gratitude to my good friends who assisted me in this matter. A tip of the hat and a bow to all. Thanks and take care. Your indebted friend, Warlock
  11. Hi Everyone, Still struggling with defragging issue. Have searched around and read insructions until eyes bleeding. I came upon the Exclude portion and was wondering if some good folks heavy on this could help. I've tried to delete some unnecessary info to reduce load on the h.d. I feel if I can exclude things like a file on my desktop such as the last backup, numerous phone numbers, applications and some other junk I've saved that Defraggler wastes time while defragging which strains the h.d. and causes overheating and I have to shut down to cool. Could someone give me simple, step by
  12. To my good friends, thanks so much for your responses. I'll try to accomplish this today after taking care of some other tasks. Will keep you posted and hopefully get rid of this headache. Take care, you're the greatest. Warlock
  13. Hi Andavari, sorry about the somewhat belated response, had lot going on. I've tried everything to get the Adobe Flash Player v 11.9.900.152 to replace v 11.9.900.117 still installed, going directly to the site and all it does is go to step 2 of the installation and just stalls. I'm sick of this thing. Is it really vital as I understand it's mostly for gaming which I never do. Can I just go to the Add/Remove and send it to its grave without causing any problems and move on to other issues? Your cherished advice welcome. Thanks, Warlock
  14. Hi mta, thanks for your input. I have XP also. Think I'll give it a whirl as I have to do something about the slowness. Takes forever to bring something up and hopefully this will improve performance but before defragging I need to take some load off of an aging hard drive. Both Windows and Defraggler say it's time for an enema. Still can't find someone who will back up pro bono and that's a must before anything serious is started i.e. a re-install of the OS. A good neighbor gave me a 30G flash drive but I need a larger one as I have a 70G. They have been out of the computer business and we
  15. Hi Andavari, just having some wild, crazy thoughts on how to accomplish this without serious damage. Maybe someone else that has done it can jump in. Can I put you on the list to get this to use as a boat anchor? Got a nasty winter storm here. Thanks and take care. Warlock
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