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  1. Thanks for the tip. I am now able to update my Winapp32 file and trim it with the Winapp2ool. Now CCleaner, Custom Clean section loads much faster. I wish I had known this much earlier. Thanks again.
  2. I am using the newest version of CCleaner now. I have not been that familiar with the newest features of CCleaner. One of them was this Health Check option and when I click the "skip to start health check", CCleaner seem to hang for a minute or two before asking me to close my browser to start health check. Is this normal? Its normal for me however for CCleaner to load for maybe 3 minutes on the Custom Clean area since I am using a Winapp32 file and CCleaner seems to take time populating the cleaning options and this is an old low-spec netbook. I have been away from this forum for a while and things have been adding up. Thank you.
  3. I don't have Automatic updates checked on my Windows 7. I choose which updates to install when I feel like it. Always best to have a system restore point before any update. That policy is being a little ungrateful of M$. They should promote CCleaner because its like free healthcare to extend the life expectancy of Windows machines.
  4. Why not try a software called Rufus? I have used it to create bootable flashdrives and it makes that easy. https://rufus.akeo.ie/
  5. Been using 7-Zip for a while now. I prefer it much better than WinRar though because its more lightweight. Thanks for the news Hazelnut.
  6. Any Windows computer out there that doesn't have CCleaner is missing something very important. I feel sorry for them. I even developed the habit of running CCleaner on the machines that I get my hands on. The amount of junk that I clean from those often reach a few GBs.
  7. Hello, I've been quite inactive in participating on this forum for some time and its only recently that I realized there is now a CCleaner version 5. I'm using v 5.02 in fact. However, I noticed that you could no longer resize the CCleaner window as small and as compact as it once used to be. I know this is no big issue but its a matter of personal preference, especially if you want the windows of other programs to take more real estate on the screen. Could there be any chance to make the CCleaner window compact again? Anyways, I do like the new polished look of CCleaner. I suspect that this new polished interface also limits how small the window can be resized but if there is a way that we could shrink it more yet retain that polished look, that should should be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. I'm with the others. I would also suggest not having two or more antivirus software installed at a time who both have real time protection because having 2 antivirus software installed at the same time could be a system killer!!! I have seen machines performing really slow at startup because two antivirus software were conflicting each other and the results on system performance were devastating on lower-end machines. In fact, some antivirus software would warn you to uninstall other existing AV programs currently installed on the system when you run their installation setup. I would strongly suggest removing one of either Avast or MSE. No problems with Malwarebytes because its not meant to be a standalone AV program and can be installed on the same machine safely with another AV software. I have tried MSE with Malwarebytes as a supplement on a low-end machine and they worked harmoniously without conflicts that would cause system slowdowns.
  9. Ishi

    CCleaner v4.0

    I didnt even notice that CCleaner now has version 4.0. Good thing, I suddenly had the mood to hit the check for updates button and that's how I found out. I'm now about to try it and from the initial look, it now has adapted the new Metro-ish look and feel from Windows 8. Thanks for the update, Piriform!!
  10. My suggestion is that I would tick the boxes you have left unticked as shown from the screenshot. EXCEPT Start Menu Shortcuts, DEsktop Shortcuts and WIPE FREE SPACE. This would allow CCleaner to clean more than what it cleans now. There are files that have to stay in there longer, maybe longer than 24-48 hours before they can be safely cleaned. I would also suggest, if you like to use Winapp2.ini that can be found here: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=32310 After you download the files you just copy and and paste it to C:\Program Files\CCleaner directory. The next time you open CCleaner, it will take more time to load but when you go to the Applications tab in the cleaner section of CCleaner, you will see many more checkboxes added that you can chose to clean.
  11. "Ubuntu’s smartphone platform will grant full desktop access once docked" That's what made me think its interesting.. Very interesting article, Hazel.
  12. Microsoft can't let anything hinder the release of Windows 8. I'm using WRP now, a bit buggy and I think it won't be a big hit. I want the Windows 7 SP2 but news like this upset me. Hopefully, light would come to them that they are stirring some of the essential things wrongly. They just want every single one of their engineers working for Windows 8.I'm using IE10 now and its buggy.
  13. I would also like an added feature in CCleaner's Registry cleaner to remove entries of .exe files that were run from removable media like USB drives and optical disks. Running program installer setup disks often result to orphaned Registry entries of icon files and .exe files that are located on those disks.
  14. I also like the use of skins or at least color themes. I've seen some other utility apps have themes. Also, maybe a scheduler menu should be avialble on CCleaner's interface. Not everyone knows how to use the Task Scheduler.
  15. I have also started a thread about developing CCleaner for Linux since I used Linux. I wasnt that happy with BleachBit. I didnt liked the interface and I have loyalty to CCleaner so I wish this would happen. I have suggested the use of CCleaner to a lot users.
  16. The neatness of the UI's design can help people like it even though they may not spend a lot of time looking at it. I prefer the light colors of AVG 2012 over the dark background on AVG 2013.
  17. I wasn't even aware that there is now an AVG 2013 until you mentioned it here. I'm happily using AVG 2012 Free on my Windows 7 right now. One of me mates and I were just discussing AVG earlier today because he was having doubts about his choice of antivirus software. And when I Googled for images of it, I said to my mind, what the hell? Have they gone crazy and thought this design is gonna work? I'm annoyed by the Metro interface on Windows 8 on the Desktop and this adaptation made by AVG just blows the UI and would baffle some users. Seems that the makers of AVG are Windows 8 fanboys. Hazel's got a point. What's important is that it works but AVG 2012's design looked neat, modern and eye-friendly. That would at least contribute to how people would like it. They should have just stick with that but with the new underlying improvements behind the hood.
  18. Ishi

    New Firefox Icon

    Well I felt Firefox was better off with its older versions. Can't understand they released new versions of it rapidly some of which had issues unliked by some people..
  19. Would love to benefit from such donations from them
  20. Thanks for that again, Hazel. Here is a shot I did last April. I was just using a 14-megapixel digital camera but I still have to resize the picture to upload it. That is the kind of picture that I need to take myself to show on the website. Its no professional but maybe its not too shabby either. Its an island.
  21. That would be a nice addition, Hazel. I did see a tourism site with a calendar applet and a weather applet. Local Bus travels, that would do. The rails haven't reached us yet. The closest one I know is still 30 miles away I think and its not really on the scope of the region we would be making a website for but I heard that its more cozy in there than the local buses. I wish I if I had time, I could travel around this area with me camera and see what's best. By the way, how do you post pictures here that shows up with thumbnails without uploading them as attachments?
  22. Restaurants, that could be added. I was planning to include an article section for native foods that people can comment on. I don't have a very good stomach but I did some blogging about arts months ago. Forum, that would be nice. My guys liked forums somehow when I showed them since they don't participate in forums. I just don't want be including hotel reservations, boookings and that kind of stuff that includes online payments.
  23. We are just planning on it now so no pages to show just yet and yes there is a picture gallery of the tourist spots and places and I do "some" amateur photography. Its just that it seems its all for viewing. There must be something else. I don't want hotel reservations kind of stuff. Its just a bit complex to link up those places to online paying. Was thinking of Google Adsense so there are ads that make the site more functional though.
  24. Me and 3 other colleagues are trying to make a tourism website. The site will show a map of the places in our district and when you click into those parts of the map, it will show pictures of the tourist spots in that place. Other parts of the homepage links to a business catalog of our place, another is a gallery page that divides into a native products page, native foods page and a cultural page showing festivals. Those in the Gallery have a comment section. Another link on the main page shows the recent news of our district and the last link of the homepage is a contact us link for sending the admin messages. We needed more things to add into the site so that it will have more functions, not just for viewing. Can anybody suggest other features we may add to our tourism website please? Thanks in advance.
  25. If you can access the Start Menu, type in System Restore. Use System Restore to restore your computer to a previous date before this occurred. You'll be presented with a list of restore points and their dates as well.
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