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  1. Not much of an issue from the implementation of LessChrome HD. Unlike Chrome's implementation where you need to click the tab to see the URL.
  2. LessChrome HD - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/prospector-lessChrome-HD/ or https://mozillalabs.com/prospector/2011/05/20/lesschrome-hd-more-space-to-browse/ - This restartless add-on hides the toolbars like the location bar navigation until you point at the tabs to get them back. - In a nutshell, adds auto-hide behavior for toolbars.
  3. Just need to confirm my hazy understanding. In essence Cleanmem unloads used memory a program "forgot" to completely unload after termination. Did I get this correctly?
  4. Using Comodo for Win7, Windows Firewall for WinXP machines, all behind a router firewall.
  5. Currently running: none Never had malware problems in the past with my old computer. I'm just savoring my moments with the new computer with only XP + router's firewall and Common Sense?.
  6. Still using router+XP's firewall. I haven't got a need in having complete control in outbound connections. Common sense pretty much covers my security needs, well perhaps our security needs.
  7. I'm using KAV v8 in my desktop and Avast on my laptops. So far none of the two messed up the computers.
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