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  1. Welp, it looks the same for bigger, wider monitors, but AFAIK Win8 automatically limits the no. of columns when going bigger. That's why there are Win8 tweaks about the max Start Screen columns. Also I kinda hate going multimon with the Start Screen because of the retarded edges thingy of Win8, so I use EX7forW8 to restore the start menu when going multimon. @Winapp2.ini Thanks
  2. Happy Holidays to everyone.
  3. You only need to run the 64-bit version to handle both 32-bit and 64-bit apps.
  4. I used Universal Theme Patcher for patching theme related DLLs for Win7, although UxStyle Core works on my system as well. You'll need to use both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the theme patcher for Win7 x64.
  5. There are instructions from a PDF file inside the archive.
  6. Placebo for Windows 7 Using the "Ashtray" theme from the VS.
  7. Have you ruled out the defrag on idle feature of Windows OSes?
  8. In my case, CIS's HIPS prompts don't seem to be too friendly when compared to, say Online Armor. However, the prompts have more options to offer flexibility for the user's needs. CIS offers more options/features than other paid-for Firewall+HIPS, and with a great community to help you setup the needed configurations depending in your situation. I experienced very little performance impact on the system. No noticeable slowdowns of startup, network, minimal CPU usage etc.
  9. Not much of an issue from the implementation of LessChrome HD. Unlike Chrome's implementation where you need to click the tab to see the URL.
  10. LessChrome HD - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/prospector-lessChrome-HD/ or https://mozillalabs.com/prospector/2011/05/20/lesschrome-hd-more-space-to-browse/ - This restartless add-on hides the toolbars like the location bar navigation until you point at the tabs to get them back. - In a nutshell, adds auto-hide behavior for toolbars.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to countries that celebrate it.
  12. I guess I was having this problem since September, considering the decrease of my activity starting from that month. *I hope the problem I PMed will be resolved within a week or so.
  13. Perhaps it is affecting some Philippine IP ranges in general?
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