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  1. Strange isn't it what people sometimes come up with animals??
  2. Ishi

    April Desktops

    Works like a charm. Thanks very much Hazel. I had 2 pictures here. I love these 3D space arts. Not exactly my idea for a summer theme for s summer feel. Never been near a beach in months lol. Anybody got a website where I can download Themepack files?? Not the kind of themes that change Windows icons, buttons and stuff. Just themepack files like those you can get from Microsoft's personalization gallery. They seem to offer a small list of themes. I wanna see a website where I can choose from a huge collection. Too lazy to create my own themepack.
  3. Ishi

    April Desktops

    Yeah, sorry. Edited my post. I just don't know how the others managed to post their pictures in the way I could see them. I had to rely on attaching files but that will eat up my attachment space. Help me please.
  4. Ishi

    April Desktops

    Edit: I moved the wallpaper screenshots on my post below. Just had trouble with the image thumbnail thing but got it sorted now.
  5. Not bad lol. Otherwise that cow could have ended on her plate or someone's sausage or hamburger (since this is on Germany lol). This gives us an idea never to underestimate the potentials of animals we may consider to be so ordinary and talentless like cows lol. We train ordinary animals, they could become extraordinary. Maybe someone would come up with an extraordinary sheep, goat or a chicken next.
  6. Yeah it could be caused by a virus or something protecting the Registry.
  7. I use the "Run Cleaner" option on the taskbar jumplist quite often cause I chose to hide the "Run Cleaner" option on the Recylce Bin context menu. But I do feel that CCleaner v.3* use to launch a bit slower than v.2* and has these noticeable UI bugs that weren't present on its predecessor so this gave me an impression that v.3* is "less stable".
  8. To me, v.3 doesn't launch any faster than v.2* in fact, v.2* launches faster to me so I'm not very convinced that v.3 opens whilst its still busy and preparing itself while v.2 apparently opens faster but does not have this issue. And I have not modified anything in my Winapp2.ini. But the missing checkboxes of the Registry cleaner section when its launched from the taskbar jumplist in v.3 is DEFINATELY a bug here which they better fix.
  9. I personally think that the later versions of CCleaner we have have more noticeable bugs than earlier ones so this gave me a feeling that the later versions are less stable ones. One bug that I have seen from 2 or 3 versions now, starting from v.3.03 or v.3.04 is that when you open the Registry cleaner section via the taskbar jumplist, the checkboxes are not visible and this persists till v.3.05. Another very noticeable bug that I have seen for the first time on v.3.05 is that the "Analyze" and "Run Cleaner" buttons would appear grey, basically unclickable for 3 seconds since CCleaner opened. I tried closing CCleaner then opened it again and I still see those buttons freeze; grey and unclickable for 3 seconds. I have included a screenshot on how those bugs look like.
  10. What exactly is this file that CCleaner got a wrong size estimate??
  11. I use the portable version of Revo and have let my friends use it as their program uninstaller on their laptops to minimize the rubbish left behind by removing programs. Yeah, I think it would be cool if CCleaner's program uninstaller can burrow deeper and remove more orphaned items by removed apps.
  12. I wouldn't touch the "Invalid Firewall Rule" thing at this point. Where would AOL, AVG, Opera, Live Messenger, etc. listings appear actually? On the Registry scan, on the program uninstaller section or the junk file cleaner section??
  13. Its on personal choice anyway. I recommend doing a backup first before any Registry cleaning. I have cleaned the unused file extensions thing on CCleaner versions 3.04 and 3.05 and I see no problems in contrary to what others might see as a significant concern. I think it has something to do with the files that you open with programs and stuff, one example is Themepack files. However some of the entries that appear in there that got cleaned will re-appear at some point again anyway if the sequence of events that led to them being created has been done again.
  14. Faster than FF 3.6, its slick, minimalistic like Chrome but still has trouble handling Flash and hardware acceleration sometimes. But I would prefer this one over the previous FF and IE9.
  15. The people behind the dog sweat shirts could be kids because they managed to fit in there.
  16. Ishi

    New CC Cleaner

    I apologize to Alice if the question I made on my previous post was irrelevant to what he/she was asking. The thread was entitled, "New CCleaner" so I thought I could post any concern I have relating to this new version of CCleaner on this thread because I don't want to start up another thread just to ask about that one simple question anyway which is where do I find the option to clean obsolete firewall rules. I don't wanna start up a whole thread if I am just to ask a simple question just to keep things tidy on this forum.
  17. Ishi

    CCleaner v3.05

    What I cannot find out is where do I clean those obsolete Firewall Rules, blah blah blah.
  18. Ishi

    New CC Cleaner

    I was waiting for the slim version too but I can't wait so I installed the normal installer anyway. But the invalid file extensions thing, it still shows those "open with" entries with CCleaner 3.05.1408, I fixed them and I see no problems and some of them get recreated anyway. What I cannot find out is where do I clean those obsolete Firewall Rules, blah blah blah.
  19. Proposing a marriage on Facebook? I understand why.
  20. Ishi

    The Japan Tsunami

    After all the disasters and quakes that happened recently; Haiti, Chile, New Zealand and then Japan, I'm beginning to speculate that maybe the 2012 end of the world scenario may be true lol. All these things happening in just over one year. We still want to live and unless we are scaremongers and movie/sci-fi fanatics we don't wanna think about anything end of the worldish.
  21. Ishi

    The Japan Tsunami

    That will devastate their economy for sure. There are far more casualties when US dropped bombs on them but the scale of the devastation of the earthquake, the tsunami and the the pending nuclear trouble affects the whole nation of Japan. Imagine, thousands of people with no safe drinking water, no food, no electricity and no houses to live on. There are still aftershocks going on right now. Its hell on earth.
  22. Ishi

    The Japan Tsunami

    I think the nuclear plant did explode: News There's a lot more reason why people should be alert. The disaster they had had a chain reaction. Now the are headline news on many news websites.
  23. Ishi

    March Desktops

    I think I'm not being too competitive with the wallpapers right now.
  24. Ishi

    The Japan Tsunami

    You know, I think tsunamis can definitely affect the tourist economy on the Pacific islands that you would associate with beaches like Hawaii. I live in the Pacific and I live at least 11 kilometers from the sea and at least we are on a higher ground level than the shoreline (thank God for that) because were on the foot of the mountain and I suspect that some people who live near the shorelines did evacuate yesterday or last night. Japan had a double disaster because an earthquake followed by a tsunami struck them. The wave was actually carrying debris, houses, wood, cars, rubble and mud across the farmlands.
  25. Yesterday, Japan was hit by a huge earthquake followed by a tsunami. It was just terrible. What can you say about that?? I mean, that's a reason why we should make our lives precious because things like that could happen anytime before we know it.
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