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  1. I think this is not the first time this was suggested. Many other maintenance programs have combined their maintenance tools into one suite but many of these programs are paid to unlock their full potentials. I have a split opinion on this one actually. I think there's a point, its a nice idea because it can make things easier but some people like what Alan said would disagree because they would rather prefer to use other products in place of Piriform products. They may use CCleaner but they'd rather choose a different defrag tool over Piriform's Defraggler. I think, this is why Piriform chose not to merge all their products into one suite because they wanna offer the users a choice. Hope that helps.
  2. Gail, I personally don't recall ever having talked to you here on this forum but like all the others here that have replied before me, I can only wish you well. It makes us emotional having learned your condition, but you'll be in our minds and our prayers. If you need moral support, I'm sure people on this forum are willing to share their encouragement and their support to you even if we have never met you in person. But remember, you are a part of this forum and people here care about you and each other. Good luck, wish you well.
  3. Ishi

    CCleaner v3.04

    I used the Registry cleaner for unused file extensions, I backed it up of course but I did not experience any problems with it, however we can just untick it if we feel its has now turned slightly dangerous.
  4. Ishi

    CCleaner v3.04

    Love the registry cleaner improvement and that added support for deletion of references to sound events.
  5. Well this one is a shame. Downsizing it so they can sell more bars which are now smaller. I'm not picky with the brand of chocolates, I'm after the taste and the interesting content in it that'll satisfy delight. Valentine's Day is over but chocolate remains immortal.
  6. I have been having this issue for many months now and that has decreased my activity here and it happens on random occasions. Hopefully, that'll get fixed soon.
  7. This one is brilliant!!! You gotta fight fire with fire if that is the case but you'll need support from people who otherwise agree with you.
  8. I am not into sports and I probably won't bother joining like you either so I wouldn't do anything to stir up a mess. But this is gonna be pain for those boys who wanted to participate, well its their problem. I've seen teachers that are a bit sexist on some of their topics, you know, making the other sex look like they have the bigger fault on something. You put this on Facebook, you put this on paper, the people who initially wanted this exclusion finds out about it, they might as well go after you. So if you are gonna come up with something, do it with low profile to minimize the people who might get annoyed by you. Well its still your choice. Wish you good luck on that.
  9. I don't have a network but I think that this new network version is great. If you are the network admin, you can clean the other computers on the network without actually having to run CCleaner manually on every one of those machines. Fantastic.
  10. There are such programs that download drivers for your hardware like Driver Detective that I've seen so far but its legal versions are not free. Let me point out that checking updates from Windows Updates can also check and download hardware drivers for you but this is not the case with all hardware, some have to be located, downloaded and installed manually. This was the case I had with my Realtek sound drivers on Windows 7. My old drivers from the CD just won't work on Windows 7 so I have to manually locate and download a driver. However, its sometimes not too easy to locate drivers in the manufacturer's website as you would often see a long list of links to various drivers for their various hardware products. Some universal drivers might work but they may include features that your exact hardware model does not support. I say, its not so easy for beginners either.
  11. Ishi

    CCleaner & RAM

    It could be a bug but I think it does show the correct RAM on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Are you really sure you had 3 GBs of RAM?? Why not use Speccy and see if it really turns out this way?? http://www.piriform.com/speccy
  12. Ishi

    Restore Points

    I tend to believe that CCleaner does have this issue with Windows XP and it seems that it hasn't been resolved yet.
  13. Yeah, time flies very fast. It feels like if it was just around August of 2010 to me. You will be amazed of how fast your children grow up, you'll realize that they are now getting married and how many things seems to have came and went for short time, apparently. I suddenly had the expression that time is faster nowadays and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so. Happy New Year though. Wishing you the best.
  14. Ishi

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays too. But I guess, I will be busy with business before Christmas.
  15. Why would some brilliant people use their abilities for the bad and not for the good?? I think that too much intelligence can make someone "blind" as to say misguided.
  16. I have disabled automatic updates but I just don't like the way its default settings are set. Because by default, it is set to download all updates under the "important" category without prompting you which to download and install. It should be set to "check updates for me, but let me choose when to download and install them" setting. Unless you really want all those updates, its just a waste of space. But I want CCleaner to safely clear unneeded updates on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  17. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your holidays.
  18. CCleaner is not a perfect program but I don't think it would directly distort any data that is on a web page and not part of a program. If you run into any other issues, feel free to visit here again.
  19. I am saying that updates often have minimum changes (in my perspective). I want more changes on every update. With newer and newer versions of CCleaner released on every 2 or 3 months, we still get bug reports after that right??? We still have apps that needed cleaning support. I believe that longer update releases will give more time for the devs to to fix even more bugs and put more improvements in general on every release. And hey, this will also give them more time to add support to even more and more apps that should be cleaned. MORE applications gets supported, more bug fixes, more improvements in general. I think updates done on every 4 or 5 months would have more significance. And I think the update with a new UI redesign or tweak will be thrilling and fun.
  20. Windows Live Skydrive is the best I can think of. If you have a Windows Live ID, you can use it to sign in there. Windows Live Skydrive has 25 GB free online storage for your convenience. You can add contacts in there too that you can share your files with. You can create new folders in there and set if you want that public (you contacts can see and download your files) and even give your friends the privilege to delete some files on a folder you made public. If you have Microsoft Silverlight plugin, you can upload files in there easily but I think there is still a limit on how many files you can upload at a time. If you want to upload multiple files at once, you can just zip your multiple files on a ZIP file which can be uploaded as a single file. It has saved me quite a bit for a number of times.
  21. I personally think that new versions of CCleaner are released faster than other software, but I really want less version updates but with more innovations and improvements on every update. Someone had suggested that, actually. There isn't much significance between CCleaner versions maybe 4 or even 5 updates apart if you are not using the programs that gets supported by CCleaner on the newer version. But I say the UI needs a tweak.
  22. Yeah, I'm not finished digging through all of them because if I look at the choices of pictures and stories, there are so many of them and its hard to choose and I have maybe a dozen Firefox tabs opened lol. I spent 2 hours just now digging through them again. It will be wise to bookmark some of the links and post the really good pictures here, but again, its hard to choose.
  23. Check this amazing shot. It is said that this wasn't Photoshopped. And there are other amazing shots on these links: http://funtuna.blogspot.com/2010/05/19-amazing-photos-that-are-not.html http://2leep.com/news/4249/89/ If you look at the bottom of that page, there are other interesting links that shows a lot of pictures that might just drag your curiosity for hours. I sat in my PC for hours opening these links that link to other interesting pictures and so maybe a few weeks ago.
  24. So lets settle this with customizable background color plus a redesign of the new icons for CCleaner v.3 on future releases.
  25. I've seen this on a video on Youtube some time ago but its interesting. Its Jesus giving a thumbs up and a wink to some guy with a good deed.
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