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  1. I'll enlist in that army then.
  2. I rarely ever use the sudo apt-get install command. Well I used it a few days ago to install JDK on Linux but I install most of my software (including Google Chrome and VLC) from the Software Manager and that downloads and installs the software for me without the hassle of those command line tricks. Don't forget system logs and temp files plus browsing history caches. Linux also have "orphaned packages" left by removed programs. Those needed cleaning too.
  3. I think a lot of Windows users who use Linux would be glad if they could use CCleaner on a Linux too. If the apps that CCleaner often cleans can be installed on a Linux, CCleaner has a right to take its place in there too.
  4. So you think if you can somehow get the restore point files on either drive C: or drive F: (the partition where I assume you backed up you retrieved files before you did an undo of the first restoration), you could somehow recover the folders that went missing? Did I get it right? And you want Recuva to find and retrieve these restore point files? And now you said you have no more restore points left? Even if Recuva manages to retrieve them, I think they won't be 100% intact but hopefully usable and decent enough. Looking at the file list you gave, there are .exe files with 11-12 MB in size on the list. Looking at your case, there is something rather fishy when you opened a folder then suddenly its listed as a non existent folder and many others suddenly had the same case as well. It smells like a work of a malware to me. A malware that suddenly destroys folders and its data. What were the stuff you had in those folders that went missing? I'd also do a malware scan if I were you. Just to be sure.
  5. You copied the files that vanished before to separate partition and you thought they would be safe in there once you undo the restoration? I don't understand how this is supposed to be since my understanding of system restore is that it doesn't wipe off personal files when restoring activity has taken place. The question is why did a lot of these folders suddenly disappeared in the first place? Then you got this error message popping up that lead you to do a system restore? So these folders just suddenly went missing. Did somebody else deleted these folders? Was it the work of the virus or malware? Perhaps you can post a screenshot of this error box that appears in your screen and maybe we could diagnose the problem better. Recuva can't recover all the lost files especially those that are now badly overwritten. Have you tried the deep scan option in Recuva yet? It digs more lost files but again, those that are badly overwritten are now barely usable.
  6. The distro I use is Linux Mint 9 Gnome edition and it uses the /usr/bin type of directory. There are lots of open source apps that already made themselves available for Linux, that includes Mozilla (usually comes preinstalled by default), Google Chrome, VLC Media Player, Thunderbird, Gimp and many others. And CCleaner seems like a perfect match to go if it can be installed on any system where these apps could be installed. CCleaner is the most popular maintenance tool out there for free and I think its only right that it could be installed on most operating systems that need a tool to clean or tweak itself.
  7. Well there are distros that usually come smaller or less complex than others. There are distros that came preinstalled with lots of apps, some don't. Peppermint in particular does not come preinstalled with Open Office unlike Ubuntu or Linux Mint but has a number of cloud apps preinstalled (on the version I tried) and its has a smaller ISO file. There are distros with only 50MB ISOs suggesting they are less complex operating systems when installed. I'd assume the directories on many distros are comparable but some with the addition or subtraction of folders relating to programs natively available or unavailable with them.
  8. Since we now have CCleaner for Windows then recently for Mac, would it be nice if we have CCleaner for Linux? I'm a Linux user too. I know some people in this forum are too. I love CCleaner, though Linux have this program called Bleechbit available for download, I've always loved the feel of CCleaner nicer to me. I have installed CCleaner on a Linux with the help of Wine (a program that puts a Windows virtual environment for Linux so you could install Windows programs) but it could only clean the section inside the Wine thing.
  9. Well, CCleaner has been having a lot of updates recently. I get notified of the updates on my Facebook newsfeed. Glad, they were quick to respond to such problems that needed a rebuild of the version.
  10. OK, now so going back to the UI bugs I posted here months ago, I still see them on CCleaner v.3.09...
  11. Ishi

    CCleaner 3.09

    Whenever a new CCleaner version is released, I always wait for a few days for the slim build.
  12. Ishi


    Well I haven't been visiting often here too cause of connection problems and laziness. But this man,Dennis, he once offered me some help as well as many others among us. Even as a mod, he gave me these humble words in a private message: "...we're just volunteers with a different badge." Hope he gets back soon.
  13. I don't think this Registry issue you fixed has anything to do with your computer not waking up anymore after switching to power safe mode. This .xps format is a document file type and I think this has nothing to do with your problems and Registry entries with the "OpenWithList" description found by CCleaner's Registry cleaner tend to be recreated anyway after an interaction with such file types. My advise would be to do a system restore or scan your computer for any malware. If CCleaner's Registry cleaner seems a bit too "strong" you can use an older version of CCleaner which is v.3.03.1366 still available for download here: http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/ It has a less aggressive Registry cleaner that does not usually pick up the entries with the "OpenWithList" description.
  14. Nice video. I use both Linux and Windows but there are things in the other that the other one doesn't have. The penguin was funny. I guess the Microsoft nerd guy on the video was Bill Gates.
  15. If Bin Laden has really been killed,and now that the Americans are celebrating, then the Taliban would have one new and very big topic to discuss in indoctrinating and brainwashing their young recruits, some of which become walking bombs.
  16. Ishi

    Ubuntu 11

    Open Menu on the left hand bottom of the screen and just type "firewall" on the search box. I have not really used this but go ahead and try. And oh, you can just put Ubuntu or Mint on an RW CD rather than an expensive DVD, saves you money. Or on a USB using Universal USB Installer. It gives you the option to make a "Persistent" file that saves your changes,data and user preferences that were made on your Linux that is installed on a USB. It works with Ubuntu and Mint as well as many other Linux and even non Linux distros. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/ The thing I really love about Mint 9 is that its more user friendly than Ubuntu in terms of the UI and that search function under Menu is quite nice and Ubuntu doesn't have that. Plus on Mint I have the option to not show mounted partitions on the Desktop which is quite a bugger. To all Linux users, you should definitely install Wine that enables you to install Windows compatible programs on Linux.
  17. I think the Americans should tighten up their security rather than celebrate. They should be very cautious of the Taliban revenge.
  18. Ishi

    Beyond belief.

    I'm a much newer member here and I've never spoken to Capman, I know almost nothing about the earlier history of this forum and it may look like I'm not even worthy to post on this thread but I think this is still possibly the friendliest forum I've been on even so I have trouble accessing this forum nowadays so you don't see me here quite often anymore. I've only joined a few forums but there was one forum that a lot of diehard members have actually been given a moderator sort of badge but I felt these guys were arrogant on times and they seem to have made an exclusive club that unless you are one of the revered insiders its easy for them to have you berated on discussions. There was also a lot of discussions there that I had lots of heated arguments and now I don't visit there anymore cause I'm too lazy and I didn't like the atmosphere in there anymore. Thankfully that was not the case in here. The mods on this forum are no perfect to me, I mean nobody is but when I was active here, I felt they have done their job pretty well because not only do they "moderate" the forums but they add up topics here in The Lounge to stir up some excitement as well and maybe that gives us a clue to their interests in real life. Whatever furious arguments have gone up in the past, its over. Though arguments still happen occasionally, its a different story now. I felt that a lot of us have moved on.
  19. Ishi

    Ubuntu 11

    I tried this Ubuntu 11.04 and its not the best for me. I'm not a big fan of Ubuntu and I'd rather stick with Linux Mint 9 cause its easier for me to use. Even this latest version of Ubuntu just lacks the GUI features that I got myself accustomed with on Linux Mint.
  20. As long as you would somehow interact with files with .amr and .dct formats, they will keep reappearing on when you scan for Registry issues on CCleaner. Relax, those issues won't do any harm in your computer as far as I'm concerned to just add them to the Exclude list. so the next time you see them detected as a Registry issue, just right-click them and choose Add To Exclude List. I experience the very same thing with my .themepack files. CCleaner has been able to mark those as issues in the last 3 versions since its Registry cleaner got more aggressive in the last 3 versions. Good luck.
  21. Ishi

    Ubuntu 11

    I use Linux Mint 9 but I once tried Ubuntu 9 and then Ubuntu 10 on a USB flash drive. Its amazing how time flies nowadays. And I am really excited about this new development.
  22. Ishi

    Ubuntu 11

    Last night, I suddenly had the mood to look for the best Linux distros and when I visited the Ubuntu website, it says they will release Ubuntu 11.04 on the 28th of April which is today. I didn't expect that so today I am waiting for it, I'm not going for the beta cause its too late for that anyway. They may just be on a different time zone so although its already 10:28 AM of April 28th on the place where I live, they are still not releasing it but I'm waiting. It would be interesting to see. I assume guys like Tasgandy whose a Ubuntu fan would be interested. Ubuntu Website
  23. To me, the reason why CCleaner is out of place among the other Piriform products is that because its the most renowned and well known of them all in fact, its perhaps the most famous utility app out there for free and its popularity is even greater than any of the other Piriform products combined. Its the most popular product of Pirform (with 600 million downloads) and a lot of people you know about CCleaner are not even familiar with the other Piriform products. CCleaner is great and we love it so much and many of us joined this forum because of something that has to do with CCleaner.
  24. Is there an easier way to install this on a CD?? I use Universal USB Installer to embed my Linuxes on my USB flashdrives but it requires me maybe 700 MB to actually put this SliTaz on the USB.
  25. Well, I use another Registry cleaner and it seems to detect recent items history references of deleted MS Word Documents even if I have ran CCleaner to delete junk files before doing a Registry scan. I use Office 2007.
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