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  1. Thanks for the tip. I am now able to update my Winapp32 file and trim it with the Winapp2ool. Now CCleaner, Custom Clean section loads much faster. I wish I had known this much earlier. Thanks again.
  2. I am using the newest version of CCleaner now. I have not been that familiar with the newest features of CCleaner. One of them was this Health Check option and when I click the "skip to start health check", CCleaner seem to hang for a minute or two before asking me to close my browser to start health check. Is this normal? Its normal for me however for CCleaner to load for maybe 3 minutes on the Custom Clean area since I am using a Winapp32 file and CCleaner seems to take time populating the cleaning options and this is an old low-spec netbook. I have been away from this forum for a while
  3. Is there an easier way to install this on a CD?? I use Universal USB Installer to embed my Linuxes on my USB flashdrives but it requires me maybe 700 MB to actually put this SliTaz on the USB.
  4. Even if this "exabyte" exists, according to Wikipedia 1 exabyte is equals to 1 billion gigabyte and now make that 11 billion gigabytes, I don't think that a drive for a PC even has one tenth of that capacity exists today. In fact, Mozilla's dictionary doesn't even recognize this word since its rare. If you add up the sum of MBs of the deleted items there below, its impossible they would reach to that number. Thanks for the info DennisD. If this did happen, it could be a bug.
  5. You obviously faked it. Looking at the list of deleted items, they could not possible add up to the number of "exabytes" you said were cleaned. It seems impossible and very unlikely for a PC to have even one thousand terabytes and you know that the word "exabytes" doesn't even exist. I think you better post it here in this thread instead. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=26749
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