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  1. Bruce, I think you would be wise to edit your above post and REMOVE your personal email address. You're asking for trouble from spammers, et al, posting it. Did you solicit help from the web sites suggested by hazelnut? To attach files (assuming they reside on your system): Click Browse in the Attach Files section (at the bottom of the message screen) > locate and select the file (such as a .jpg) you wish to attach from your computer > click Attach This File (below the Browse button). Chris
  2. This appears to be the first visible release under the new owners - Invincea. http://www.sandboxie.com/index.php?DownloadSandboxie I'm still stuck on versions 3.7X because version 4 breaks too many things on my XP and Win7 machines.
  3. tzuk posted this morning that in about 6 weeks he will be departing Sandboxie. Sorry to see this happen. He was tempermental at times in some of his posts, but he was very devoted to his product and constantly kept it updated. I've been using Sandboxie for several years now not only for browsing protection, but also to test new software. For those of us here who are Sandboxie users, we'll have to see how this plays out with Invincia. If they continue to support Sandboxie as we know it, then that will be good. If not, then I'll probably be picking your brains regarding alternatives...like Virtualbox? Edit: Darn it hazelnut!! There you go again...beating me to the punch!
  4. Yeah...just saw this myself over at the Sandboxie forum. Then came over here to let you guys know about it, but hazelnut beat me to the punch. I copied this from the Invincia article: "Sandboxie fans have no need to be concerned by its new ownership. You’ve been running under the Invincea umbrella for some time now..." I dunno. Maybe it's just been my own bad fortune, but seldom have I had an experience where a "new ownership" situation turns out to be better.
  5. cc1

    Sandboxie update

    Hopefully I'm not repeating a post that has already been made here. In any event, fyi for Sandboxie users, tzuk just released version 4.06. http://www.sandboxie...wnloadSandboxie
  6. I just saw that announcement on Sandboxie's web site. I always thought the lifetime license that was good for all computers owned by the license holder was extremely generous and unique given the quality of this product and tzuk's commitment to it. So I guess I can understand the need to down-scale it now to an annual license only. Glad the changes apply only on a going-forward basis and the current liifetime license holders (like me) are unaffected. And the free version is still quite a bargain!
  7. cc1

    Sandboxie 4.02

    Thanks hazelnut. This new version is a major redesign of Sandboxie's architecture. tzuk usually does a great job, but out of an abundance of caution I'm going to wait a few days and monitor their forum to see how 4.02 is working before I install it. For those of you here at Piriform that use Sandboxie and have installed 4.02, I'm curious to find out how it's working for you.
  8. For us Sandboxie users, looks like tzuk is making major changes to it's architecture. http://www.sandboxie.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=14454
  9. Thanks hazelnut. Here's an explanation of the security issue that tzuk apparently has fixed. http://www.sandboxie.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?p=85905#85905 Pretty much greek to me.
  10. Actually, I like FoxNews and think it's more reliable, fair, and objective than most. Of course, that opinion has nothing to do with the original topic, but since others in this thread opened that door about FoxNews with their comments, I thought it okay to walk through that same door with my opinion.
  11. Remember this thread on election day.
  12. cc1

    Sandboxie 3.66

    Hi everyone. For the Sandboxie users here, it looks like version 3.66 has just been released. http://www.sandboxie.com/index.php?DownloadSandboxie
  13. I tried MSE on a friend's old laptop that I reformatted and it bogged it down. With Panda Cloud, the laptop was much snappier.
  14. Sorry for going briefly off-topic. Andavari, I seem to recall seeing a post from you a few months ago (?) stating you were trying out Panda AV Cloud Free. Did you decide you didn't like it? I've been pretty pleased with it thus far.
  15. Thought I'd put closure on this thread by posting that it looks like I had a happy ending. The graphics adapter that I bought from ebay (allegedly brand new) works just fine. I plugged it in and let Windows find the driver. It's been running now for several days; I've had no blank-outs or freezes. Very stable. For $19.20, not a bad deal. Once again, thanks to all for your suggestions and comments. They helped.
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