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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, me1900. I just think that additional abilities like those should be included with CCleaner for the use of intermediate to advanced users.
  2. The less orphaned/useless things left in my machine, the less I have to worry about. Features like this would be useful to those of us who connect a lot of removable stuff into our machines.
  3. Makes a valid point though but I for one have installed the portable CCleaner on some machines like regular installers. Few even bother to use this technique though. I just extracted the CCleaner.exe and the portable.dat to a folder I created called "CCleaner" inside the C:/Program Files directory and made a shortcut of the CCleaner.exe to the Desktop, the Start Menu or pin to the Taskbar and it behaves like the normal build. Plus it somewhat has much less stuff to leave inside the computer. I do not use this technique if a non-portable version of CCleaner is already installed on that computer. I usually do this on computers that I install CCleaner for the first time. I have no problem with those options being on the portable build as long as they are disabled by default. My side suggestion however would be to add a label that tells us that its a portable build.
  4. Yeah, I feel there is a need to get rid of orphaned removable device drivers and the Registry keys related to those. And maybe even a removal tool for orphaned drivers of disconnected Bluetooth devices. Thanks for the welcome, Dennis.
  5. I usually back up the Registry keys when a lot of them have been found by CCleaner for the first time, usually on new machines with a lot of bloatware.
  6. I saw on some website about a portable application that deletes Registry keys left by USB drives just now and I'm aware of driver cleaners so it would have been better if CCleaner had these two additional features though Thanks for the suggestion though.
  7. Hello, long time been away from this forum, by the way. I would like to suggest an added feature under the "Tools" section about a driver cleaner for USB drives. I use a netbook at work and its very common for people to plug their USB flashdrives into my netbook and from time to time, I may have to get rid off those removable device drivers and have their Registry keys taken away to remove leftover traces as well. Would be a nice tool for intermediate to advanced users though that's why it should be on the Tools section and have warning messages by default. Thanks.
  8. Well there online radio sites that have some trouble like those that want you to have Windows Media Player 11 but I'm using 12. What I did was after listening to online radio from the Internet browser, let say IE, I would dig its cache folder and look for .asx (playlist) files, copy those to the folder where I keep my MP3s. If I open those .asx files they actually launch the online radio stations straight from Windows Media Player 12 without the hassle of opening a browser.
  9. CCleaner's registry cleaner is however a light registry cleaner which is somewhat safe enough for inexperienced users. Powerful regitry cleaners can detect all or most of those items but not safe enough for inexperienced users. My suggestion would be that they should also improve the uninstalling tool much like Revo so it gets rid off more leftover bits of programs or registry items related to those apps that are removed.
  10. Yes, I have seen this problem myself and it is indeed because of the leftover registry entries left by these unnstalled programs that makes CCleaner think these programs are still installed. CCleaner has a Registry cleaner tool which you can use to detect and remove Registry items related to these apps are were uninstalled so that they would no longer appear on the "Applications" section.
  11. I hate it when a design change just rips off some important features. On Facebook, I hate it when the friends name above the chat tab is no longer clickable and I hate the way that you see a random list of friends (showing both online and offline friends) on the chat panel at the bottom right when you can only see online friends there on the ealier Facebook layout. The only bad thing I disliked on the new Youtube layout is that the link titles of the related videoes at the right side are now shown with black text when it used to be blue or violet if that link has been opened before. Now I can't see which is blue or violet unless hover my mouse over them. It got somehow inconvinient.
  12. That's a bit complex. Well, I think the correct way is to delete any junk or used files BEFORE defragmenting because that would result to less files that needed to be defraged and it further improves performance and effciency. Not all people have huge capacities so I guess we need more people to learn to keep things clean. I have read somewhere that too much defragging can be bad for the hard disk espcially on sollid state drives. I only advise it once every 2 weeks after a through disk cleanup.
  13. I have an old computer that has only 1GB RAM in it. I have a Linux installed there and this is looking like an interesting article. Thanks for the info.
  14. Perhaps, you can try enabling the built-in Administrator account on Windows 7. Log on to that built- in Administrator account and use that to rescue your files from the C:\Users\Donna\Documents directory. To unlock the this built-in Admin account, open the Run command on the Start Menu. You may also type Run on the search bar in case its not there. On the Run command, type lusrmgr.msc, press ENTER. There you see a Users folder, open it and when you see the Administrator account, right click it, then Properties and uncheck the option that says "Account is disabled". Click OK. Log off then you can now see the built-in Administrator account. Other things I would consider doing would be to: 1. Do a thorough malware scan. 2. Type cmd on the Run command to open the Command Prompt. Once there, type sfc /scannow, then press ENTER. You'll have to be a little patient with this. 3. Use a Linux bootable USB flashdrive to open a Linux into your machine and use that to save any files, then copy them to a portable drive. 4. If all hope fails, sadly, you may need to reinstall.
  15. Yes, I use Revo Uninstaller too. Its a powerful uninstall utility. Not only does it remove many of the program's remnants in the Registry but it also has the ability to take care of remnant files and folders that the program leaves behind. Most of us only use its free version though.
  16. What did you use to uninstall this Quick Media Converter again? You used the Add/Remove Programs option on the Control Panel? Why don't you try uninstalling Quick Media Converter with its own uninstaller. You might just find it if you look at Quick Media Converter's Start Menu folder. It may have an option there that says something like "Uninstall Quick Media Converter". Try using that to remove the program and see if it leaves as much in the Registry. CCleaner also has an uninstaller tool but I guess that only takes use of the program's own uninstaller. The Registry cleaner of CCleaner is also a "light" Registry cleaner so it doesn't burrow that much deep into the Registry, finding obsolete entries but that in turn reduces the risk of deleting potentially needed keys in the Registry. What CCleaner version were you using?
  17. When you opened System Restore, are you sure you showed up "show more restore points" in there? It should show more available restore points.
  18. Yeah Google Chrome seems very snappy and it would install quite fast as well. Feels neater than IE or Firefox to me.
  19. Perhaps you should look into this topic on this thread right here about a recent rebuild of the latest version of CCleaner having problems with the Recycle bin. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=34004
  20. Are you sure this only happens when you use CCleaner? Perhaps you can do a malware scan or if this really happens only after you use CCleaner, maybe you could downgrade to an earlier version of CCleaner and see if the problem persists. You can download earlier versions of CCleaner from this site: http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/
  21. 512 RAM and 50 GB's of memory? That laptop is pretty much old and outdated and that's why I suspect you had trouble finding drivers for that. The laptop has XP isnt it? In the case of using Windows 7, if you want to look for driver updates, going to the "optional" section of Windows Update gives you a pretty good chance to see and download available drivers for your hardware but on Windows XP, I'm not too sure. I would also suggest that you install the free version of a program called Cleanmem. It supposedly cleans your memory every 30 minutes by default which is great if you are running on a machine with low RAM. Check this out: http://www.pcwintech.com/cleanmem A discussion on this forum was even made about that program: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=28918
  22. Ishi

    CCleaner Wish List

    Removing the Wipe Free Space cleaning option under Advanced cleaning categories was already suggested and I agree it should not be in there. I remember one guy saying that Wipe Free Space should be under the "Tools" section cause its more suitable in there.
  23. In theory that is what I'll try to do as well. Its not a guarantee and I'm not sure if that will work but maybe worth a try in my view.
  24. Did this happen just as you used CCleaner? Or do you think other things might have caused them to disappear? I just don't like the way the Metro works right now.
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