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  1. Hi Dennis Yes the files in question are older than 14 days. Some of these files relate to programs that I haven't used for months? As I mentioned in my "1st post" CCleaner has never had any problems deleting old prefetch data files I'm wondering why it cant remove them now? Maybe Windows has decided to rebuild it's prefetch data list' and is not allowing it's list to be cleaned? Could all this have something to do with a Windows update?
  2. Hey guy's Today I noticed that CCleaner wasn't removing (Old Prefetch data) After clicking "Analyze" some prefetch data files were listed & ready to be deleted. After clicking "Run Cleaner" the prefetch files are not in the list anymore, however under "Cleaning Complete" it says>(0 bytes removed) If I click "Analyze" again, the same prefetch files are listed again? and the list of prefetch data files seems to be growing after I use CCleaner? I've never had any problems with cleaning (Old Prefetch data) This problem started for me with version: 2.12 I have the latest version: 2.13 and still have the same problem
  3. Fantastic! Some really great pic's
  4. Done I check for updates daily! for..."SpywareBlaster" and my other security apps' that don't have auto update features enabled.
  5. Cake crumbs? If it's a computer control terminal at a top secret nuclear weapons plant, it might have some "yellow cake" crumbs down between the keys
  6. The only good thing to come out of China is...? recipes for Chinese style food
  7. I'm not about to hit my beautiful wide screen LCD monitor , however I do get a little frustrated with the Image-Shack slowness also.
  8. Hey razz Good luck with...? whatever you decide to call it.
  9. October Desktops?... well wouldn't I need to post in "October Desktops" first Now I need to go and find a really good wallpaper
  10. Well after trying a few different settings, this is what works for me. Firefox3> Tools> Options> Privacy-Tab On the Security-Tab> (Remember passwords for sites) Enabled. I don't seem to need "CCleaner" to keep any cookies EDIT: On the (Exceptions - Cookies) list I have 3 sites listed as (Always Allow), I removed them from the list and don't seem to need them listed. Also I changed Cookies> (Keep until they expire) to Cookies> (Keep until I close Firefox)
  11. Hey Anthony I think I've got it working I mentioned in my last post Thanks for all the help
  12. Ok I can Log Out of Piriform and then be automatically logged in again as long as I close Firefox before trying to return to Piriform. If I Log Out and go to say... my home page' and then return to Piriform without closing Firefox, I need to log back in again. EDIT: I didn't have Password> Remember Passwords checked in Firefox. I'm still working... trying to sort this out LOL
  13. Ok Anthony I followed your instructions and I don't need to Log In to "Piriform Forums" even after closing Firefox as long as I don't Log Out of Piriform. Is that the way it works?... don't log out? If I do Log Out of Piriform... I still need to Log In again when I return. Now the big test Seeing if I can do all this Sandboxed?
  14. 2Wire ADSL Gateway Modem Router> "hardware firewall". Windows XP> "software firewall".
  15. Hey Anthony Thanks for all the info , I was thinking along those lines, but I wasn't 100% sure. I just needed some backup info..."guidance" Thanks again
  16. Hi MrShuster'sGirlfriend I'm also a member of deviantART
  17. Hey Anthony , I don't have passwords set to yes (save) I have all settings set to [yes] for> (Always clear my private data when I close Firefox) I need to know how to adjust my settings in "Firefox" to allow "cookies" & whatever is needed... so as I don't need to manually enter my user-name & password for "Piriform Forums" and other sites that I trust. I realize that CCleaner is going to have an impact' with regards to what it will clean when it is run... so I also need to know how to configure CCleaner as well Sorry' but I'm a bit confused and worried about making changes with the settings... dose keeping "history" come into this equation? I'm no expert , and as always' any helpful replies and advice is greatly appreciated.
  18. OK help needed I'm using Firefox 3 and would appreciate some guidance with "settings" for Firefox. Below are the current settings I have. Tools> Options> Privacy> Private Data> [YES]> Always clear my private data when I close Firefox Settings> [YES] Browsing History [YES] Download History [YES] Saved Form and Search History [YES] Cache [YES] Cookies [YES] Offline Website Data [YES] Saved Passwords [YES] Authenticated Sessions
  19. Hi guys When I Log In to say> "Pirifom Forums" I always enter my (user-name & password) manually. I herd that you could "copy & past" user-names & passwords into the required boxes from a notepad text file? would this be safe to do?
  20. Hi Anthony So what is the normal way to update "Flash Player" or "Shockwave Player"? Do you or should you use the official Uninstallers? and If you do is that enough? or do you have to find what (files-folders) have been left behind and remove them? Is it really necessary to uninstall Flash Player & Shockwave Player? Can't the newer updated versions just be Installed over your current versions?
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