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  1. Hi guys:) Just wondering if anyones having problems with Windows Vista's "DEP" (data execution prevention) not letting FF or even Google Chrome start while Sandboxed? This is driving me nuts! I've looked on Mozilla's site for help... It dosn't happen all the time... but when it does:( it takes about 3 or 4 goes at getting a browser up and running in sandbox mode. Mozilla's ever popular Thunderbird runs sandboxed with no problems? I don't like to... however I can run FF & Google Chrome un-sandboxed. Any ideas? Craig:)
  2. Oh yeah! I luv flight sims:)
  3. G07 17:) n1c3 0n3 h4z3l:)
  4. If you like the old stuff & have an iPod or iPhone, try "Tunein Radio app" & tune into "Pumkin FM" for classic comedy, music, and old radio show recordings
  5. I've got some NiMH batteries the same size and voltage but larger mAh so I guess they wouldn't charge in the solar light?
  6. Hi guy's Just wondering if anyone can remember these? I have a solar powered garden light that uses these batteries & after letting them charge for the said amount of time... they only lasted half an hour' not 8 hours as claimed. I'm thinking that the first charge is the most important to ensure the batteries accept full charges in the future. Anyway I know someone here will have info:) Craig
  7. That cat is Hugh! and it look's and sound's like it's stressing out about something?
  8. Every update is just another flash in the pan I just checked for an update for FF 22/9/11 9:40 AM Australian EST and no update available. Shockwave Flash > is reported as being up to date.
  9. If the first beer can signal booster doesn't work as expected... you just keep drinking beer to gain more empty beer cans so as more prototypes of beer can signal boosters can be made When you run out of beer... you know that you gave it your best shot! even if the signal is no better!
  10. Maybe English is not his/her mother language? Welcome to the forums 4 LOVE
  11. I guess I should spend more time playing ArmA 2, COD BlackOps etc... just to help scientists find curers for other viruses, diseases
  12. "Don't put anything in your ear that's bigger than your elbow."
  13. Gee Hazel I've got a HP printer prinetr! and yes I agree!
  14. Hi Richard I'm not looking for extra speed etc... I only use this external drive for back-ups, so I won't bother defragging:)
  15. Just wondering if I should De-frag my external hard drive before doing a back-up? I only use it for back-up once a month. Craig:)
  16. Hi Dennis:) I still drop by on a regular basis, but I don't always log in Haven't or don't have as much free time these days unfortunately:(
  17. Hi Dennis:) You do have 1 or 2 extensions there:)
  18. Well hazel I don't like FF just for the "extensions" I use it and like it mainly for it's simplicity... for want of a better word:) You can go crazy and customize FF with all sorts of Add-ons, or just keep it simple with function & security in mind:) Oh and I always launch any browser sandboxed with Sandboxie:)
  19. I"m currently using FF 6.0.2 with a few essential add-ons like NoScript & Adblock plus. Been using FF for years:)
  20. Thanks Andavari I think I'll just use my desktop pc for making any post's. My touch screen tablet is fine for reading post's, just a bit fiddly to use when it comes to typing.
  21. Sorry hazel I'll be more careful wlth my dots err... period ends Back on topic. When you stop and think about it... we are very lucky to have such choices... Opera, IE, Goo-chrome, FF and so on
  22. It does on my Vista system, however I have noticed double listings of some programs in the Msconfig list? If ever I disable any startup program I do it with CCleaner and then check Msconfig just to make sure it's disabled there as well:)
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