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  1. No Dennis it was just a plain ordinary car The race track at Mt Panorama is a public road most of the time. A few times a year it's closed and used as a race circuit.
  2. I've recently started using Firefox3 and I luv it! , I have a few add-on's and "WOT" is one that I use as an early warning guide. Sure anyone using WOT can add a "rating" for any website & leave a comment , do you believe every thing that you read?
  3. Hi Kenny If "Windows Automatic Updates" is on will these... shouldn't these "updates" when they become available, just download & install?... with maybe a prompt to restart Windows?
  4. Hey Dennis , not exactly... I haven't been to see the race at Bathurst, however I have driven around the Mt Panorama circuit. I've been to watch them> (V8 Supercars) at "Winton Motor Raceway" a few times, I live about 10km from Winton
  5. Hi Dennis I hope I didn't cause to many headaches , here is a screen-shot showing what I have' compared to your list. I Installed "Adobe Shockwave Player" twice , once while using Firefox' and then again using IE7, I hope I haven't created any problems by doing that? I'm sure that others like myself will gain knowledge and find all this info helpful. Thanks Dennis for doing all the research
  6. Hi Andervari Bathurst is the "BIG" race for us here in Australia It's a 1000 kilometer endurance race' that usually turns into a flat out sprint race I know that Dennis is a fan of the V8's, and I'm happy to see that you like em too
  7. Well I know there are a few motor racing SPEED freaks out there Hey Dennis Bathurst is on again! and the V8's are hitting the mountain.... "MT Panorama" this weekend! You can check it out at:V8 SUPER CARS AUTRALIA
  8. Hi Dennis Now I'm more confused. In the CCleaner> Uninstall Programs list I have: #Adobe Flash Player ActiveX...............for> IE7? #Adobe Flash Player Plugin..................for> Firefox? #Adobe Shockwave Player 11..............for> Firefox? ------------------------------------------------------------------- In the Firefox> Add-ons> Plugins list I have: #Shockwave Flash 9.0r124 #Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version 11.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------- In the IE7> Tools> Internet Options> Programs> Manage Add-ons list I have: #Shockwave ActiveX Control #Shockwave Flash Object Are the "blue highlighted" entries the same things? & are the "pink highlighted" entries the same things? Dose all this look right? As far as I can tell by looking at the list in CCleaner...IE7 only has Adobe Flash Player ActiveX? Do I need to get Adobe Shockwave Player for IE7? because at Test Adobe Shockwave and Flash: while using Firefox or IE7 the test results for Adobe Shockwave Player & Adobe Flash Player are OK?...Installation Complete. How do I know If I already have Adobe Shockwave Player for IE7? How do I check for updates etc?...do I need to? Sorry to throw so many questions at you Dennis Edit> update: After using the Uninstallers, I reinstalled Adobe Flash Player & Adobe Shockwave Player for Firefox 1st and then IE7. It doesn't seem to have made any difference
  9. Hi Humpty I used the link you supplied for the Image Test & every thing works It must just be those 3 CNN-CNET sites! because I have no problems with CNET.com.au & CNN.com-Breaking News U.S. these sites work fine
  10. Hi Dennis I have JavaScript on (enabled) in Firefox3 & IE7... but I'm still having problems When I'm at for example CNET VIDEOS site and I mouse over a link> (NEWS VIDEOS) a message in the status bar say's> java script:Viod(0) There is also a link to install/upgrade> "Adobe Flash Player version" well I already have it I've noticed that I'm allso having the same problems at the CNET FREE SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS site as well' and clicking the (Reload) button doesn't help either.
  11. For the last few days' 2 cnet sites wont display properly in Firefox or IE7 Tech product reviews Videos I was wondering if it was just me having these problems?
  12. craigathus

    A funny site

    Hi 1984 The (ONN) Onion News Network I luv it!
  13. craigathus


    Hey YoKenny thanks That's the way I have the 2 lines connected also, and I've still got Internet connection. As I mentioned the owners manual doesn't say... so that threw some doubt in my mind And as always! I can still hear my darling wife saying (read the instructions!)
  14. craigathus


    Hey all I'm using an "Uninterpretable Power Supply" and it has RJ11 (Modem-ADSL) protection connectors. OK some dumb questions # Is the IN connection for the phone line to connect to? # Is the OUT connection for the modem to connect to? I'm asking because the users manual doesn't say Thanks in advance
  15. Hi cee cee In Australia not to far from where I am "North East Victoria" we get snow in winter.
  16. Hi Hazel I know exactly! what you mean (HP printers & updates!) , I've been down that road!
  17. Hi guy's Just wondering what most people do with left over downloaded> (****.exe) files? After they have been used to install the program I usually put them in the installed programs main folder.
  18. Who Ya Gonna Call?...um ghost busters?
  19. Firefox 3.0.1 updated to 3.0.2 no problems so far Add-ons> "Fire.fm" & "Cooliris" are still working with 3.0.2
  20. Thanks for the PM Hazel , and I will keep an eye on things I started checking the startup programs list mainly because I installed some software for a "HP-Printer" and was just checking and making sure that HP-auto update software wasn't enabled. While there at the startup list' I decided to do some home work and find out more about the other listed entries That's when I stumbled upon VTTrayp.exe
  21. Hi Hazel Yes I have disabled it, and I'm not having any problems that I'm aware of I thought about a hjt log, but I didn't want to wast anyone's time since avast! & SUPERAntiSpyware found nothing.
  22. Hey all In my startup list I have> (VTTrayp.exe) "Bleeping Computers" says it's a "IRCBOT" and says the other similar listing> (VTtrayp.exe) is part of "S3 Graphics Controllers" If I search for this file "spelling" either way' I get the same results? S3 VTTrayp.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32 S3 VTTRAYP.EXE C:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\DRIVERS\VIDEO\P4M800 I did thorough scans with avast! & SUPERAntiSpyware, and my PC comes up clean. Is this some sort of false positive? do I have a problem? Date created 29/03/2006 for both files is the date I got this PC. All helpfull replies apreciated
  23. craigathus

    avast! 4.8

    Thanks guys I'll terminate the 3 modules that I mentioned. I have no need or reason to use any software apps that those modules provide protection for. Craig
  24. craigathus

    avast! 4.8

    OK before I start playing around with any settings , I thought I better ask 1st Provider> Instant Messaging...I don't use any IM program. 2nd Provider> Outlook/Exchange...I don't think I have it? It's not Outlook Express is it? 3rd Provider> P2P...I dont use any such program. Well my question is' can I simply click the (Terminate) button for each of these provider modules under provider actions? Craig
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