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    So what's the go with DuckDuckgo? Should I add the 1st (DuckDuckgo) or (DuckDuckgo SSL) to my search engine list?
  2. craigathus


    ROCK ON! You can't beat live music! Welcome back ishan.
  3. Thanks hazel:) I'm using my wife's pc at the moment and now it looks like I'll be spending 1/2 the day getting updates for it....LOL not just Adobe Reader.
  4. Hi Andervari:) Yes I made that post with my tablet pc and as I mentioned in my post above it has limited capabilities:) Sorry about that stray dot LOL
  5. Well I learned something new today:) thanks Corona. I also learned that my little tablet pc has limited capabilities when making and trying to edit posts here at Piriform' I can't make a post with a "quote" I think it uses an "opera" based browser, and as for an operating system... I have no idea?
  6. Internet Explorer... no thanks! I use Firefox:) Windows' any version will when needed launch "use" IE under cover in the background. After running ccleaner you can see that some IE files have been deleted even though IE hasn't been used by the user .
  7. My post above was made while on my desktop pc with a 22 inch screen... very bright! However now I'm using my tablet pc and the white pages "background" work very well:)
  8. It just wouldn't be the same without "G gle & Yah " sitting quietly in the corner.
  9. Hi Dennis & hazel:) It's all working now:)
  10. Hi guys:) Anyone having problems with avast free? Automatic update cant update virus definitions or program version at the moment. I tried to manually update from their site... I keep getting> "403 - Forbidden"
  11. Oh man! You can keep that job!
  12. I think I asked this same question many many moons ago http://forum.pirifor...showtopic=11215 thanks JD
  13. Yes Google maps I also spend heaps of time... flying over, zooming in, and finally dropping down to street view
  14. I luv the new look The white background could do with some softening... shading maybe otherwise a great improvement!
  15. Hi hazel Work seems to take up most of my time these days...
  16. Hi all Nice video hazel. I remember spending many hours building things out of Lego:)
  17. That dog's got some serious reality issues
  18. craigathus


    Hey guy's I've been using Vista for about 6 months now and initially it did take some getting used too. Vista's search function is not as straight-ford "easy to use" as XP's in my opinion.
  19. Yeah nice Hazel I luv PDF manuals Especially after buying a new Canon camera and not being able to read the supplied manual without a magnifying glass I've known about http://safemanuals.com/ for a while now
  20. Hi Hazel Do you mean "Dial-a-fix" doesn't work with Vista? Also "cc1" I checked my "Windows Update" settings and found that Install updates automatically (recommended) was checked. I'm guessing that means "important updates" are going to be downloaded & installed without any notification to the user? Then there are the updates that need Windows to be "restarted" so Windows needs to let the user know whats going on In the case of "IE8" as an "update" I'm assuming that Windows was kind enough to let me know that it had only downloaded "IE8" and that it was ready to be installed Long live Firefox Craig
  21. Hey guys I think I might be having a similar problem. I have Windows Defender set to do a scan once a week at 6.00PM every Sunday... it doesn't happen. Windows Defender tray icon appears with an exclamation mark... Windows Defender reports that the last scan was ten days ago...bla bla bla, so when that happens I click scan now and every thing is OK again. Is CCleaner upsetting Windows Defender "scheduled" scan's by removing the scan log history? If I uncheck the cleaning option for Windows Defender in CCleaner, will scheduled scans run normally? Craig
  22. Hi cc1 I have no problems with IE8 on Vista SP2, though it only gets used when I visit "Windows Update" site You have to have some version of "Internet Explorer" it's part of Windows I also kept ignoring the "Update to IE8"...bla bla bla mainly because I use Firefox. Then one day Windows informed me that IE8 was downloaded and ready to be installed...etc Out of curiosity I let Windows go ahead with the install. My preferred browser is still "Firefox" I just don't like the weird IE8 layout! I also run my browsers sandboxed!
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