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  1. I knew someone would point me in the right direction , thanks YoKenny.
  2. Hi hotdoge3 Thanks for the reply. I don't have a dial-up connection, I have ADSL broadband. I changed (Check for newer versions of stored pages) from "Never" to "Every time I visit a webpage" and things seem to be back to normal. I'm still not sure if my "log Out" problem was anything to do with these settings or not?
  3. Hi guy's The other day I was mucking around with "Toolbars" options for the "Taskbar" and selected (Language bar), after deciding that I didn't want it' I unchecked it to remove it... however every time my computer is started or restarted the (Language bar) is back! How can I stop this? I'm using Windows XP SP2.
  4. Thanks for the link mfenech , however I don't have any need to do that. I have been told that when I get my new replacement modem, I will have to run the ISP install CD that they will send with it. I'm just hoping that it's a straightforward procedure with no hiccups.
  5. craigathus


    Hi Jeoff Is this the first time you have tried to acquire images from that camera? I had a Kodak camera and also had problems with their software! Try uninstalling the software and then reinstalling, that worked for me.
  6. Thanks for the helpful info guys This modem is being replaced with a new one by my ISP because of a faulty on-off power switch. So when I get my replacement modem I'll investigate the firewall features and options that are available.
  7. craigathus

    USB ports

    Hi Canary I've had a similar experience with my camera. If I connect it to the USB port that I used the very first time, I have no problems. If I use a different port' Windows or the cameras image acquisition software doesn't seem to detect the camera
  8. I have a Siemens 4200 SpeedStream ADSL Modem that seems to have a hardware firewall? If I connect to the modems website & login, I have access to a setup page with options including (firewall) settings. I'm a bit confused because I thought that only (routers or modem-routers that more than 1 PC could be connected to) had hardware firewalls? Anyway by default the firewall is set to off. If I decide to use it, should I disable windows firewall? or should I just keep both switched on?
  9. That keyboard looks really sick! but the mouse looks healthy
  10. Hi Tony , thanks for the links. I've covered all those basses before, with regards to "Issues" why "System Restore" is not able to roll back to a "Windows" generated restore "Check" point. I have gone step by step trying to make sure every thing is set right , however as I said' I'm no expert and I might be over looking or missing something. This is not the only machine that I've had problems with regarding "System Restore". My old "Windows ME" machine was never able to roll back to a "Windows" generated restore point. On the positive side, I've had no problems rolling back to a manually created "Restore Point".
  11. I have System Restore "disabled" because on more than 1 occasion it has failed me!...could not roll back to a "Windows" created system restore point...whatever! The only time I use it, is If I choose to make a "manual" restore point for some reason. I'm no expert! and this is only my opinion.
  12. No problems here Piriform forums are lightning fast for me
  13. craigathus

    Internet Speed

    Here are my results Speed Test says that I'm 50 Miles away? Wrong! I'm over 100 Miles away "230 Km" from the server that was used for the test. The service that I pay for is: 1500 kb/s download & 256 kb/s upload. I'm in a regional (country area) not in a "city" so taking that into consideration, I guess it's not a bad result.
  14. craigathus


    Hi all Recently I've been unable to "log Out" of (Piriform Forums) & (DeviantART) I think this all started after I changed the setting in IE7 (Check for newer versions of stored pages) to "Never" and I was wondering If this has caused the problem? I cant remember If the default setting is (Check for newer versions of stored pages) "Automatically"? or "Every time I visit the webpage" ? Am I on the right track? or am I barking up the wrong tree? regarding the setting that I changed. I wasn't sure about posting this topic here in "Windows Security" , I was thinking along the lines that IE7 is Microsoft's browser & part of Windows... Thanks in advance
  15. That sounds really painful! There are two things in life that are a guarantied certainty #Death & #Taxes
  16. Hi Andavari Once again thanks for the info. Your help is always greatly appreciated.
  17. Good for you 1984 , I'd love to go and buy a new PC.
  18. Is a clean install the best way to go? Not just with this program, but others as well?
  19. Hi Andavari I currently have version 1.5 installed, would it be wise to uninstall 1.5 and do a clean install of 1.6? or will the newer version just install over 1.5?
  20. To work offline I right click on the local area connection icon and select (disable), so every thing should be OK
  21. Password Meter site offers a download package. Would it be safer to download and check my "real" password with Password Meter while offline?
  22. craigathus


    I use Sandboxie and luv it It's not only great to sandbox your browser, you can also launch "multi-player" games sandboxed before connecting to an INTERNET game server. You need to configure your game controls & options etc before launching a game sandboxed, or the settings wont "stick". After disconnecting and quiting the game, the original game settings will still be in place.
  23. craigathus

    Get Smart

    I couldn't agree more Dennis , Get Smart was and still is one of my all time favorite TV shows
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