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  1. Hey razz I was using Sandboxie (free version) with IE7 & Outlook Express for months, and I wouldn't launch IE7 without it! I'm now using it with Firefox & Thunderbird
  2. Hi Dennis I've been tied up with work and other boring stuff I hope to spend more time on the net & here in the future Thanks to all for the replies to my post
  3. Hi humpty Below is my "Firefox Memory Usage" results. Memory cache device Number of entries: 0 Maximum storage size: 18432 KiB Storage in use: 4194303 KiB Inactive storage: 0 KiB How do I read these results? How many (MB of RAM) is being used? Thanks for the info
  4. Hi YoKenny So your suggesting that I use Sandboxie with "Firefox & Thunderbird"?
  5. Hi all I've made "Firefox" my default browser & "Thunderbird" my default e-mail program. When I was using IE7 & Outlook Express, I always ran these apps sandboxed! just to be on the safe side:) Should I bother with Sandboxie when using the Mozilla apps? Do I need to worry about "security" as I did with the Microsoft products? Thanks in advance
  6. I have a Gigabyte "GA-8VM800PMD-775 Motherboard" and seeing the way these things are manufactured was amazing Thanks for the link Humpty
  7. Hey thanks crofty59 I just use the "free" version, and I didn't realize that there was a (program update) feature that is so easy to use:-) Thanks
  8. Hi guys I'm just wondering If I need to update from avast! version (4.8.1201) to (4.8.1229) If avast! version (4.8.1201) has an up to date (virus database) do I really need to update the program? And If I should update to version (4.8.1229) how do I do it? Will the later version just install over the current version? Or do I need to uninstall the version I have? before installing the later version? Will my Registration Key work with the newer version?
  9. I have to disagree! any fool could jump from a helicopter onto a fish! Fishing is a great "sport" that takes some amount of skill, knowledge, and patience Hey Dennis , congrats on your knighthood to (Moderator) status!
  10. Hmm ... my life seems to governed around Murphy's law
  11. craigathus

    Video Card

    Thanks for the link AJ
  12. craigathus

    Video Card

    Thanks for all the help I need an "AGP Bus Type" of video card, that will work with my 300 watt power supply.
  13. craigathus

    Video Card

    Hi guys I'm trying to determine what "type" of video card I have? Is my card a "PCI" or "AGP" card? NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 128 MB Windows Device Manager Reports that the device is working properly. Location: PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0 GA-8VM800PMD-775 Motherboard Expansion Slots: 1 AGP slot & 3 PCI slots My video card is on the "AGP" slot, dose this mean that my video card is a "AGP" type of card? even though it's location is "PCI bus 1" I'm shopping for a new video card... and getting a little bit confused Thanks in advance for any helpful info
  14. Hi davy , about an hour ago I wasn't able to check for "SpywareBlaster" updates & I couldn't get to www.Javacoolsoftware.com I'm glad to see that everythings working again
  15. Hi guys Yesterday SpywareBlaster got an update! Today I checked for "updates" and a message came up saying that connection to the update server could not be made Does anyone know whats going on? www.Javacoolsoftware.com is down also
  16. I'm another happy avast! 4.8 Home Edition user , and the only changes I made were on the... Report file page Selected> Create report file Selected> Overwrite existing Troubleshooting page Selected> Check for full screen applications (e.g. games) before displaying pop ups
  17. Exactly what I have done! Avast 4.8 Home Edition is what I have happily changed over to
  18. Sorry , I stand corrected. Or did "Grisoft" just do another back flip? Remember the deadline for AVG 7.5 Updates was supposed to be May 31, and now it's December 31. I hope every feature that is available in "AVG 8.0 free" stays fully functional for the life of the program for the sake of everyone that decides to install it.
  19. Scary! That picture of the "viper" fish looks almost as scary as my mother in law
  20. Anyone considering AVG "FREE" 8.0 should be aware that you will have no "email" protection after 30 day's unless you purchase the product! http://bangsonpc.blogspot.com/ thanks Hotdoge3 for the original link in your post
  21. Hi YoKenny After finding out more about "AVG Free 8.0"... I have also uninstalled "AVG FREE 7.5" and am pleased to be using "avast! 4.8 Home Edition"
  22. Hi davey No more "Log Out" problems Thanks for the info.
  23. I got that message today, and have had it pop up before. I like AVG (FREE) 7.5, and would like to stay with AVG... but from what I'm reading about version 8.0' well? I guess I have 7 months left to make up my mind about what I do?
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