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  1. Not that you need an other reason to stop using this black hole of a browser but http://lifehacker.com/5111184/security-exp...xplorer-for-now
  2. I found this on another forum. It's a registration to get CA Antivirus for free for one year. I remember reading here that some people really like it. http://home3.ca.com/SubscriptCenter/MSTria...on.aspx?cid=573
  3. I don't follow. You put the image on a CD/DVD or an external HD. The images Macrium makes is only the used disk space not the whole disk and it compresses it. My images are 3 gig on one machine and 5 on another.
  4. Anthony A


    I can see this thread getting locked quickley.
  5. There are also several tutorials on Macrium's site that are very good. http://www.macrium.com/tutorial.asp
  6. Brave? Watch a training video or documentary on training soldiers. There is nothing brave here. They are mindless killers. They look forward to going to war so they can kill with impunity. They also like all the flag waiving fools bowing down to them. Bravery has got nothing to do with it. They are hammers and that comes with a price as these 3 found out. Probably one of the lowest form of scum on the planet is a military recruiter. The similarities between them and pimps is scary. They feed on the lower class. Suck them in, pump them up and use them. This flag waiving war mongering BS mak
  7. How about I just stand over them when they get taken out.
  8. I don't care what degrees they hold. You join the military you check your brains at the door. You follow orders no matter how stupid they may be. You are a hammer nothing more.
  9. I have had enough of this pointless discussion with you. You answer equations you weren't asked and you don't give straight answers to some questions you are asked. You behave like a politician and I don't have time for them either. All I have done is given you a platform to spout your left wing point of view which has nothing to do with the reality of the situation with the car companies. You sound like the guys who head the car unions who have a BS excuse for everything and are completely disconnected with reality. The reality is playing out right in front of you and nothing you say is goi
  10. Well this won't be a popular view point but since when do I care what people think? Our soldiers shouldn't be there in the first place. If you want to put on the uniform and be a mindless government goon than understand that you might get killed. The other side plays for keeps. If our soldiers were there for what I consider good reason than they would have my sympathy but they aren't and don't. I would never lower myslef to being a hammer for the government.
  11. Um what does any of that have to do with what I said. I said the car companies were not very profitable you said they were when the economy was good. None of those stats have anything to do with how profitable the car companies are. So don't know why you posted that. Here is some info for you. Did you know that about 80% of the vehicles manufactured in Canada get shipped to the US? You want to go on a rant about imports and exports and trade barriers. If I am the US tax payer and I'm footing the bill for a bail out. I would demand that the cars being manufactured in Canada be manufact
  12. I have been following the car company situation for over a decade. In fact about 15 years. About the time I got into investing heavily actually. In that entire time the big three were never good companies. They were losing market share the whole time and going in and out of profitability. The Asians were gaining market share at the big three's expense the whole time. This is a fact not my opinion. Nissan ran into some trouble in the nineties got their crap together and became very profitable and well run. The big three just keep diving. Burn to the ground shock and awe? Not what I am abou
  13. I don't know where you get your facts about the big three being "quite profitable at the time". They were losing market share by the boat load and have been for years. They may have been making money but they were not in good shape. If they were they would not be in the shape they are in now. they were barley making it and that's why this bump in the road has killed them. Continue to argue that there is no problem. Things are great. They are in great shape. They will live for ever because they are the best companies that ever existed. I will continue to live in reality and invest accordingly
  14. Doesn't matter which way the guy leans. He could be so far right wing that he is a Nazi doesn't change the facts or stats he was using. Those aren't his opinion. This is the difference between reality and a debate in political science class. Doesn't matter what should be or shouldn't be. Only matters what is. The "is" is that the big three and their union are more hated than the scum on Wall Street. That's not good for their futures. I was totally against the bail out for Wall Street. They let several banks fail and some were taken over so not everybody got bailed out. Many d
  15. This is an interesting article on the the car companies and the unions. Seems the majority of people are against the bail out. Judging by the contempt people have for the big three and the unions their future is not good. No amount of bail out money will make people by your cars. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/sto...PStory/Business
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