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  1. They used to be very helpful and it was a good forum to get help at. When AVG 8 was released things really changed. No doubt the many millions of complaints about AVG 8 has something to do with it. Just imagine if they did a major update of CCleaner and it was a flop like AVG 8 and this forum started to get flooded with a million complaints. I wonder if the mods here might get a little testy
  2. Oh I didn't notice you were still on Windows 98. When you upgrade get a Mac than you won't need an AV Ha Ha
  3. It's mentioned on here often. Do a search there are many threads about it.
  4. Not really. I can't remember the last time my AV blocked anything. It has been years. The entire time I could have gone without one and I would not have been infected. If you use a program like Sandboxie or some other virtualization program you would probably be better protected than you would with an AV. I use an AV because the one I use is very light and doesn't have an impact on performance. If I was forced to decide between Norton or no AV I would choose no AV and run with Sandboxie on full time.
  5. No problem with paying for software but Norton you couldn't pay me to use. AntiVir on most machines and Avast on another. I much prefer AntiVir though.
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