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    My Motorbike Its only Small but great fun, I like a Pint and I do have an interest in Birds of Prey and a bit of led Zeppelin goes down well also.Wished I had paid more attention at School.
  1. Hi everyone just checking I hear there is gonna be a Ccleaner for Android anyone know when this is gonna happen. Cheers Steve
  2. Agreed winapp I use MSSE very underated I have tried most and have settled with MSSE.
  3. Well I think I have tried most free A.V over the years and I think Avira, Avast, AVG, and Panda are all good but I now use Microsoft Security Essentials and its very good had no problems with it at all. Please dont knock it till you have tried it.
  4. I now use Panda Cloud and its great I don't know its there.
  5. I have used both over the last 4 years for me its Avast but at the Moment I am using panda cloud and am very impressed with it so far.
  6. Hi Redhawk I was with Virgin and they will choke your connection especially after 6 at night they did it to me so I left as soon as I could. Sorry I could not be more helpfull but this may confirm your suspicions.
  7. Loving this its like a soap opera I am trying out Panda so far so good its free so why complain.
  8. I have tried Panda Cloud and it just will not work on my pc make sure you set a restore point before downloading cos I had to do a recovery after trying it.
  9. Hi All I am a member of many forums and often chat to many intelligent people and I am noticing more and more that people are not bothering with anti virus and don't seem to be having any problems as long as they are careful which sites they go on are there many in here without antivirus.
  10. I know use Microsoft security essentials and despite what people think about it I have tried them all now and will now stick with it .
  11. Happy new year to all.
  12. I use Paypal and have for a long time without any problems I do not like giving Credit Card information out online or over the phone for that matter.
  13. I would love that updated uprated to todays standards Etype Jag I saw on TG the other day what a Beautiful Car I know it wouldn't be as fast as these supercars but it just looks so nice A real Classic. Does anyone remember these a mint Yamaha fs1e but this one is a bit special it as got a Yamaha YB100cc engine in it usual engine was a 50cc.
  14. I have also just heard that Eddie Stobart who owns one of the biggest Haulage company's in the UK thought Jeremy's comments about lorry drivers was very funny.
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