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    My Motorbike Its only Small but great fun, I like a Pint and I do have an interest in Birds of Prey and a bit of led Zeppelin goes down well also.Wished I had paid more attention at School.
  1. Agreed winapp I use MSSE very underated I have tried most and have settled with MSSE.
  2. Well I think I have tried most free A.V over the years and I think Avira, Avast, AVG, and Panda are all good but I now use Microsoft Security Essentials and its very good had no problems with it at all. Please dont knock it till you have tried it.
  3. I now use Panda Cloud and its great I don't know its there.
  4. Loving this its like a soap opera I am trying out Panda so far so good its free so why complain.
  5. I have tried Panda Cloud and it just will not work on my pc make sure you set a restore point before downloading cos I had to do a recovery after trying it.
  6. I know use Microsoft security essentials and despite what people think about it I have tried them all now and will now stick with it .
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