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  1. Hi MissChief I just tried downloading from here > download.piriform.com and no problems. Have you tried to down load and or can you download any other files ?
  2. You see plenty of Lithium Polymer batteries used in phones, tablets, and in hobby grade RC's there commonly called "LiPo packs" and can be a soft case or hard case. ​The RC hobby grade packs are usually multiple cell packs unlike the single cell 3.7v packs in phones, tablets etc. Multiple cell LiPo packs need special care! they must be balance charged after every 4 to 5 cycles> ( charge - discharge ) otherwise the cells become unbalanced! causing extreme heat build up and cell expansion while charging and then fire! Physical damage to these batteries can cause an internal short and also fire!
  3. Hi all So this is how I connect to the Internet with my desk top PC at the moment. I'm guessing these WIFI USB dongles are all pretty much the same so my question is... Should I remove this adapter from the USB port after disconnecting from my WIFI network ? If I don't physically remove it from my PC via Windows "Safely Remove Hardware" it keeps on searching for a WIFI network. Or is it normal to just leave it plugged in all the time even during shut down and start ups of my PC ?
  4. Thanks Andavari However I got it working again before seeing your post. It seems most (even Apple techs) recommend uninstalling itunes and reinstalling the latest version. However just uninstalling itunes doesn't work. Itunes installs with some other program's that need to be uninstalled as well! see list below. In theory these 4 program's listed below should update with an itunes update! well I'm guessing thats what used to happen. 1/ Apple Application Support 2/ Apple Mobile Device Support 3/ Apple Software Update 4/ Bonjour The 4 program's above are all part of itunes and will all reinstall with the latest version of itunes again Bottom line! This is a very common problem with ipod & itunes and this is the safest and easiest way to fix!
  5. My trusty ipod has spat the dummy with itunes! ipod has ios 6.1.6 the last soft ware version for this ipod. itunes version 12.1.3 Basically they won't sync any more. itunes starts to sync and then displays a message saying syncing failed to start... Have searched for days looking on the web for an answer and tried all suggested fix's workarounds etc. Any ideas, help, experience with this problem ? Thanks in advance
  6. Yes it installed with my avast program update so I thought what the heck I'll give it a go. It does block a lot of ads and it's quick, simple and straight ford to use on my old vista machine. As for privacy... well I told it to use google search and well... I got nothin to hide
  7. Just wondering how many have tried and or are using this browser? I have been a fire fox user for years... but now I'm giving Avast SafeZone Browser a tryout.
  8. Thanks Augeas I'm wondering why version 7 is not in the "Utilities" list for cleaning ?
  9. Hi all I have noticed that I have 2 listings for 'Avast' under Cleaner > Applications > Utilities 1/ Avast! Antivirus 5 2/ Avast! Antivirus 6 In Tools > Uninstall I have Avast! Antivirus version 7.0.1456.0 listed Am I missing something here ? Could this be some type of bug ?
  10. The guy that was writing that "code" thought he was filling out his annual subscription to Hooters magazine He's name is Al Bundy
  11. Even though I'm an Aussie I find Australian beer is not what it used to be... I've been drinking Miller's Chill an American beer that's brewed here
  12. Lego on a whole new LEVEL! Well compared to my childhood adventures with Lego
  13. Sounds like a similar problem I was having trying to access my ISP's site. I found that the shortcut for my ISP's site was out of "date" and trying to direct my browser to there old home page. My ISP had changed there home page & login layout and I kept getting this message. The requested web page can’t be found The page may not exist or the page may be temporarily unavailable.
  14. Welcome grits The time on these forums has allways been wrong for me... I just put it down to the fact that I'm in Australia and my time is 9 hour's ahead of UK time so there's bound to be some sort of hiccup
  15. And I've been blaming my ISP for rubbish internet access I still have rubbish internet access
  16. I love & treasure my iPod I had no idea it was worth $8,000,000,000
  17. he he he I might be barking up the wrong tree by blaming windoz. Don't tell anyone Dennis... I actually like vista
  18. OK I'm done with pointing the finger at avast! I think windoz vista and it's UAC & DEP... blablabla is the causing me and others problems! Now if I "check" the box > "Run As UAC Administrator" in the "Run Sanboxed" window and then click "OK" I'm asked by Sandboxie & windoz UAC if I want to continue... Now if I click cancel and then try to start FF sandboxed as per normal... all is good I only need to do this once a day, or only after booting up my PC, or restarting my PC, after the first annoying windoz rubish to do with UAC & DEP... and then going through the procedure above' windoz dosn't give me any more grief! Disabling avast Script Shield dosn't seem to make a difference any more. Sorry bout mi spielling blame FF for no spell check working:) Craig
  19. Hi Dennis At the time of my last post I hadn't tried stopping the "Script Shield" however now thats the only way I can get FF running Sandboxed I just hope avast fix the problem soon! Craig
  20. Still having the same problems with the latest avast programe version > 7.0.1426 Firefox starts and is Sandboxed if! I wait a few seconds longer before clicking OK in the "Run Sandboxed" - "Default Box" window. It seems that waiting a bit longer before clicking the OK button or hitting the Enter key does the trick
  21. Ok after checking out your link Dennis I have 1 question? Did you get the Windows message about Firefox not starting because it was a "DEP" issue? Craig
  22. Hi nodles:) Yes I have the latest version of Sandboxie installed. Hi there Dennis:) I am using avast! and the version is > 7.0.1407 and about to be updated to 7.0.1426 Also I have tried to add "FF exe" to the Windows "DEP" ignore list... if makes any sence? however Windows say's I can't do that:( And "nodles" I havn't tried disabling UAC in Vista. I'll check out the above link... thanks Dennis:) Craig
  23. Hi nodles:) Yes I have the latest version of Sandboxie installed.
  24. Very scary! Because so many people think Google is their friend
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