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  1. Ditto for the Canon printers. Sometimes it prints immediately but more often than not it goes through what seems like cleaning cycle. I suppose they are trying to sell more ink. As far as computers go, in May 2011 I made the switch from windows to an IMac for 2 reasons. My windows machine was over 10 years old and like me, getting slow. I also wanted to see if there was anything to all the Apple fan boys hype. Five years later I am still using the iMac but I do miss the freedom I with Windows.
  2. You can also select App Store in System Preferences to control update downloads and installations.
  3. First, defragment your hard drive. This not only defragments your existing files, but more imprtantly in this case, makes your free space contiguous. When you create the custom size page file in System Properties, this contiguous free space should allow the page file to be contiguous. Making the initial size and maximum size the same, makes the page file permanent, therfore it will not expand.
  4. I have used SpeedGuide's TCP optimizer in the past. It's been awhile and I don't remember precisely the problem I had, slow connections I think. I tried to find my old post but no luck. Anyway, the optimizer will show current settings and recommended settings. I selected recommended and lit the fuse and everything was OK again. The optimizer makes a backup so you can go back if you like.
  5. I tried the Win 8 preview and liked it, except for the metro, but that might have changed as I got used to it. Performed no benchmarks but Win 8 seemed noticeably faster than Win 7. But my PC is a 9 -10 year old P4, with a motherboard maxed out at 1 Gb Ram and I needed more for Win 8 to really perform. If I use Win 8 it will have to be on a new PC.
  6. Dennis, How long have you had your computer? I am curious about typical lifetime of the CMOS battery.
  7. It happens intermittently, just often enough to be a nagging irritant. Especially for a bad typist like myself who looks at the keyboard more than the display when typing. I don't always pick up on the fact that the first character did not take. It is not application or key specific. Ocurs when I haven't typed for awhile. That made me think there may be a setting that minimizes accidental key strokes. I seem to recall hearing something about that but I can find no info on it or if a setting like that actually exists. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium, SP1, with a Microsoft wireless keyboard, model 1000. What I have checked/done so far: keyboard batteries Keyboard settings easy access settings Disabled page file, rebooted. Verified page file was gone, re-enabled page file and rebooted again to create new page file. The reason for the page file business: While researching the problem, I found there could be problems with the page file. Seems like file attributes and access list for the page file don't always get set up right when upgrading from Windows XP to Win 7, which I had done. Forcing a re-creation of the page file supposedly set everything right. To my knowledge, I had not had any problems with the page file. If I had, I think it would have been quite evident, but in the spirit of covering all the bases, I tried it. No effect on my problem. I had to re-enable page file PDQ because my 8 year old PC is maxed out at 1 GB of memory which causes Win 7 to get flaky without the page file. I have Clean Mem installed and running every 15 minutes. Has anyone had experience with this problem and did you find a fix? Its by no means a show stopper, but after putting up with it for awhile, it just bugs me to ...
  8. Ccleaner has a program uninstall feature. Perhaps they were referring to using that. On my PC, Ccleaner gives a more detailed list than Control Panel. If you haven't tried it, its worth a shot. Also, sometimes if a program is not in the control panel list, there will be an uninstall selection from its location in the the Start/All Programs route.
  9. Update: Just to verify, the optimizer did in fact fix the problem. I don't know how, but evidently, my ethernet card settings got out of whack (technical term) and I was able to correct the settings with the TCP Optimizer utility. Thanks to all who responded.
  10. I believe I have fixed the problem. I found a utility, TCPOptimizer from SpeedGuide.net. It shows your current settings, optimal settings and default settings. I selected optimal, applied the changes and rebooted. Its only been a couple of hours, so the jury isn't back yet, but so far so good.
  11. I have Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware and a firewall but no HIPS (IPS?). I have started FireFox in Safe Mode with no difference but not Windows. Additional Info: A google search will often hang but if I go to Yahoo or Bing, the search completes.
  12. Lately, I have had problems with certain web pages not loading with IE8 and FireFox 3.6.10. Research has not found anything. Some Examples: -Gmail will load in an eye blink sometimes or quite often it will time out. When navigating within Gmail, it will often time out. -I can get to apple.com but clicking on the store icon will eventually time out, always. Even if I click on an apple store search link. -Navigating within BestBuy,especially on a search, will often time out. -Atlanta Braves site will often time out, but before it does, if I click the stop button it will usually finish loading. It's the only web page where this will work. Most of the time a page hangs, I will see the progress bar get to 90+% before it times out. MY connection is good. Speed Test shows 11.32Mb/s down and 0.85Mb/s up and Ping is 134ms. I've cleared the temp files with TFC. Malware bytes and my antivirus detect nothing. My PC is 7 years old, so no laughter at the Sys Info. Pentium 4, 3.06 Ghz, 1Gb Ram, plenty of free disk space, Windows XP SP3 with all updates. I have a Realtek RTL8139/810x ethernet card connected to an AT&T U-verse router. Normally, I would say the web site or server is just very busy, but the problem is not linked to a particular day or time of day and the problem is persistent.. I cannot tie this to any change I have done on my PC but I was wondering if some parameter on my PC changed in some not so apparent way. Is it just a very busy internet or is there a problem? Ideas?
  13. larry39

    USB Devices

    I cannot advise you on whether to buy or not buy a product, but maybe a way to get more information. Typically, on a desktop, you can draw 500ma per port. Since you have a laptop, the spec on your system may be different. If you are running XP (not sure about other OS?s), go to device manager, expand the USB controllers and right click on a USB root hub. Select Properties and then click the power tab. It will tell you the power available and what current that port us pulling.
  14. Congratulations!! Some wonderful times are ahead of you.
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