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  1. I installed a game (Civilisation III, published by Sold Out software - Firaxis Games)) , but got the message that it had not installed correctly. It is in my start up menu and I can play the game. However, I wanted to uninstall it, but it does not appear in the list of programmes in the control panel when I ask for "uninstall a programme" It does appear in the list of files in Programme files in the "Computer" section, under "Firaxis" I tried reinstalling, but got the message that there was already a programme and that this needed to be uninstalled! The process then had to be terminated. I went to the makers who redirected me to the forum site for players of this game. I posted my problem, and received a reply saying that they too had had this problem, and that ccleaner had solved it. Could you please tell me how I would go about this?
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