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  1. OK I found out how to register my number in the program. Thanks anyway and sorry about the post. There should be a register option in the drop down menu. Thank you.
  2. I bought professional plus or whatever and cannot seem to find a way to download anything but ccleaner in professional mode. You guys need to make it like NCH Software and make it easy to download yuour other programs from inside one of any of them. How do I get defraggler pro and speccy pro? I own the key but can't seem to register it in defraggler. Thank you.
  3. Hello. My understanding of the optimization in defraggler for SSD's is that it executes what the TRIM function does across the whole drive. What I need to know is does it affect areas of the disk already taken care of by a drive's built-in trim function? I am concerned that it is affecting areas of the drive already optimized by TRIM and that I am depleting the lifespan of the hardware. Thank you.
  4. I use ESET Smart Security, which includes a firewall, anti-spyware, anti-malware (Nod32) and more. I also use a D-Link router which has some kind of hardware firewall. I prefer software ones as they include intrusion detection and countermeasure.
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