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  1. Now y'all are confusing me. I just went to Firefox and added on this uBlock Origin. Thank you. Is there an equivalent for Chrome? And you verify what I asked? That Avast is better than Windows Defender. And I still ask. What else is required. Remember I'm a novice and a simple homeowner that uses my PC for normal everyday stuff. No facebook or such. Just online access to bank, online Mahjong, usual eMail through Google Mail and Thunderbird. What the heck is? "MVPS Hosts file, MBAM, SpywareBlaster (all that sort of stuff)" I had SpyBot, but it don't work with Windows 10. Or? it did, but then I
  2. This is a confusing situation to me. I have never used anything but Windows built in firewall. Oh, too many years ago, maybe when I had Windows ME, I tried the free Zone Alarm. But when I went beyond ME, I didn't feel the need to an additional firewall. So, as of today, I rely on Windows Fire Wall on my Windows 10. I ask y'all. Is this safe? For the average homeowner who does just normal PC and nothing fancy, should I be using something better? And if so, do I have to uninstall the Windows Fire Wall? And again, if so, how do I do that? It's not in the uninstall part of C Cleaner. All this is a
  3. Since I have Windows 10, I was using Defender per recommendation. From who? I don't remember, it's been 6 years. I sent an eMail message to someone who told me I gave him a Trojan. Since I don't know nothing, as in, Computers and software, I asked for advice from friends. My girl friend/future wife, has a guru she's used for 15 years. He recommended Avast for her XP, the Vista laptop and for my W.10. He also recommended MalWareBytes. And stated that's all we need. She mentioned C Cleaner and he said yes, also the other Piriform software. So, I'm glad to express my opinion here and hope I don't
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