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  1. If you have multiple users using one PC you should also consider setting up a seperate user account for each person, each with it's own username and password. That way all their settings, histories, etc. are kept seperate and can only be seen by that user or an administrator account. You usually give them a 'Standard' account so they can't access adminitration tasks or settings. (If you allow visitors to use your computer then you would usually also set up a 'Guest' account with minimal permissions and no password). It's simple to do, here's an easy guide for Win7: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/create-new-user-account-in-windows-vista-7/ And how to enable (turn on) the guest account: https://www.lifewire.com/guest-accounts-in-windows-7-3506926
  2. Or you could simply set Firefox to delete history on closing. Options>Privacy & Security, scroll down to History. Check 'Clear history when Firefox closes' then click on 'settings' to further define just what should get cleared.
  3. Yes it's normal. Although browsers will delete most cookies and your browsing history, if you set them to, they will usually leave some things behind by design. "Persistent" cookies (supercookies), session checkpoints, cache, etc. can be left behind and not cleared by the browser - as can things like old crash reports and so on. For example; when I was writing my own batch cleaning routine for Firefox I found that cookies/supercookies were stored if 4 different file locations, the cache/activity stream in 3 locations, crash reports in 2, and the session checkpoints in another. That will be partly so that they can pick which ones they clear and which ones they don't when you run the browsers own cleaning routing. If you have multiple users on your computer then each user will have their own copy of each of those files.
  4. There have been a couple of posts about the new Updater reading digits in the wrong order like that. I'd just ignore it until they sort it out. There again the more reports they get the quicker they may sort it.
  5. nukecad

    notepad problem

    This is a Windows problem caused by the file being in one or more of 3 locations, it's not because of something that CC has removed. The simplest cure is to locate and delete that file form the rouge location, or to disable it from startup. Both methods are explained in this Windows Support article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/330132/notepad-starts-with-shellclassinfo-localizedresourcename-systemroot-sy
  6. What Pro has that Free doesn't: Scheduling, Smart Cleaning (Monitoring), Cleaning multiple user profiles, Automatic Updating, the new Software Updater will fetch updates automatically. Pro also entitles you to direct email support from Piriform rather than asking on the forum. The cleaning they do is exactly the same, as are all the other tools. If you don't need or want those extra features then just don't renew your subscription. (The Pro features should continue to work except for the the direct support and the Automatic updating . Though that's a bit under debate at the moment).
  7. The yellow dot shows that you have a Beta (trial) version of a new feature; in this case it will be the new Software Updater. I assume that as you are seeing the yellow dot you are running CCleaner version 5.55? A new version, v5.56, was released yesterday, if you update to that then the yellow dot should go away again because the Software Updater is now (supposedly) fully released.
  8. I suspect that the Updater will simply be reading the Windows file table rather than looking for and querying each individual .exe file. There have been a few complaints that it seems to be reading the version information wrongly for various programmes. It's obviously still a work in progress that was/has been rushed out too early.
  9. Good to hear it's sorted out for you. It's not clear whether it's because of the new version, or because McAfee updated their definitions, or both. But as long as it worked that's what matters.
  10. The full version of 5.56 was released earlier today. Don't know if it will cure the issue for you.
  11. In the free version it will only scan and tell you things are out of date. You then know to update them yourself. In the paid version you can tell it to update them for you. (Once it's working properly of course).
  12. It does sound like it's another False Positive in McAfee. FP's happen and the problem stops when the anti virus definitions get updated. As said above, to get round most FP's don't use the 'standard procedure'. Go to the builds page that both myself and Hazelnut gave you a link to and download the 'Slim' installer from there. (It's the bottom one of the 3 options). You will actually get the new version 5.56 which has only just been released today. I've just checked it on virustotal and it's perfectly clean, even McAfee says so. If you are still having problems then try manually updating your McAfee to the latest definitions (They update them daily).
  13. If anyone wants to try the new Chrome based Edge a beta version is now available to download from the Dev Channel: https://www.microsoftedgeinsider.com/en-us/ More about the different Chrome channels, how they work, and how to switch between them: https://www.chromium.org/getting-involved/dev-channel Personally I'm sticking with Firefox (at least for now).
  14. I'm interested in that message, the standard installer is called "ccsetup555.exe" not "ccleaner setup". Could you give us a screenshot of the actual message? Where are you trying to get the download from? I can currently find at least 2 supposedly CCleaner downloads that are blocked by my malwarbytes browser extension, - because they are not CCleaner but something else pretending to be CCleaner. (Probably something malicious). Here's just one of them that was blocked when I attempted to download it a minute ago: Of course the genuine CCleaner, downloaded from Piriform (or Filehippo) does not get blocked.
  15. I was assuming that it's an OS issue and CWRileyjr was thinking that CC might sort it out, it wouldn't of course. (Just because a user thinks something migh be junk doesn't mean that it is; or that CC would necessarily clean it). There could be various reasons for File Explorer saying it can't find files, or cant access them for removal - Depending on just what the error message actually says. (It may simply be that they are open, or protected from deletion, or even just that they have a very long name). Knowing the exact error message would help work out what the issue may be. (Screenshot?). Knowing what Windows version is in use would also be helpful.
  16. That sounds odd. Can you open those files from within file explorer? If not then it sounds as if the file table may have been scrambled. Without getting too technical have you tried shutting down and starting your computer again? (Yep it's the old turn it off and on again - because it often works). If it's Windows 10 then strange as it seems a 'Restart' can clear more than a shutdown and start again.
  17. Try the suggestions in this thread: There again the latest update, KB4490481, did have tweaks for Edge so things may have changed, if so it will take the CCleaner developers a while to catch up.
  18. It will be blocking it as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programme) rather than a virus. This will be because of the Avast/Chrome offer included in the download of the 'standard' installer. You could make the CCleaner downloads an exception in McAffee. Or you could visit the CCleaner 'builds' page and download either the 'Slim' installer which doesn't contain the offer, or the 'Portable' version which is a zip file and doesn't have an installer. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds (Most regulars here use the Slim or Portable to avoid any chance of getting an unwanted Avast install).
  19. There have already been complaints about it, sorry can't link them from this phone. Don't wait for a fix, it was a deliberate decision by Piriform to set a larger minimum size for the GUI. Your best bet if you can't access the buttons because they are off the screen is to maximise the GUI, that way it should 'fit' itself to your screen.
  20. Is there a particular reason why you are still running v5.39? That's a pretty old version, we are up to 5.55 now and 5.56 is due anytime.
  21. I'm only guessing because I don't know just what Smart Cleaning counts, (never bothered to use it), in particular I don't know if it respects your checkbox settings when looking for junk or just looks for everything it can find. So could most of that reported 1.5G be in categories that you have unchecked and so it doesn't get cleaned when you actually run the cleaner? ie. It could save 1.5G - if you cleaned everything, - but your unchecked boxes tell it not to clean everything? PS. Which version of CCleaner are you running? (It could make a difference to what it is finding, especially if it's an older version).
  22. It's saying there that it cannot be cleaned because it is in use. CCleaner (or even Mac OS) cannot clean files that are being used by applications that are still running, they have to be closed first. So you have 2 options. Make sure the application is closed before cleaning. Use the 'Skip' button to ignore it and carry on cleaning other stuff. I'm not sure in this particular instance on a Mac, but usually if CCleaner wants to clean something and finds it is still running then it asks you if you want to close it or skip it, then does whichever you choose.
  23. Good to hear that you got it sorted out. AdwCleaner is free, there isn't a paid version. It isn't meant find/remove truly 'dangerous' stuff, just the annoying Adware and PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programes). The next step up is Malwarebytes itself. That will find some of the same annoying things, but it's main use is to find, block, and remove the real nasties - like viruses, ransomware, exploits and so on. MB3 has both Free (Scan/remove only) versions, and paid for (Real time Protection - similar to an antivirus) versions. The paid for 'real time' protection will run happily alongside your existing anti-virus, giving you double the protection. I recommend that everyone should have at least the free version on their computer, and at least run a weekly scan. https://www.malwarebytes.com/
  24. It does appear to be behaving itself in the 5.56 beta version.
  25. Most software licences that can only be bought/downloaded direct from the developer are activated 'from purchase date', it's assumed you will activate/use them straight away. Wherever you download CCleaner from, you can only ever buy a licence direct from Piriform. Some software/licences can be bought from a 3rd party reseller (a shop or online store), those are the ones that are usually 'from activation date'. This is because the retailer buys a batch of licences from the developer and doesn't sell them all at once, so in that case the developer does not know when (if ever) they will be activated. (You'd be Tee'd off if you bought something from a reseller only to find that it had gone 'out of date' while sat on their 'shelves'). It's just different marketing methods. With the first the developer only ever gets paid by customers. With the second the developer gets money up front from the reseller, who takes a gamble on getting it back later from customers. TBH no one is being ripped off here, You can't blame the supplier if you pay for something and then don't use it, that's your choice.
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