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  1. Thinking more about that it may explain why they came up with the extra storage requirements for Win 10 updates earlier this year. https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/windows-10-update-space-requirements/ They need the extra disk storage to pre-load/pre-install the version update without affecting the current version?
  2. I was puzzled by your post for a moment. I believe that you are talking about the automatic browser cleaning? If that's correct then you are looking in the wrong place. It is not in the Start Up section - It's in Smart Cleaning. That's a screenshot fromthe Free version, - but in the Pro verion you are able to click on the down arrows and set what action you want to be taken for each browser that you have. You can seperately set each one to do nothing, monitor and notify you if there is something to be cleaned, or clean on closing with or without a notification.. Or yo
  3. Dunno? It may make a bit of sense to download Feature Updates and pre-load them in the background - then switch it on later so that they don't seem to take as long on slower internet connections? But I don't see it making much sense long term to just download them with cumulative updates, so it may be just a one off for this one? (They are doing a few one-offs like the 1803 to 1903, skipping 1809, thing). I've not had much time to look around to see what's new yet - but the 'Just type to search' on the start menu is working for me again (Stopped working a few Patch Tuesdays ago)
  4. I've already answered you here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/55455-ccleaner-browser-pdf-files/?tab=comments#comment-312287 PS. There is no need to ask a question more than once in different places, once is enough to get an answer (if someone knows).
  5. The same as the post 4 above (from Sep 26) but instead of .pdf just right click on any doc/docx file for word - xls/xlsx for excel - ppt/pptx for Powerpoint - and so on. (You will need to do it for both types (*** & ***x) if you use both types). You get the idea, just right click on one of the files and use 'Always use this app to open ...' to reassociate that type of file to open with the application that you want to open it with.
  6. Just going for 1909 now. I went to Settings>Update & Security and used "Check for Updates". I got 3 listed, a Defender Definition update (standard, more than once everyday), a Malicious Software Removal Tool update (standard, for Patch Tuesday), and a 1903 Cumulative update (KB4524570). After those and a restart I went back to "Check for updates" and 1909 is offered as an "Optional" update. From what I have read this is the way 1909 is being released - It's being done that way so that it gives you even more choice whether you want to download/install it yet or not.
  7. 1803 had an automatic updating problem and they stopped updating it for "the few" who had already got it. So now they have 'forced' an update from 1803 to 1903, which is what you seem to have got. 1909 is new out tonight. So if you've just 1903 I'd leave the computer on to let it do all its install things - then tomorrow I'd do a "Check for Updatdes" to see if it offers 1909.
  8. Didn't think it would be out till later. Maybe the change of the clocks. I'll fire it up when I get home.
  9. You are not the only person getting these incorrect messages, there have been other queries/complaints in the last few days. It's an error with the licence server and they are working on fixing it by installing a new server and scrapping the old one, ignore the message. See this from a staff member posted earlier today: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/56008-ccleaner-licence-server-issues/?do=findComment&comment=312219
  10. There are 2 issues that you raise there. First off please ignore any renewal messages at the moment - it's a server bug and they are working to fix it, hopefully quickly. The tracker thing I agree with, they are not realy trackers so should not be called such. Use Custom Clean to see what is actually being found. If you are on a PC or Laptop see the link in my signature below for my explanation. If you can't see the link post back.
  11. As this thread is from 2007 its now 12 years old and any advice/solution given will probably not work. Computer operating systems and software has changed. Please start a new thread stating just what problem you are seeing and what versions of Windows and Firefox you are using.
  12. I'd simply ignore the notices for now. We have flagged the problem up to those who can fix it, hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  13. It definitely seems to be the licence server that is playing up , we are seeing numerous reports of this here on the forum today. We have flagged it up to those who can do something about it, and hopefully they will have it fixed soon. I'd just ignore these notices for now.
  14. See here for some suggestions that I gave to another user yesterday about this banking code issue: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/55986-ccleaner-deletes-login-details-dutch-rabo-bank/?tab=comments#comment-312107
  15. Yes that is the correct behaviour for the Custom Clean. What Easy Clean / Health Check call 'Trackers' are actually a type of cookie, (mainly your Browser 'Sessions'), and the Custom Clean correctly calls them them what they are. Custom Clean is meant for more technically minded users. It was a bit contentious when Quick Clean (now called Easy Clean/Health Check) first started calling them 'Trackers'. They are not what a technical user would regard as a Tracker. (That's a type of Malware which can 'track and record' what you are doing or where you are located). Technically t
  16. Just another tip, it may be being saved as a 'Form' rather than in a cookie, so try unchecking 'Saved form information' for the browser that you use to access the banks website. eg:
  17. 'Hibernate' just means go to sleep for a while. How long that 'while' is will depend on each app, and what you have set that app to do in it's own settings. CCleaner can tell them to hibernate but it can't tell them when to wake up again. It may be next time you open the app, or the next time you swipe the screen on, or the next time you.... , or it may be simply after so many minutes. You would have to set that in each app, if the app allows you to do that.
  18. It seems to be a known a licence server error. See this: I'll flag it to the Piriform staff that it's being a problem again today.
  19. From this thread/post: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/55704-licence-key-not-recognised-after-several-attempts/?tab=comments#comment-311208
  20. Usually works. Use a big one and smash it to little pieces to make sure.
  21. It's probably a licence server error or outage. Aparently it's an old server and Piriform are aware of this problem and are frustrated about it too. (I'm guessing that it keeps dropping out and so CCleaner can't read the list of licence dates?) They have said they are getting a brand new licence server up and running this month. I'd just ignore it until the new server is online.
  22. The first question would have to be - What size is your current 'C:' drive? Windows 10 now needs a minimum of 32 GB for installs and updates. Microsoft usually recommend that you have at least a 128 GB drive in your machine for Windows 10. This can be an issue with older PCs and laptops that only have smaller drives; (or if a larger drive has been partitioned so that the 'C:' partition is small). A small drive getting full may be why you are seeing a slowdow generally. As well as freeing up space or getting a larger drive then you could try using external storage (like a USB
  23. Are you using the 'Easy Clean' or do you have the newer 'Health Check'? Either one could be possible in v5.63, some people get one some get the other. Easy Clean should look similar to this after analyzing: Whereas Health Check shold look similar to this:
  24. I would ask your bank where this information is stored, it may not be in a cookie - or if it is it may not be named 'RADO' for security. Of course as it's a security code then they may not want to tell people where it's being stored. PS. Some sites, especially banks, do not let your browser auto-fill passwords/codes/etc. you have to manually enter them each time you visit. Again it's a security measure so that if your device ever gets stolen or lost then whoever gets it can't just automatically log in to your account.
  25. Easy Clean (and the newer Health Check) has it's own set of cleaning rules and follows those rules (and only those rules). If you want to have more control over what is or isn't cleaned then you have to use the Custom Clean. Easy Clean/Health Check is intended for non-technical users who just want to 'easily' clean what is recommended by default, so it would be illogical for it to follow the Custom Cleaning rules. If it did that then it would be no different to Custom Clean anyway. I agree that perhaps it could be made clearer that Easy Clean/Health Check will use its own defa
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