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  1. Good release! Version 5.4.1 (build_800007842) allows exclusion and to remember items to hide for Boost (Select All) Very useful for example on phones with Glasswire Elite (Firewall/VPN) or any process that should never be turned off.
  2. In Options > Smart Cleaning > Automatically clean on closing without notification Used to work with a simple test of logging in to Gmail and closing Vivaldi. Then open Vivaldi again and navigate to gmail.com or accounts.google.com and it would force a new userid/password -- the latest version of CC now just opens gmail with the last account used for logging in. To clean Vivaldi must now press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to wipe all saved items before closing.
  3. You are a Moderator and don't know the program functions ? CCleaner Pro 5.3.0 [Android] has an optimization feature (Settings > Photos) to automatically compress and/move/delete/keep files to Google Drive. It uses a service account to accomplish this task.
  4. Just in case anyone sees this message when you set your photos to optimize / transfer to your Google Drive. It is a service account that android uses to sync files
  5. Using version 5.3.0 Pro for Android works fine on Samsung Tab S7 with Android 10. Also same version 5.3.0 in use on Android 9 on LG V30 and Android 10 on LG V40
  6. One feature (or bug?) discovered and repeated that worked fine in 5.0.0 When running Boost, all items are deselected where the previous version 5.0.0 remembered to keep deselect active. Now I must use Select All and then again click over and over again all items not to be shut down, ie. Glasswire VPN & Firewall Also the prompt for starting long tem Boost screen appears to be a nag screen --- please turn it off or allow user to shut it down permanently
  7. The two immediate safety tips at startup were interesting and applied one of the recommendations immediately. Boost also had a new startup advise.
  8. Confirmed v5.0.0 does indeed have Boost deselected Glasswire. Have not tested what happens if multiple items deselected if these also 'stick'
  9. Running CCleaner v5.0.0 on Android 10 Very happy that manually running Boost appears to remember not to shut down Glasswire VPN and Firewall but forces close on everything else previously selected. Would it be possible to schedule Boost to run at User specified Intervals ?
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