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  1. Maybe, It would depend on where/how they are stored and just what you have set CCleaner to clean. eg. If they are stored as a cookie and you tell CC to clear cookies for that browser then they will be cleared. CC lets you set exceptions so that cookies for sites you vistit a lot don't get cleared but other ones will be. If they are stored in the Cache and you tell CC to clear the cache then they will be cleared. TBH Why would you join a 'service' that lets someone target ads at you? I don't see the point in giving yet another organisation your detais so they can target you with junk. Just use an ad-blocker to stop (most) online advertising, there are many out there to chose from. If you are using Chrome or Firefox then take a look at the new (still experimental) browser add-ons from Malwarebytes, Ad & clickbait blocking plus malware protection all in one. Other more traditional popular adblockers are AdBlock, Adblockplus (different company), uBlock Origin, Ghostery, and so on. Try a couple and pick the one(s) you like, some will clash with each other some you can run side by side. eg. I have Adblock and Malwarbytes add-ons both running on my Firefox browser with no problems other than remembering to put the same exceptions in each, and pausing both if you do want to see ads.
  2. Seem to have got rid of most of it apart from some licences in WinSxS which I'll leave to Windows to tidy up, and of course some registry entries which I have to investigate further. Hard to be sure if it's left something else behind with a strange name though. OK, it was an older version that I had installed but they were supposed to have sorted out these 'ghost' installations round about 5.40/5.41.
  3. Earlier today I noticed in task manager that 'Avast remediation exe' was running on my laptop. WTF has that been sneaked onto my machine from? That's a rhetorical question. I had earlier reinstalled CCleaner v5.43 to do a bit of testing, obviously Avast/Piriform sneaked it in there. The dates on the numerous Avast files confirm it was downloaded today. The offer was not shown in the installer. I know what I'm doing with the installers, I would not have 'overlooked' the offer, I specifically waited to see if it was going to turn up - it didn't. I have been 'Avasted' once before but that time it merely put an installer icon on the desktop as well as a startup installer task. This time everything was hidden and it was only by coincidence that I noticed it running in the task manager. Looks like it did manage to install itself this time, with no indication that it was doing so. A closer look and I had 2 instances of 'Avast Anti-Virus Installer' running and an 'Avast Service' also running, none of these could be terminated in the normal way. There's also an 'Avast Emergency Update' with multiple triggers in my schedued tasks, as well as the above mentioned 'Overseer', also from Avast, also with multiple triggers. Thanks Piriform guys, it's going to take me hours now to get this unwanted Avast junk off my laptop (again).
  4. The ones I have on the laptop are also different sizes. The installer for 5.43.6520 (64 bit) I dowloaded on 24.05.2018 and it is 15,445 KB The installer for 5.43.6522 (64 bit) I dowloaded the next day on 25.05.2018 and it is 15,468 KB So yes, .6522 is the hotfixed one.
  5. I'm on the phone so can't check that version number. The one now on Filehippo will be the 'fixed' one. TBH if I remember correctly the problem one was only available for a few days before it was fixed, so you will only have it if you downloaded it in those first few days. I know I have both saved on my laptop but as I say I'm on my phone here (in the pub).
  6. 5.45 has been officially withdrawn due to various problems. 5.44 had it's own issues, and many have stopped using that one as well. If 5.43 is working how you want then I would stick with that version for now. (PS. You do know there was a 'hotfix' for that 5.43 version? You might want to go to Filehippo and get the fixed version if you have the original installer). 5.46 should be out sometime this week. We're all interested to see just what's been changed.
  7. I suspect it's more to do with the drive being sat around unused for a number of years. Maybe removing the drive and leaving it in a warm room for a week or so to make sure there is no condensation or the like in there may be the way to go? I have an old desktop with Windows98 on it, It's got a very expensive CAD programme on there which I still use now and again. I boot it up once a month or so just to warm things through and give the disk a spin
  8. Something changed recently with Windows (last patch Tuesday) and now when Windows Defender updates it definitions, which it does a few times a day, it creates a restore point if there has not already been one created in the last 24 hours. No one seems to be quite sure why this has been changed by Microsoft, maybe they know something we don't and are expecting a lot of crashes? I think I remember that Vista also used to create a restore point daily.
  9. Filehippo has the older versions to download. Look on the right of the page. Sorry can't link from this phone.
  10. Yes it could be, but if they are then they shouldn't. Once Microsoft notice a user has an Enterprise edition not supported by the Volume Licensing Programme then they will block that license leaving the user with an unlicenced, unsupported, maybe non-working, Windows edition on their machine. And MS can check Windows licenses much more easily now that they are all digital and stored on MS's servers. It has happened before with cheap Windows licences bought off eBay and the like. PS. I find it interesting that the 3 most recent posters where this came up never came back once it was pointed out that they were running Enterprise edition. Guilty consciences?
  11. There are a few possible scenarios as to why we are seeing questions from more Enterprise edition users than previously. One possible answer is the rise of the 'gig' economy. Say one of the delivery firms is providing it's drivers with laptops/tablets they may well want Entreprise on there for the extra admin control it gives. Perhaps more likely is the increase in working from home, again if the company supplies the computer equipment then they may want Enterprise on there. Enterprise allows a company to make changes to an employee's computer settings remotely. It also allows them to block some apps, some downloads, etc. remotely. It does add another thing to consider when answering questions,- it may be something the company admin/IT has done that is causing the users issue. In which case the first contact for problem solving should be the company IT, just like with a workplace computer. There again it could just be a glitch in the way the WMI/ winver is reporting Pro editions. Or an individual may be paying much more than they need to for an edition they don't realy need. (But I wouldn't expect to suddenly see 4 or 5 in a month). Or it could be a hacked, or unauthorised, version bought cheap from an internet site. In which case Microsoft will block the license once it finds out, leaving the user with an unworkable machine. It's in an attempt to try and work out which one (or more) scenario is causing this perceived sudden increase in Enterprise use that I have asked this question. If we can work out which scenario it is then we can give users more relevent advice.
  12. Regulars have noted recently that some screenshots from users show that they have Windows 10 'Enterprise' edition. Enterprise edition is for medium/large businesses/organisations. It is supposedly only available through Microsoft's Volume Licensing Programme and not normally available for individuals. (You can buy an Enterprise license as an individual, but it's costly and Pro would be a better option because the extras with enterprise would be of no use to an individual). It's not just CCleaner/Speccy showing this, winver has also shown this on at least one occasion. Either Windows 10 itself is reporting this wrongly, Microsoft are giving out Enterprise when you buy pro, or some major company out there is selling or pre-installing Windows editions that they shouldn't be. For my interest, and to try and work out just why this is happening, could I ask members here to check their Windows 10 edition. Open the start menu, type winver and run the command. If it says your edition is 'Enterprise' (not Home or Professional) where arrowed below then could you tell us your computer make, and if you bought it with Windows 10 pre-installed or installed it yourself. (Also did you order Pro or Enterprise?)(And if you bought/installed Windows 10 yourself where did you buy it from?). If yours says Home or Professional then there is no need to post, it's these odd Enterprise editions that are of interest here. Thanks.
  13. Altough not entirely relevant to the topic. I note that this is another user showing Win10 'Enterprise' edition, there have been a few recently. Enterprise edition is for medium/large businesses/organisations. It is supposedly only available through Microsoft's Volume Licensing Programme and not available for individuals. It's not just CCleaner/Speccy, winver has also shown this on at least one occasion. Either Windows itself is reporting this wrongly, or some major company out there is selling or pre-installing Windows versions that they shouldn't be.
  14. Yes - CCleaner itself (5.44) cleans that file out if 'Firefox Cookies' is selected, (leaving behind anything from any site that you have in your 'cookies to keep'). So it no longer needs to be a winapp2 entry. If it still is? I know some old entries get cleared from winapp2 now and again. I had just been wondering why CC still found them to clean when Firefox was set to clear cookies on exit.
  15. Good spot. That's the second one recently that seems to be a private/home user with an Enterprise version. The Enterprise version is supposedly only available to medium/large businesses and organisations through the Microsoft Volume Licensing programme. You can't just buy it you have to get a quote from MS. Of course it could just be a bug with Pro being reported as Enterprise by winver for some reason?
  16. That's a new one, but CCleaner version 5.45 has had a lot of problems. CCleaner Version 5.45 has been officially withdrawn, and you are advised to reinstall v5.44 (or an older version, some have gone back to 5.40). 5.44 is now the version on the piriform download site: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds 5.44 and older versions are also available on Filehippo: https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/
  17. A bit late to this conversation but I was recently having Firefox clear cookies on closing and CClearer was still finding them - but all at 0-bytes filesize. So that said to me that these were probably not files in themselves but CC was reading a file somewhere with the 'cookie' names still in it. I did a bit of searching on the forum and this was the latest relevant thread, but still no real answer. So I did some testing and found the file in question. C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{profile name-number}\SiteSecurityServiceState.txt If you open it you'll see it's a listing of visited websites with their HSTS ( HTTP Strict Transport Security) protocols. And you'll see that the website names are what are showing in CC as those cookies. To double check this rename that file to '.tmp' and CC no longer finds those 'cookies', change it back to '.txt' and they are found again. Now I know what to look for I can find another three threads about this 'supercookies' file, Nergal tracked it down back in 2015: (and it was added to winapp2.ini a few months before that) https://forum.piriform.com/topic/44703-firefox-cookies/?tab=comments#comment-266825
  18. That sounds like a known clash with Kaspersky. Basically if you are using Kaspersky and have CCcleaner set to show the 'Summary' screen then CCleaner crashes when run. Setting CCleaner to display it's resuls as a file list has worked for many: (You might want to read the rest of this link as well). https://forum.piriform.com/topic/51845-ccleaner-5426495-64-bit-crashing/?tab=comments#comment-296463
  19. As said above that 'dumbed down' screen reports all files as 'tracking' files. (Go to Options>Advanced and select 'Advanced Report' or 'File List' instead of the dumb 'Summary'). They are all files found, cookies, logfiles, temp files, etc. not things that are actively tracking you, - it's just (misleading) advertising speak. The file(s) it finds everytime are files that get recreated as empty files (usually by Windows) as soon as you delete them, so they always show up. My box analogy again: Think of these recreated files like someone putting an empty box on your desk and then coming back later and putting notes inside it; you throw the box away getting rid of the notes and they immediately put new empty box in its place, you throw that away and they immediately put a new ..............
  20. Hi kgb, I note that it's stuck on Internet Explorer History, which has been an ongoing problem for a while now with the time it takes, and some hangs like yours. As you don't seem to be using Internet Explorer then you can safely uncheck all the options for it - except for 'Temporary Internet Files' which is used by other MS applications. Hopefully that will cure your problem as it has for others.
  21. Cheers Nergal, I think my point was that it should have been removed/hidden by Piriform themselves as soon as 5.45 was withdrawn. The fact that it wasn't removed shows a (surprising?) lack of thought or organisation.
  22. I think most people have a problem with the lack of 'official' response or action coming from Piriform. To make a point v5.45 has been withdrawn, but days/weeks later it's still "announced" as the latest version on this forum. Which shows a lack of attention or even care.
  23. Hi mta, Is that avatar colour change the equivalent of a black armband? I have noticed that Piriform staff are appearing in 'whos online' in a lot more than previously, 2 of them especially, but they're not posting anything on the forum. Maybe they are just monitoring the complaints? (or PM'ing members instead?)
  24. As said above v5.45 has been withdrawn and you should revert to v5.44 pending further developments.
  25. Sorry looks like I missunderstood you there. So you are saying that the "Summer Sale" Advertising pop-up that came in with v5.44 is opening IE11 if/when you click it, even though Firefox is your default browser. Or do you mean something else? I hadn't seen that reported before, but then again I don't think anyone has ever mentioned clicking on the offer before, just complaining that it won't go away. Is it realy a problem? If you are accepting the offer then it would only happen the once anyway. PS. UNIX (or more likley a LINUX variant these days) is not a browser, it's a whole different Operating System to Windows, I used to use it at work back in the 1980's/90's when Windows was just a baby. Unix/Linux is good, but of course the commands and available software is different to Windows. (Just like MacOS, or Android, is different from Windows). I have Opera mini on my phone for occasional use and am not realy a fan. Haven't tried the full Opera on a PC, I'm happy with Firefox.
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