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  1. Windows 9 ????? Not offically. When I first saw this thread I thought maybe a mistake by the OP. Obviously not.
  2. I agree, the less add-ons and plugins the less there is to potentially go wrong. I only have 2 extensions and 3 plugins active.
  3. Don't know if you can change this survey at this stage but - Question 2. Had to put 'Unemployed' which is nearest, and I suppose true, but strictly I am disabled and currently unable to work. Question 5. Anit-virus?
  4. It's somethng that changed a few versions back, can't remember which one, annoyed me as well. Luckily there is an addon that gives your homepage whenever you open a new tab. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/new-tab-homepage/?src=api Works perfectly, install and forget, does exactly what it says on the tin,
  5. Interestingly my bookmark still says http://forum.piriform.com but firefox 46.0.1 automaticaly connects to https://forum.piriform.com when I select the bookmark. I've just tested and it does this with other https:// websites as well, even though my bookmarks for them still say http:// And no, I don't have the Https Everywhere add-on installed. I guess mozilla must have incorporated it as standard. I'll change the bokmark(s) anyway, but just thought that I'd mention this. EDIT Apparently its a setting that has been in FF for some time now. About:config, browser.urlbar.autofill = true
  6. +1 to this suggestion. (Malwarebytes Junkware Removal Tool does a similar, if slightly different, thing, it automatically creates a Windows restore point before doing anything else). If the manager bit is implemented it would also be nice to include an option to do a full reg backup as well.
  7. Just from a quick search- Maybe this? http://en.softonic.com/s/ccleaner-antivirus or this? http://ccleaner-antivirus.software.informer.com/
  8. From what I have read the problem you are having is a Windows problem and can have various causes. It often seems to be a issue with having virtual storage (Onedrive, dropbox, etc) pinned to the quick access. One of the most often suggested cures is to switch to a local account, and then back to your MS account. My question was whether you need the MS account at all. It depends on whether you are using anything from the Microsoft Store- say you have MS Office on a subscription, or maybe you have a Xbox. If you have anything on subscription from MS, or intend to buy something from the MS store, then you need an MS account. You also need one to access Outlook, Skype, OneDrive If you do need an MS account then I would do the switch to local/switch back thing to see if it cures your setup. I would also check to see if you have the MS account set to require a change of password every so often. (A security feature). But to be honest there are millions out there who signed up to a MS account when registering Win8.* or Win10 who are never going to use it. It's like having a store account for a store you are never going to visit. (Microsoft worded it so it seemed it was needed for the upgrade). So there are millions out there who, like me, had a MS account that is/was not used except for the email address / password when switching on and logging in to the PC. So changing to a local account for login and deleting your MS account means that you are no longer connected as closely to MS. (Which some would say is a good thing in itself). And you won't get nagged to update your Microsoft account- because you don't have one. With a local login you can still use the same password/face recognition/fingerprint as before. You can also still have a MS account but use a local account to login. (Like in the old days). This means you login with your local account and only connect/logon to the MS account when you need to, e.g. to access your outlook mail.
  9. Try reading this- http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=46214&hl= Because of these idiots some anti-malware sites, not all, are warning you to check that you have the REAL CCleaner. (and PS MBAM is not one of them, MBAM can tell the difference between the fakes and the real versions).
  10. Do you use the Microsoft account for anything other than logging in? If not then change your login to a local account: http://www.howtogeek.com/230543/how-to-revert-your-windows-10-account-to-a-local-one-after-the-windows-store-hijacks-it/ Then for completeness delete your Microsoft account: http://www.howtogeek.com/227763/how-to-completely-delete-your-microsoft-account/ I did this last week, following the instructions linked to above, after my MS account would not let me change my email address. (Made me wait 30 days then still would not change it).
  11. Just in case you've not come across this one yet, its being reported on various sites in the last month. https://forums.malwarebytes.org/topic/181942-removal-instructions-for-fake-ccleaner/ It's another fake BSOD - call Tech Support scam, the icon it installs doesn't even look anything like the CCleaner icon. I guess nobody here is going to fall for obvious junk like this, but it's as well to be aware that it's out there. (Somebody is sure to fall for it then come here complaining).
  12. If you look at the filesize of the backups you will see that it can vary quite a bit for each one. I've got six at the moment ranging from 3KB to 26KB If it were a full backup you would expect each one to be much larger and of a reasonably consistent size. Still a good idea to make them and keep them around for a while just in case. (You'll find a few threads on here from people who 'never had a problem with the registry cleaner' but now have an unresponsive/bricked machine). I can see that with your setup it might be nice to have the OS automatically in the filename, and should be possible, but then where do you stop? No doubt everybody would want something slightly different depending on their own setup, so it's probably easier to just let the user put their own filenames in.
  13. There are quite a few threads on this already; here's the short explanation. Edge is still a work in progress and so IE is included with Windows 10 as well. (and for legacy reasons, some 3rd party software needs IE to be present). There is no desktop icon for IE as standard in Win10, if you want one you have to browse to iexplore.exe and make a desktop shortcut for it. Edge and IE use some of the same files, and so do other Windows applications, File Explorer for example.. So even if you have not used Edge or IE these database and temporary files may be open, and need to be closed before they can be cleaned. Just click yes on the popup, or tick the box to tell it not to show again. Even then you may find that often CCleaner says it has 'skipped' Edge/IE files during cleaning. This is because, as stated above, Edge is still a WIP and so is a moving target for the developers of Ccleaner (and other programmes). Just when they sort out what to do to clean it properly, Microsoft changes it again and its back to square one.
  14. 071505 is simply the time in 24hr format. i.e. Quarter past 7 in the morning (and 5 seconds). When you make the registry backup you get a dialogue box to browse to the save location, you can put any filename you like in there before you save the backup. And just to note, These are not full registry backups, it only backs up the reg. entries that you are fixing/deleting with that clean. Advice is always that you should not run any registry clean/fix as regular housekeeping. That is not what they are intended for. (And despite what many think it will not noticably speed up your computer). Only use it if you are having a problem, or maybe when you have just uninstalled some software. Even then you should check through each entry on the list carefully. Just hitting the 'fix' button can cause no end of problems if you are not sure what you are doing, even making your computer unusable. This advice applies to all registry cleaners not just CCleaner's.
  15. Just received the popup again, 5 mins ago, still version 46.0.1. And this time the browser recognises an update is available as well. Think I'll have a look round the web before installing it though. Edit- (12:54) Had a look round, nothing on the web about why the update was pulled. Seems to have been some problems with both the Mac version and the Windows version clashing with some PUP's. As MBAM clears out any PUPs on my machine that shouldnt be a problem. Anyway running 46.0.1 now and all seems OK.
  16. Yesterday I got the pop-up saying that FF 46.0.1 was available to download, I was busy at the time so declined it. Today when I check in the browser it says that my 45.0.2 is up to date. (Although if I go to the Mozilla download page it still gives- "Looks like you’re using an older version of Firefox"). There are a few issues posted today on the Mozilla user forum about 46.0.1 causing some site login, mouse control, Flash, and other problems. It looks like the FF automatic updating/notifying may have been withdrawn for now, you may want to give it a few days before updating.
  17. Click on the 'Applications' tab. There you will see Firefox (and any other non-Microsoft browsers you have installed) with the options. Click to enlarge.
  18. These will probably be the temporary files that windows creates all the time it is running. So if you clean them then windows will just recreate them as needed, often within a fraction of a second.
  19. You can still have System Monitoring in the Free version, but can't change the default settings. You don't get the icon in the tray; but if you look in Task Manager you will see it's running in the background. You can't have Browser Monitoring in the free version.
  20. According to Einstein (General Relativity), Hawkins, Cox, et.al, time travel is possible - but maybe only to the future not the past. STEPHEN HAWKING- How to build a time machine. You can find plenty of scientific articles about this online; you just have to weed out the cranks. The best known method of time travel to the future is by traveling very close to the speed of light, especially near a black hole. Some think that it may be possible to travel to the past - but that involves traveling faster than the speed of light, not usually considered possible. Although some theories say it may be acheived by linking two spinning black holes with a wormhole and repeatedly traveling through the wormhole. Not exactly a practical proposition. Then we have Quantum mechanics that posits that 'entangled' particles are linked instananeously across astronomical distances, much faster than the speed of light so who knows where that might lead.
  21. Unusual circle, mind if I ask where it is?
  22. I too still have and still occasionaly use a Win98 PC, mainly because it has Autocad 2000i installed (The full version of Autocad is not cheap and that old version still does everything I need). Looking through my old CD's recently I found one from 1995, the old game 'Lemmings'. I remember enjoying that game so just for fun I stuck it into my Windows 10 laptop to see what would happen; to my surprise it works perfectly, not bad for a 20 year old game.
  23. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=46040&hl= This seems to be a new problem since the DF update last month?
  24. You may want to consider getting one-to-one help from one of the dedicated virus/malware removal sites. These guys are experts at helping you scan for and remove any nasties infecting your computer and/or network. Once you start working with one you must follow their instructions and see the process through to the end. Best of all they do it for free. Here are links to a couple of the best of them, there are others, only use one at any time: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/ http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/22/virus-trojan-spyware-and-malware-removal-logs/
  25. Would you like to expand on that? Why are you saying it is not compatible with Win 10? Your own experience? Please give more details. Something you have read? What and where? I've had no problems with Defraggler and Win10, what problems are you having?
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