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  1. I keep seeing threads, here and elsewhere, where a user has junked their system by overuse of the registry cleaner. Despite all the warnings they blithely go ahead and delete all the registry keys with found issues, without making a backup first. And then start moaning that CCleaner has junked their computer. We have also seen the recent cases of Microsoft removing CCleaner during Windows Upgrades and Updates, because MIcrosoft don't like registry cleaners. (They dropped their own reg cleaner with XP). Maybe its time to move the registry cleaner and not give it a big, prominent, button anymore. So that people who don't know what problems it can cause are less likely to use it blindly? Yes there is still a use for registry cleaners (Microsoft disagree), if used properly by someone who knows what they are doing. But having the big button, (and right below the general cleaning button at that), tempts non tech-savvy computer users to run a tool that can cause damage if not used with care. Wouldn't it make more sense to put it on the 'Tools' menu, along with 'Drive Wiper', 'System Restore', etc. This would show that it is there if you need it, but like the other tools there it's not something that you should use everyday.
  2. There is a lot of debate about whether or not you should defrag SSDs. The general opinion seems to be not to, because: 'it does no good and shortens the life of the drive'. However it's worth noting that Windows itself will sometimes defrag SSDs as part of the "Optimize Drives" process (Win7 and above). http://www.ghacks.net/2015/01/20/windows-ssds-and-defragmentation-the-definitive-answer/
  3. I'm the OP of this thread and have since found and shared a couple of workarounds, and a working solution in post #62. Since making CCleaner an exception in my AntiVirus (Windows Defender) I have had no problem with the delayed launching of CCleaner. See also Andavari's comment in post #65. Have you tried making CCleaner an exception in whatever AntiVirus you are using? (Obviously the Piriform Devs can't make changes to your AV, you have to do it yourself).
  4. Well the message you say you got was: Which would seem to indicate that you are runing an Insider preview build? Did you go to Settings > System > About to check what version and build you are running? You might also want to look at Windows Updates >Advanced options, to see what the section about insider builds says:
  5. That message indicates that you have signed up to the 'Windows Insider' programme, which is a beta testing programme. Insiders get advance, possibly unstable, copies of Windows 10 for user testing. As these are not fully released versions you can expect to have some problems with them, that's why they need testing. Microsoft give a list of known issues with the version as they release it to insiders, and insiders then test it to try and find any other problems. As you seem to be running an insider build then your problem may well be with Windows rather than CCleaner. Did you mean to sign up to the insider programme, or did you mean to get the stable release of Windows 10? You can check which version/build you are running by going to- Settings > System >About The latest stable version for normal users is 1511, released in November 2015, and the build is 10586.63. The latest Insider build is 11099, that was released on Jan 13 2016. Details The previous Insider build was 11082 that was released on Dec 16 2015. If you have signed up to the insider programme by mistake then you can leave and switch back to the stable version. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-win_upgrade/how-can-i-switch-to-normal-win-10-user-from/e10b4a73-45c4-4fd0-8530-90aff47aa1ce
  6. I believe it does, and it is one of the registry changes that can be made. A problem with this in win 8,8.1, & 10 is that they have different default folder templates for different types of files active at the same time. (You can have different default views for General, Document, Photo, Music, Video, etc. all at the same time). The registry modification as used in XP, Vista, and 7 changes all of these different folder templates to be the same system wide. There is another registry change that just allows you to increase the folder limit by creating a new reg entry. But I thought it best to see if this was the problem before posting or linking to any registry changes.
  7. Well I tried cleaning the Windows Size/Location Cache and it made no difference, files were still ordered by date. I think that this is an OS problem, not CCleaner. I have found another couple of possible causes of this reported behaviour. Tasgandy, Are you using ESET anti-virus? (It is reported, and acknowledged, as causing FE settings problems on Win 10. It usually messes with desktop icons as well). Do you have a lot of folders on your PC? (There is a limit as to how many the settings can be remembered for, if you have more than this limit then further changes can not be remembered without a registry change).
  8. No, the only thing I have selected in Advanced is 'Old prefetch data'. And as reported in that last post CC had no effect on MY file order. Of course I can't say what CC options Tasgandy has selected though.
  9. Well this is interesting; After writing the above I went off to have a play, here's the results- Opened File Explorer, browsed to documents and clicked the column heading to order files by 'Date modified'. Closed FE. Ran CCleaner. Opened FE, browsed to documents. This was still ordered by 'Date modified'. Closed FE. Did a restart. Opened FE, browsed to documents. This was still ordered by 'Date modified'. Closed FE. Shut Down. Booted. Opened FE, browsed to documents. This was still ordered by 'Date modified'. From that it seems to be keeping the setting on my laptop even through a Shut Down and re-Boot. (Although it did seem to loose it when I shut down last night?) It may be some other setting in Win 10, but I don't know which (yet). I have to go and do a bit of work now; but I am intrigued by this and may try later to see if I can find some way to replicate what Tasgandy is seeing. (It will give me something to pay with later).
  10. Is it only with CCleaner? Have you tried the Check Update thing from another programme to see if that opens the browser correctly as well? I remember having a similar problem with Win 8.1 about a year ago. As I recall all I needed to fix it was download and install a new FULL version of Firefox from the 'Languages and Systems' page ,instead of just the stub update. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/ For some reason this also sorted out the problem in IE as well. (Probably changed a reg. entry during the install). BTW. You are aware that all Versions of IE except v11 are out of support as of yesterday? So you may want to upgrade that as well if you haven't already.
  11. Further to this, Although the setting remained and files were displayed ordered by date for the rest of the session, it was lost on shut down. After booting today the file explorer was ordered by filename again. I haven't checked with a restart, may try that in a miniute or so. I don't have the 'Date Created' showing in file explorer, just the 'Date Modified'. I'm not sure why you are clicking both column headings? Why not just the 'Date modified' if thats how you want them ordered? I do always run CCleaner before logout, so this may clear the setting. I would have to play about to see if this is the case. I'm not sure that a restore/repair of Windows is the way to go, seems a bit drastic for such a minor issue. Is it realy such a hardship to give one (or 2) cicks on the column heading at the begining of each session? (Its the sort of thing where once you get used to doing it, you will do it automatically without noticing). Just for completeness I also am running Windows 10 Home 64-bit.
  12. How are you setting it? Are you using 'Sort By' from the 'View' ribbon menu, or clicking on the column heading? It works fine for me using either, but I usually use the column heading method. Open file explorer and browse to Documents. Click on 'date modified' to re-order the files by date. (Click it again if you want oldest first) Close file explorer. Reopen file explorer, browse back to Documents, files are still in date order. I do have file explorer pinned to the taskbar, not sure if that would make a difference. I have also not tried logging out and beck in to see if it still keeps the settings. Which edition are you using - Home, Pro, or Enterprise? If you are on Pro or Enterprise than have you updated to TH2 yet?
  13. You get this message because Edge and/or IE is still running in the background when you are trying to clean them. (You will get a similar message if Firefox, or Chrome, or any other browser is still running when you run CCleaner). CCleaner cannot clean out a browser if it is still running, so asks if you want to close it. You can either click yes to close the browser and clean its files- or if you don't want to see the message go to 'Options' in CC and select the 'Hide warning messages' option. (This will leave them alone if they are running in the background and not give you the message; but obviously then won't clean them).
  14. Love the stuff. https://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/sheep-dip-whisky/ Happy new year
  15. For the latest solution I have found for the delayed start problem see this post: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=44723&p=269564
  16. It could be that yours is a similar but different issue then? The one I (and others) have been having is not with the internet, but with the user account control when using an Admin account. (I had checked this by disconnecting and connecting to the internet whilst investigating and it made no difference). I would still try making CC an exception in whatever AV/firewall you are using to see if it cures your delay problem.
  17. SOLUTION to this delayed launch problem. A reply made to some old posts regarding a solution to IE freezing and a tweak to MSE, gave me a thought about this problem. To recap- The problem with this delayed initial launch seems to be with Admin accounts only. It happens after a cold boot, or after an update to Windows Defender Definitions. Which has led me to suspect for a while that it was something in Defender Definitions since September that was causing the problem. But I hadn't made the leap to the solution. Make the CCleaner folder an exception in Windows Defender. (or in MSE if you have Win7 or Vista) Open Defender > settings > scroll down to 'Add an exclusion' > Exclude a folder > browse to the CCleaner folder (usually in C:/Programme files/) and exclude it. Problem solved. I have tested this from cold boot, both with and without the exception, and confirm it works with the exception in place. I have only been able to test it once with the Defender Definition Update and the exception in place, and it worked, (need to wait for the next update to see again). EDIT 27 DEC. Windows Defender just did another definitions update; after the update I launched CC and it came up instantly with no delay. PS. I suspect that this exclusion may also stop the problem off CC getting removed on Windows 10 Cumulative updates. But TBH I have not had this happen to me (yet) so would have no way to test it.
  18. If you right click on the desktop icon, you should see a 'Pin to start' option in the pop-up menu.
  19. CCleaner will clean all firefox (and other browser) saved information unless you tell it not to. Lets face it that is the whole point. If you have sites that you visit/use regularly and want to keep their settings than you should make them an exception in CC. Go to Options > Cookies and move the ones you want to the 'Cookies to keep' list. That way CC will leave them alone. See the image below. You also have to watch for changes to the way that the browser clears itself when you close it, but that's down to the browser settings itself not CC.
  20. Edge and ie are being a bit of a problem, Microsoft are still developing them for Win10 and the CC developers are struggling to keep up with the constant changes. Firefox should clean OK, you have closed it before running CC? You do have cookies checked in the Firefox options? To get emails or other notifications you need to set it up. Top right of page Your_username > My Settings > Notification options.
  21. This is ongoing in another thread. The best workwround found up to now is to turn on active monitoring, see this post: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=44723&p=268018 This means that you dont see the 10-15 seconds delay with the initial start as it happens in the background. The only time you will then see the delay is if a Defender Definition Update has taken place whilst you are working..
  22. It does make a difference if it is running then Firefox will not be cleared. You should get a pop up asking you to close it if it is still running. (Unless you have previously ticked the 'Do not show me this again' box). But as you say you didn't even search for cookies then that will be why they were not cleaned.
  23. Those cookies were probably not cleaned because the process that was using them was still running in the background. You say you use Firefox and I notice that some of the cookies in your screenshot were for mozilla, did you have Firefox open, maybe minimised, when you ran CC?
  24. More info please, which cookies (just in general we don't need a full list)?, which browsers?
  25. Torsteve, You do know that you can turn that annoying tapatalk signature off? Sent from my laptop using my fingers.
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