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  1. No problem, i'm waiting for the new update, i hope they'll find the problem. Thank you
  2. Thx for your answer, i can run CCleaner manually after closing a browser. I've this problem since 7 months. I wait for they fix the issue. Can i send some files to understand the problem?
  3. Hi, i made a new Windows 10 installation this week and i've all the time the same problem, my icon in the task bar disappear when i close Firefox (vers. 83.0 64 bits). My options for the moment are : Options > Settings > Lauch the CCleaner app window when the computer starts Options > Run Smart Cleaning, Run Smart Cleaning when i close Firefox Options > Advanced > Minimize to System Tray I tried many options to find the problem but i don't know where i can find the solution. I think i use too many modules with Firefox too. Cybergho
  4. Hello, the CCleaner icon disappears every time from the task bar. I've to reload the program. I've the 5.66.7716 version for windows 64 bits. Since the 2 or 3 versions i ve this problem.
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