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  1. Today CCleaner offered an update so I downloaded the exe and after the page where it asks about Standard install or customize the next screen is blank:
  2. I've updated the latest driver thru Lenovo driver update tool.
  3. Yesterday I realised that even Malwarebytes has the same issue of blank screen. Their support gave me a batch file to disable hardware acceleration in MW and that solved the problem. So I'm hoping CCleaner devs could also give me something like that.
  4. Portable also had same issue. Slim installer not yet tried. But I'm sure it does the same thing.
  5. Yeah it's not set to any compatibility mode. Does CCleaner use any HW Acceleration on the Health Check page?
  6. Sorry I didn't realise it got posted twice. Yes Custom clean works fine. Just wanted to figure out why the main screen shows blank. Is there some different graphics usage on the Health screen and other screens?
  7. Just downloaded the latest CCleaner for my Win 10 ver1909. Everything is working except for the Health Check screen which is just showing Blank. Other pages are fine: I've checked and updated Intel HD Graphics drivers but no change.
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