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  1. I thought of restoring the whole thing, and I did make a back up (somewhere around here) - but at this point I'm sure something would go wrong. I keep wondering if I should just get a different OS.
  2. Edge Chrom wasn't built in - I have an old version of win10 - I downloaded, installed it, then uninstalled it, now there are traces left I can't get rid of. The old edge is built in, that's still there, I use it seldom but ccleane makes it all go away not so, as you can see in the picture with edge chrom
  3. I uninstalled Edge chrom, but it's still popping up in cc. how do I get rid of all traces of Edge chrom? something in regedit? When I clean all other browsers in cc they are gone from sight, except edge chrom, it never leaves. same for a few sites when I clean the the cookies in cc. ms, yahoo. twitter - no matter how many time I clear the cookies they are always there even when I do n not visit those pages and I haven't saved them on the right side. is there a list of registry entries I can delete, or is there something in the cc .ini I can delete or enter? I also
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