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  1. How can I prevent Health Check from deleting my History from CCleaner browser?
  2. You are right abut the risk, so I have never(!) saved any passwords for any site that I don't want to risk - especially banking! With more playing around, I have a reasonably easy procedure for my problem site with CC Browser. Sort of complicated but it works and is easier than doing it manually. Thanks!
  3. The problem for me is that this is a bank in which I have 2 different accounts. So the first thing I enter when trying to login is which account. That's where the browser gets confused. Since I have saved one of the account nos and password, when I enter the other account no and password, the browser somehow thinks I just want to change the password for the first account. I know this is because the URL is the same since it is to the same bank. Somehow it doesn't see that the account numbers are different. I guess it can't be fixed unless somehow it could identify that one URL can have multiple logins. I wish I could get Roboform to work with CC Browser. That would take care of all the problems. But thanks for the explanation.
  4. I use Roboform's password manager for Firefox and Chrome, and have no problems with either of them. But Roboform doesn't recognize CC Browser, so I am trying to use CC Browser's password manager. That's where my problem is. I have found that if I save a shortcut to the site, CC Browser will open the site, but it won't automatically enter my saved ID and password. However, if I enter my ID, it will automatically enter the password, and I can get into the site. So I can deal with that. BUT, I have 2 logins for this site, and CC Browser will not let me make a shortcut for the second login. It just ignores what I enter. However, If I use the original shortcut, it will open the site, but when I enter the 2nd ID, it wants to use the same password as for the 1st ID. When I try to change the password to the 2nd ID, it want to change the 1st ID. Is there anyway around this? Otherwise, I will have to use either Firefox or Chrome when I need to use the second login. I like the speed of CC Browser and I would like to be able to use it for everything, so I hope there is a way to do this.
  5. I have a site where I want CC Browser to save the login (ID and Password). It says it saved them, but it can't open the site. The URL is long, and it looks like CC Browser truncates it, so it won't open. How can I fix this?
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