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  1. My rig just has an HDD, no SSD. But it doesn't take a genius to see your point makes sense.
  2. There is one issue that has not been mentioned in any of the stories on the web which was relayed to Microsoft months ago, reportedly fixed in preview builds, but exists in the current build of 2004. The Defragment and Optimize Drives tool, for a great number of people who are using solid state drives, reports that optimization is needed within minutes after optimization is run. And, the schedule for running the tool is changed behind the scenes from 'weekly' to 'daily'.
  3. I've been running Chrome Edge for quite some time with legacy Edge in the background. Using CCleaner's analyze in custom clean, CCleaner would always show one or two of the legacy Edge's icons. After getting 2004 a day ago, no more legacy Edge icons show up to clean. I'm suspecting 2004 has buried old Edge very deep and neutered it -- if you're running Chrome Edge. Eventually, legacy Edge is supposed to be removed from Win 10 altogether. This 2004 feature update does have lots of problems and other forums are buzzing with some really strange things. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my luck continues but nothing surprises me. It certainly doesn't seem to be ready for prime time.
  4. Neighbor got it today via Update Assistant. Took time but working fine. I got it yesterday via Windows Update. Working okay after some strange glitches after some restarts -- but all is fine now. Reliability History said Microsoft Outlook shut down unexpectedly -- I don't have it on my computer. Then later, same notification for Cortana. Well, I'm using a local account and as of Win 10 2004, Cortana only works with a Microsoft Account. Neither message has returned. Also, new version of CCleaner 5.67.7763 is working perfectly with 2004 on my rig. Stay healthy and safe!
  5. crizal

    Windows 10 1909

    Excellent points all the way around!
  6. crizal

    Windows 10 1909

    @nukecad -- I stopped using my MS account a long time ago. At that time, I had several devices and syncing everything was easy. However, even if I turned off syncing and used CCleaner on every Windows device, the device would be cleaned but my personal MS account page would still show every bit of activity. If I wanted to clean that up, it would have to be done manually via the MS account page. Google does similar things with chromebooks -- they push the Google account, syncing is turned on by default and everything shows up on the Google dashboard. To clean that up, you have to stop syncing and reset the dashboard. @hazelnut -- good advice. I learned to do that (the hard way of course) but I know a lot of people who will only do a clean install while online so Windows can find updates immediately. On the other hand, all you have to do is go to Windows Update after the clean install and check.
  7. crizal

    Windows 10 1909

    A mandatory MS account? -- wouldn't surprise me if it came to that. Using the MS Media Creation Tool for a clean install of Windows 10, there is no obvious method of setting up a local account. When asked for an email address or phone number, one needs to put in a fake phone number like 1234567890. After selecting next, it won't be recognized and on the bottom left of that screen will be something along the lines of "offline account" (which would then be the setup for a local account).
  8. While Edge Chromium can be downloaded now for those who want it, Microsoft is going to release it via Windows Update as an automatic update. I am waiting for it that way and will then assess CCleaner's status, which is up to Avast. Yes, it would be nice to hear something about a new CCleaner version from an official source, but, we have no control over that. How long one chooses to wait and see or move on is up to each user.
  9. @nukecad -- kind of figured that.
  10. Microsoft's new Edge Chromium is officially out. Current CCleaner 5.63.7540 ignores it as expected but it can be cleaned from within the browser. Time for a new version of CCleaner.
  11. I reported CCleaner's problems with Edge pre-loading in October 2018 and a fix was supposed to come in the next release. That never happened. https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52706-547-partially-brokenwin-10-1809/
  12. I don't do anything in the registry unless I'm really sure of what needs to be done. The HKeys shown above need to be created and I haven't bothered with the pre-loading issue at all. We'll see how the new Edge will work out in a couple of weeks. Another thought -- with Windows 10 changing as frequently as it does between feature and cumulative updates, there are times when previous registry tweaks no longer work.
  13. No matter where you are, a happy and safe holiday season to all.
  14. crizal

    Windows 10 1909

    It wouldn't surprise me. Some of the feature as well as cumulative updates change user settings and MS likes their stuff as the default. Luckily, we're still able to change things to our liking -- for now. An entire other story if that ever changes.
  15. crizal

    Windows 10 1909

    Hi @hazelnut -- the link in your post above pretty much echoes what was posted on TenForums today. In the following thread, I posted a question to @Stephen CCleaner regarding the Edge pre-loading registry fix (for the current browser) as to whether it'll be needed in the new chromium Edge. Link is in this thread: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/56335-solution-ccleaner-cannot-fully-clean-microsoft-edge-due-to-pre-loading/?tab=comments#comment-313516 BTW -- runtime error is gone and has not returned, so long as 'category' view is not used for Control Panel. Let's hope MS doesn't mess the new Edge install or the next feature update.
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