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  1. crizal

    Windows 11 ?

    Thanks for the info. I'll pass it on to friends running CCleaner for Mac. As mentioned above, I also have one of the new iMac desktops with the M1 chip. I'm waiting for an updated version of CCleaner for Mac to come out before I decide whether to use it.
  2. crizal

    Windows 11 ?

    @nukecad -- on the Win 11 machine, CCleaner v5.86 shows that I have Win 11. On my main rig running Win 10, CCleaner shows Win 10. I do not have the Win 18 issue. The OP with the Win 18 issue is running CCleaner Pro. I use CCleaner free if that makes a difference. There was also a mention about the version issue on CCleaner for Mac. MacOS Monterey comes out on Monday, October 25th. Might be another thing to keep an eye on.
  3. crizal

    Windows 11 ?

    Just another update on Win 11 and this is very stupid on Microsoft's part. If you have an optional update available, you're not going to know about it unless you deliberately go to Windows Update, then go to advanced options, and then optional updates. At least with Win 10, if there's an optional update it's on the main WU page. The machine I'm toying with had an optional update this morning and if I didn't go to the advanced WU section, I'd have missed it. And, FWIW, the weather does not display on the lock screen, despite your settings. Hasn't worked for a long time on Win 10 either so I guess that's not an important fix for MS.
  4. crizal

    Windows 11 ?

    Understandable point. There used to be a concept "truth in advertising".
  5. crizal

    Windows 11 ?

    For what it's worth, my experience going to Win 11 Home from Win 10 Home on one machine. If there's only a local account on the computer and you upgrade via Windows Update or the Win 11 Installation Assistant, the local account is maintained and you're not asked for an MS Account. The only setting changed was Focus Assist, which was turned on and easily turned off. During an OOBE set up, only Win 11 Pro offers creation of a local account. A clean install of Win 11 Home tries to demand an MS Account but there are ways around that. However, the workarounds can be very confusing. I used the Win 11 Installation Assistant to upgrade an Acer laptop that had a local account -- no issues. My beast Windows desktop is staying on Win 10 for now. My new iMac desktop with the M1 chip will be facing an upgrade to Monterey when it comes out before the end of the year. Hopefully, that won't be problematic. Of course, when using Win 11, there are lots of opinions and to be honest, there are some things which I think are just plain dumb -- but others may not care. Yes, the live tiles are now static and News and Interests has been replaced with widgets. An MS Account is needed to use the widgets. Supposedly, widgets will eventually replace the tiles. The start menu is loaded with nonsense but can be cleaned up by unpinning. The Action Center, when opened, always shows the Calendar and when there is a notification, the volume for the sound alert is very, very low (even when App volume is set to 100%). In addition, when there are notifications, Focus Assist Settings are always at the top. The slider controls for screen brightness and volume are now accessible by left-clicking your internet, sound or battery (lappy only) icons. One thing that's quite concerning now, optional updates in Windows Update are hidden in the WU advanced section. What remains to be seen is when there is an optional update (I don't have any), will it show up on the main WU screen or will it require a search in the advanced section? If the latter, many people are simply going to miss it unless they deliberately look. Lots of people never even go to Windows Update for a manual check. As for the operating system itself, so far it's been very smooth and error free -- how long will that last? Finally, on the forums, the big issue is how to get around the hardware requirements for computers that don't meet them. Easy solution -- unless you absolutely have to have the latest, just stay on Win 10 until EOL in four years.
  6. @Andavari I got the mid level model (not the base one). 24 inch screen is small, but it is serviceable. Apple is supposed to come out with a 27 inch version later this year or early next year.
  7. You have a valid point, although I'm on a slightly different road. I've been using Windows computers my entire life and will continue to use them, knowing full well that no operating system is 100% perfect. A few months ago, I got one of the new Apple iMac desktops with their new M1 chip. I did research to find answers to questions I thought of and by the time the iMac arrived, I pretty much knew my way around. During set up, it asked for an Apple ID or to create one. I didn't want one then, so, I simply checked the box that said "not now". Absolutely no nagging. Of course if I want to install apps from the Apple Store I'll need to get an Apple ID and I'll cross that road when I have to. What really impressed me is that the iMac just works. No errors, no problems (so far, fingers crossed). Eventually, I might investigate Linux. I may be a senior citizen, but I'm not too old to learn something new. I do find it ironic, however, that much of Windows 11 looks like Mac. Notification area in the center bottom, rounded corners on open programs and even the Win 11 mail client looks like the Apple one.
  8. When Win 10 first came out, I never knew about local accounts. When I learned about it, I set one up, deleted the MS account from my computer and never looked back. For kicks and giggles, I just checked and my MS account is still there, in the cloud, untouched for all these years. When I do decide to upgrade, if the account is still needed for set up, I'll use it and then delete it again from my machine. My biggest peeve is why is MS giving a local account option if you're upgrading from Win 10 Pro and not Win 10 Home?
  9. @Andavari I totally agree regarding the MS account. It is rather interesting that MS does give the option for a local account during set up if it's Win 11 Pro. I'm in no rush to upgrade as Win 10 will be supported through 2025.
  10. Confirmed by Microsoft -- https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2021/08/31/windows-11-available-on-october-5/ https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/windows-11-will-be-released-on-october-5th-to-newer-devices/ So far, MS is insisting on a Microsoft Account to set up Win 11 Home if upgrading from Win 10 Home. Of course, you can always create a local account with admin privileges, sign in to that and then delete the MS account. Another way around it is to do a clean install, not upgrade from Win 10, and disconnect from the internet during set up. At last report, that will still work. Lots still unknown and certainly much can change in the next month or so.
  11. @hazelnut I kind of suspected it was an app of some sort and since I don't have it, no setting. Now that you confirmed this, I will not have to slap myself with a wet noodle. Thanks again and stay safe!
  12. No shame in asking a question. So, I hope a kind soul can educate me. The newest version of CCleaner, 5.79.8704, offers cleaning of Slack cache (optional setting). What is Slack cache and where do I find the optional setting? As I'm constantly learning, thanks in advance for the information.
  13. Microsoft has temporarily disabled the Edge Startup Boost by default and if you're now setting up a new computer or reinstalling Windows, the feature will not be present on the latest version of Edge. https://windowsreport.com/edge-startup-boost-disabled/
  14. In the process of some time consuming testing, I'm now convinced the "CCleaner stopped working" entry is certainly not normal and some additional issues have been noticed. The "stopped working" issue occurs on an HP Envy desktop running Windows 20H2 version 19042.630 which was updated from version 2004. It also happens on the same computer if I clean install Windows 10 directly from Microsoft using the Media Creation Tool which gets rid of all the bloatware that came with the PC. Also noted, regardless of Windows 10 version installed, CCleaner will run through "analyze" very quickly, but will occasionally slow down and snag while cleaning. When that happens, an "svchost" error is generated. I've temporarily removed CCleaner from my PC while I continue to play detective.
  15. Just mentioning this -- don't think it's a problem ..... Yesterday, when the patch was automatically installed bringing CCleaner to v5.74.8198, an entry was generated at the same time in Windows 10 Reliability History stating CCleaner has stopped working. I'm confident this was normal -- CCleaner couldn't be running while the patch was being applied. If this is not normal, I'd appreciate finding out. In any event, everything is working properly. I'm only bringing this up because there are a lot of people who get concerned if they see a "red x circle" in Reliability History.
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