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  1. @hazelnut I kind of suspected it was an app of some sort and since I don't have it, no setting. Now that you confirmed this, I will not have to slap myself with a wet noodle. Thanks again and stay safe!
  2. No shame in asking a question. So, I hope a kind soul can educate me. The newest version of CCleaner, 5.79.8704, offers cleaning of Slack cache (optional setting). What is Slack cache and where do I find the optional setting? As I'm constantly learning, thanks in advance for the information.
  3. Microsoft has temporarily disabled the Edge Startup Boost by default and if you're now setting up a new computer or reinstalling Windows, the feature will not be present on the latest version of Edge. https://windowsreport.com/edge-startup-boost-disabled/
  4. In the process of some time consuming testing, I'm now convinced the "CCleaner stopped working" entry is certainly not normal and some additional issues have been noticed. The "stopped working" issue occurs on an HP Envy desktop running Windows 20H2 version 19042.630 which was updated from version 2004. It also happens on the same computer if I clean install Windows 10 directly from Microsoft using the Media Creation Tool which gets rid of all the bloatware that came with the PC. Also noted, regardless of Windows 10 version installed, CCleaner will run through "analyze" very quickly, but will occasionally slow down and snag while cleaning. When that happens, an "svchost" error is generated. I've temporarily removed CCleaner from my PC while I continue to play detective.
  5. Just mentioning this -- don't think it's a problem ..... Yesterday, when the patch was automatically installed bringing CCleaner to v5.74.8198, an entry was generated at the same time in Windows 10 Reliability History stating CCleaner has stopped working. I'm confident this was normal -- CCleaner couldn't be running while the patch was being applied. If this is not normal, I'd appreciate finding out. In any event, everything is working properly. I'm only bringing this up because there are a lot of people who get concerned if they see a "red x circle" in Reliability History.
  6. To be honest, given some of their decisions lately, it wouldn't surprise me. Then again, MS could go back to the cutesy names. Remember "Creator's Update" and "Anniversary Update"?
  7. From what I've been reading (and nothing seems to be definitive), the new names for the updates will be the last two digits of the year, "H" for half and then the "1" or "2" for which half of the year it was released. Hence 20H2 means released in second half of 2020. It's supposed to cut down on confusion because this update is also known as 2009, which means September of 2020, although it was released in October. Unless Microsoft changes things again, the next big feature update in the spring will probably show up as 21H1. Enough to make you drink if you don't already.
  8. Known issue. Please see this thread: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59202-ccleaner-duplicates-all-items-on-selection-window/
  9. Many thanks for the information. Shows how observant I am.
  10. FWIW -- I was just going to post on this and yes, it is random. What's interesting, in the Windows tab, I get each list repeated as in the OP's screenshot. However, in the Applications tab, I get each entry on two consecutive lines as mentioned by @nukecad. I'd provide a screenshot of that but, haha, it just disappeared. Doesn't seem to be hurting anything. BTW -- I'm on the latest free version and I don't recall seeing this on the previous version -- but I could be wrong. Could this have something to do with Windows 10 2004 (it does have some bugs) or am I barking up the wrong tree?
  11. It is my understanding that Defender will purge the protection history 30 days after an entry is made -- at least that's what several Microsoft documents state. Keep in mind that Windows 10 changes a lot so who knows if that timetable is still accurate. A Google search also turns up a few ways to clear the entries by manually deleting folders in the Event Viewer but the results are not consistent. I'd wait it out.
  12. My rig just has an HDD, no SSD. But it doesn't take a genius to see your point makes sense.
  13. There is one issue that has not been mentioned in any of the stories on the web which was relayed to Microsoft months ago, reportedly fixed in preview builds, but exists in the current build of 2004. The Defragment and Optimize Drives tool, for a great number of people who are using solid state drives, reports that optimization is needed within minutes after optimization is run. And, the schedule for running the tool is changed behind the scenes from 'weekly' to 'daily'.
  14. I've been running Chrome Edge for quite some time with legacy Edge in the background. Using CCleaner's analyze in custom clean, CCleaner would always show one or two of the legacy Edge's icons. After getting 2004 a day ago, no more legacy Edge icons show up to clean. I'm suspecting 2004 has buried old Edge very deep and neutered it -- if you're running Chrome Edge. Eventually, legacy Edge is supposed to be removed from Win 10 altogether. This 2004 feature update does have lots of problems and other forums are buzzing with some really strange things. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my luck continues but nothing surprises me. It certainly doesn't seem to be ready for prime time.
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